fortune cookie friday: Magentic Personality - Fortune Cookie Friday - 07/06/15 04:32 AM

You have an unusually magnetic personality.
Have you ever formed a relationship based on the others person personality?  There was just something about them that caused you to pursue the relationship.
I'm pleased as punch to say that I made such an impression on a recent closing client that she asked me to list her previous residence for sale.  I hope I can impress her yet again.
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fortune cookie friday: Practice Makes Perfect - Fortune Cookie Friday - 05/31/15 11:32 AM

Practice makes perfect.
Other than your signature, how often do you write in cursive?  Are there some of you out there reading this that have never learned cursive?
Clearly, computers were heavily used in my school years.  My lack of penmanship speaks for itself.  Not being required to write out papers, that skill slowly died out.  Cursive writing is a dying art.  One that I have become interested in again and plan on working on.  But not today, as you can tell in the picture.
Real estate is the same way.  Practice makes perfect.  Repeatedly working with clients and contracts makes each sequential transaction a … (2 comments)

fortune cookie friday: Longevity - Fortune Cookie Friday - 05/31/15 11:32 AM

You will be blessed with longevity.
These are sweet words to anyone who is building their own business, regardless of the industry.  We all want reassurance that the efforts we are making in life and towards our goals will pay off.  The smallest words of encouragement can mean so much.
So thank you litte cookie paper!  Thank you for letting all us business owners know we're in it for the long haul!
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fortune cookie friday: Instincts - Fortune Cookie Friday - 04/30/15 11:59 PM

Use your instincts now.
One definition of "Instinct" is the innate capacity of an animal to respond to a given stimulus in a relatively fixed way.
Have you ever been in a situation that you had to entirely rely on your instincts?
Real estate creates many instances where agents need to rely on instincts: the stalling buyer, the stubborn seller and even negative Nancy agents.  Often these must be learned (usually the hard way) over time.  For newbie agents, while you learn the in's and out's of real estate, always trust your gut when it comes to safety.  Those instincts are already in you … (0 comments)

fortune cookie friday: Faith - Fortune Cookie Friday - 04/30/15 11:57 PM

Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings while the dawn is still dark.
The unknown can be scary, especially when buying a home.  Will the sellers accept the offer? What will the insepction turn up? Will the house apraise to purchase price? How am I going to do this?
In the case of this fortune cookie, let your real estate agent, lender and closing attorney be that bird.  Trust that they are leading you in the right direction.  Have faith that they won't steer you wrong. 
Because they do know what comes after the dark unknowing of a real estate offer.  … (2 comments)

fortune cookie friday: Some Pursue Happiness - Fortune Cookie Friday - 04/30/15 11:54 PM

Some pursue happiness; you create it.
Would you believe I pulled this fourtune out of my cookie after I created these postcards?  True story.  I promise.
Some people spend their whole life chasing happiness.  Buying things, taking trips, indulging in other people or food.  The cycle never ends.  If you're looking for happiness you'll never find it.  There will always be something bigger and better out there that will influence what happiness could be.
Instead, create happiness.  Define what makes you happy, content.  Then DO IT.  I know, this may sound like chasing happiness, that never ending cycle but it's not.  Creating happiness does take … (3 comments)

fortune cookie friday: Appreciation - Fortune Cookie Friday - 04/30/15 11:51 PM

The art of relationship is all in appreciation.
This is true for any relationship.  Whether it's a married couple, best friends or even real estate agent and home buyer/seller, appreciation is key to the relationship.
Simply appreciating someone for who they are and what they do isn't enough either... You must show them, tell them you apreciate them.  The fact that one knows they are appreciated keeps them in the relationship.  They know their efforts aren't lost on the ther party.
So tell someone you how much they mean to you today.
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fortune cookie friday: Just Twice Too Big #FortuneCookieFriday - 03/31/15 09:34 AM

The glass is not half-empty, it's just twice too big.
It's all about finding a new perspective in which to view ordinary nuisances.
Sweating because you have to truck through the whole parking lot because you got the furthest spot? You can walk.
Listening, painfully, to the off key lady at church every week? You have the ability to hear.
Tons of laundry to do every week?  Loved ones are near.
Spend half your paycheck on a mortgage or rent? You're investing in shelter for your well being.
Spin your ordinary nuisances into postitives and life will always be twice too big =)

fortune cookie friday: Never Ignore A Gut Feeling #FortuneCookieFriday - 03/23/15 10:52 AM

Never ignore a gut feeling,
but never believe that it's enough.
 I had a gut feeling that I should be in real estate in 2010.  However jumping into something just isn't my style.  I did some research and found out what I needed to obtain my license and things I should look for/at when checking out different brokerages.
I interviewed with a few agencies and was sorely disappointed.  Not that they were bad or that they said/did anything to upset me, they just didn't keep that gut feeling ignited.  I was glad that I didn't jump; my gut just … (4 comments)

fortune cookie friday: Excellence - Fortune Cookie Friday - 08/19/14 10:36 PM
  Excellence is the difference between what I do and what I am capable of.   We all strive to achieve excellence in our lives.  It's that elusive thing we grasp for to solidify to the world that we are capable, we do matter.
The problem is... once we achieve that excellence what we are capable of is now what we are doing.
New goals need to be realized, starry eyed dreams of excellence ensue and the process beings all over.
Excellence is the difference between what I do and what I am capable of.

