renters: U.S. democracy weakened by non-voters - 01/21/21 07:09 PM
Now that we are in a new year, how and what will change in people’s attitudes and the way they listen, communicate, accept, agree, and disagree in an appropriate manner going forward will have a huge impact on finding solutions leading to a successful U.S. economy and our democracy in the future. Ray Dalio, billionaire and founder of the most successful and largest hedge fund, Bridge Water Associates, said in an interview a little over a month ago, “People are passionately attached to their opinions and are not able as well to go through the thoughtful disagreement of how to get … (3 comments)

renters: All Things Real Estate: Renting vs. buying a home - 01/21/21 06:44 PM
I look in bewilderment at the approximately 32.9 percent  (as of the third quarter of 2020 as per the Census Bureau) of those who are renting in the United States and wonder why in the heck are they in that position? Many reasons come to mind as to why this might be and why more renters aren’t buying.
I know so many people who I have had conversations with about renting instead of buying while they are giving their wealth away month by month, year by year. I ask them: Have they thought about purchasing and the overall majority say “yes,” but … (2 comments)

renters: Are you listening and caring about your clients concerns? - 07/30/20 08:09 AM

In our current working environment, it becomes imperative and critically important to pay attention to as many details as possible when catering to your sellers, investors, purchasers, and even renters!
In order for you to follow through within our new norm of doing business, listening, paying close attention, and truly understanding what everyone really needs and wants becomes a number one priority!
Asking probing questions, providing the necessary and required new COVID-19 forms to be completed are the initial steps, to begin with even before showing the property as required by the Department of State agents should be emailing or faxing those forms … (0 comments)

renters: Government shutdown’s impact on real estate and our economy - 01/23/19 02:21 PM
With 800,000 government employees having to show up at work without a paycheck or being furloughed; the impact on real estate has begun with mortgages becoming unavailable through the Federal Housing Authority or the United States Dept of Agriculture, which are not endorsing new loans for multifamily properties and landlords of public housing, according to Mark Zandi of Moody Analytics.
The short and longer-term effects on federal workers who begin to miss loan payments and the lack of money to purchase daily needs are and will have greater financial and psychological effects that may grow as the shut down continues going forward … (1 comments)

renters: Can I be perfectly honest with you? - 01/08/19 06:53 PM
We all come in contact with customers all day long, no matter what profession or job we might be engaged in. Even back office staff sometime during the day speaks to someone, whether on the phone or in person; and it’s no different in the real estate profession. We converse with our client sellers, buyers and tenant customers on a daily basis whether on the cell, office phone or in person. The words, “to be perfectly honest” or “can I be perfectly honest with you” or can I be truthful with you, are used so, so loosely, especially today, you have … (0 comments)

renters: Did You Know that You Don't have to put down 20%??? - 09/26/18 02:10 PM
The Cost of NOT Paying PMI Saving for a down payment is often the biggest hurdle for a first-time homebuyer as median incomes, rents, and home prices all vary depending on where you live.
There is a common misconception among homebuyers that a 20% down payment is required, and it is this limiting belief that often adds months, and sometimes even years, to the home-buying process.
So, if you can purchase a home with less than a 20% down payment… why aren’t more people doing just that? One Possible Answer: Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
Freddie Mac defines PMI as:
“An insurance policy that protects … (3 comments)

renters: Business & Real Estate: Has the increase in inventory, prices and interest rates had an effect on sales? - 09/26/18 09:53 AM
As of this column, the answer is yes on the higher priced homes and no on the mid- to lower-priced homes.
However, after reading several information sources, watching the interest rates and price increases in 2018, this has made affordability more and more daunting for about one third of millennial and other renters, who are having challenges coming up with the down payment (as well as the monthly costs) in many markets, as per Frank Martell, president and CEO of CoreLogic, a leading global property information, analytics and data-enabled solutions provider.
As of June, in the top 100 markets, 24 percent were undervalued, … (2 comments)

renters: What are you planning after the dog days of summer are gone? - 08/27/18 10:33 AM
Now that the summer is passing by your rear view mirror, have you figured out your plan to sell, invest, purchase or rent this fall?
Although I have talked and conversed with many, many sellers, investors, landlords, purchasers and tenants this year, to ascertain how and what they are thinking and pondering about in their next move into or out of this strong market, I have come to several conclusions.
The first one is that the market is not waiting for anyone to decide what to do, it’s still moving along at a very brisk pace with its limited inventory (sales have slowed … (0 comments)

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