sellingahouse: Buying a home or a community lifestyle? - 10/12/22 01:54 PM
   0As you search for that hard-to-find, special, first-time, or move-up home, is it all about the home or the neighborhood, or both? I believe the most crucial item for families with children or about to have children is the school system. Obviously, your budget comes into play, so you can only buy what is affordable in today’s higher interest rate environment. But do your research and find those school districts that have the highest percentage of children going on to higher education. Another important thought that not everyone may contemplate is the lifestyle that one would like to have for … (6 comments)

sellingahouse: How will inflation affect values? - 09/07/22 11:42 AM
Inflation is here and probably will be staying with us much longer than we expect or want. The excessive printing of money from 2020-2022 was greater than all the money printed in the past 200-plus years.
The unrestrained availability of money in the market with the historically low-interest rates combined with over-the-top demand created a buying frenzy that diminished housing inventory as well as the limited availability of consumer goods and services. According to, the Case-Shiller U.S. National Home Price Index has risen 18.6% over the past 12 months the largest increase since the inception of the index.
Rental prices have now … (2 comments)

sellingahouse: Homeowners must be more realistic about listing price - 07/26/22 07:13 AM
All Things Real Estate:  By Philip A Raices - July 25, 2022 0 After all these years in the real estate business, I have come to many conclusions, one being that “buyers are sometimes liars, sellers are sometimes yellers and lawyers are also sometimes destroyers.”
Buyers, sellers and lawyers, please don’t be offended by this real estate slogan (I heard it more than 35 years ago and had my doubts about its truth) as it isn’t meant to insult anyone. It is to bring up a very valid and pertinent point in this column, that people change their minds and say one thing and … (3 comments)

sellingahouse: FREDDIE MAC AND FANNIE Mae and FHA crucial to lending - 06/22/22 07:25 PM
Interest rates have doubled over the last eight months, closing the door on our lowest interest rates in history and hitting bottom during the Covid-19 pandemic between 2020-2021. It was meant to be a temporary stopgap measure to salvage our ailing economy that was literally shut down due to the pandemic. However, rates actually dropped much lower than I and many economists anticipated and at their lowest point averaged 2.65%. If you had applied for a $200,000 mortgage, the monthly cost would have been $806, which would have been $662, or $7,900 savings per year, compared to the overall normal long-term … (0 comments)

sellingahouse: Fixed or A.R.M. vs. Rent? - 06/14/22 06:01 AM
Now that our interest rates have pretty much doubled in the last 8 months, inflation hasn't yet been controlled, supply shortages with infant formula and other necessities, the question is how should I finance my housing purchase?  Well, if you look at the current rates, you will find the 7/1 year A.R.M. (adjustable rate mortgage) is lower than the 15 or 30 year fixed and just maybe more beneficial in lowering your monthly cost.  Also, generally the penalties in breaking a fixed (could be upwards of $10,000 during the first 3 years) vs. a variable can be considerably less as it … (0 comments)

sellingahouse: All Things Real Estate: Still time to sell and buy despite slowdown? - 09/14/21 10:41 AM
Why are homeowners who are thinking about selling as well as purchasers who were contemplating buying pulling back and slowing down their decision-making by holding off?
My professional and personal opinion is that they are going through a phase I call F.E.A.R., which means Fanaticized, Expectations, Appearing, Real! However, what really affects changes and slows markets is the psychological aspect from the statistics and information that the U.S. government and other gurus come out with that can be both somewhat accurate and inaccurate while influencing the mindset of the selling and buying public.
This is especially true for those who should be selling … (0 comments)

sellingahouse: Why is this current market so radically different than in 2008? - 03/17/21 10:29 AM
When comparing today’s real estate environment to that of the market leading up to the implosion of 2008, there are marked differences that still make this market an excellent time to purchase.
Back then it was a piece of cake securing financing because the regulations were so lax and if you had a pulse, the majority of lending institutions made it very easy to provide you a no documentation mortgage.
Today it is much different in qualifying for a mortgage. The Urban Institute, and I quote, “released their latest Housing Credit Availability Index which “measures the percentage of owner-occupied home purchase loans that … (0 comments)

sellingahouse: Divorcees must sell homes thoughtfully - 08/07/18 07:28 PM
Divorcees must sell homes thoughtfully     Over the last few years, I have handled numerous situations where a couple with and without children were going through a divorce. It was a very difficult and trying situation for both of them as well as myself, as the Broker, when putting their home on the market for sale. I had to handle it with kid gloves since I was helping both parties and always tried my best to keep both husband and wife on the same page with the assistance of their attorneys.
It is never easy seeing a family torn apart, … (0 comments)

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