fortune cookie friday: Laughter - Fortune Cookie Friday - 08/13/14 09:11 AM
  Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.   Laughter can do wonders.  It can break tension, ease pain and make new connections... the list could go on and on.  I often find that I have the easiest and most enjoyable real estate transactions with clients I can laugh with.   I'm currently working on closing a transaction for a couple who bought a home in Hamburg, NY.  During our house search, the husband walked into a bedroom and gasped, "I'm so sorry!  We didn't know anyone was home!"   I dashed into the room to find it empty except … (7 comments)

fortune cookie friday: Three Is A Crowd - Fortune Cookie Friday (Saturday Edition) - 08/09/14 12:26 AM
  When three is a crowd, adding one will often thin it out.   How often have you heard "three's a crowd..." as an excuse to why a third party wasn't invited to something?  Now think about how often a solution was offered to curb that awkward third wheel situation.     Never, right?   Thinking about my younger years (bonus points if you sang that to Bryan Adams Heaven), there were many times this little cookie paper would have been helpful.  I had three good friends in high school.  Looking back, those times when it was 3 out of 4 … (0 comments)

fortune cookie friday: Age - Fortune Cookie Friday - 07/28/14 08:23 AM
  You are only as old as you act.   How old are you today?   I've been 27 for a while now, figuratively speaking.  It's an age in my life that I feel I'm old enough to know better but still makes some mistakes.  Twenty-seven can still go out for a night on the town but behaves responsibly and will make it to tomorrow's events. (I'm speaking on behalf of myself, not some other 27 year old's you may know)   At my actual age of 27 I was more optimistic.  I felt more in control.  I thought I knew where … (43 comments)

fortune cookie friday: Sweet Memories - Fortune Cookie Friday - 07/22/14 01:33 AM
  Sweet memories are the paradise of the mind.   Ahhh... Those sweet memories... they truly are paradise.  A nice place to escape to when the present gets rough.  Your happy place so to speak.   Whether it's remembering your childhood, a loved one or a cherished event, we all have that one moment in time that brings a smile to our face and can visibly relax us.  My go to memory is the massages I got on the beaches of Playa del Carmen in Mexico over a family vacation.  Between the memories of the massage and the sound of the … (4 comments)

fortune cookie friday: Party - Fortune Cookie Friday - 07/17/14 10:45 PM
  Great! You're ready for a party!   Yes... yes I am!     Ordinarily, I'm a home body that dreads all the parties and picnics that come with the summer months.  I'm sorry for being a bore.  I prefer my AC, doing a hobby or reading a book.  The outdoors is for the birds, literally and figuratively.   The summer of 2014 is a different one, a new one, a fresh start.  I decided I needed to connect more; with friends, family, past clients and myself.  While I'm still reserving time to curl up with a good book, I'm out … (4 comments)

fortune cookie friday: Fury - Fortune Cookie Friday - 07/10/14 03:22 AM
  Beware the fury of a patient man.   You know this one.  You've used it before I'm sure.  Probably even threw the "wo" in front of the "man" like I do sometimes.  On this little cookie paper, John Drydren, a seventeenth century poet, cautions the general public from pushing patient people too far.  Some very wise words indeed.   Some people are blessed with a ridiculous amount of patience.  But is it really a blessing?  For the most part, yes.  If you are one of those wonderful people, thank you for your patience but don't let the world take advantage of … (0 comments)

fortune cookie friday: Equipment - Fortune Cookie Friday - 07/04/14 12:39 AM
  =) You have an unusual equipment for success, use it properly. =)   After some thought, I came to the conclusion that this unusual equipment is two things: my brain and knowledge/opportunity for education.   The Brain   Let's think about it.  Brains are unusual: they way they look, the fact that we only use a small portion of them and how one side can be more dominant than the other.  How can we use this equipment properly?   Although a dated and somewhat myth-like to most (if not all) researchers, the concept of left brain/right brain theory is interesting and insightful. I … (2 comments)

fortune cookie friday: Happy Life - Fortune Cookie Friday - 06/26/14 09:42 PM
  =) Happy life is just in front of you. =)   Everyone has the opportunity to a happy life.  Everyone.  You just have to decide you want it.  And then go make it happen.   I've always been a happy person even when life's ups & downs happen.  I was raised to make the most of the situation, learn from it and move on.  Always being very positive, I could help others in rough spots find the sunshine and make a plan to find their happy.  I never downplayed their despair or ignored that it existed, just helped them see … (0 comments)

fortune cookie friday: Smooth Negotiations - Fortune Cookie Friday - 06/19/14 09:36 PM
    Negotiations move along smoothly.  The outcome is favorable!
Hallelujah!  If you're a real estate agent, this little cookie paper is music to your ears.
My favorite real estate transaction is when the buyer offers exactly what the seller wants, the inspection report is spotless and the buyers financing goes off without a hitch.  You know... in a perfect world...  But it isn't a perfect world and hiccups do happen.
Although it's been a strong seller's market in my area for a quite some time, my challenge is getting buyers to understand and accept this.  So offers are (absurdly) … (0 comments)

fortune cookie friday: Useless Details - Fortune Cookie Friday - 06/12/14 09:59 PM
Don't let the past and useless details choke your existence.
I posted this little cookie paper on Facebook last week and got a HUGE response from people.  Lots of likes and a share from a colleague in a past business venture.  She commented that it's a great tip to remember.
I think it's fair to say that we can all agree that these are good words to live by.  Just saying we should do it is one things but actively letting go of the past and useless details is another.  Do you work at letting things go?
I've made … (30 comments)

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