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You've read about the benefits of using Pinterest for real estate, but pinning isn't always easy on an iPhone. Here's how to add the pin it button to your phone's browser: Step 1: Copy the following: javascript:void((function(){var%20e=document.createElement('script'); e.setAttribute('type','text...
Signs point to the housing market heating up enough this summer where buyers might get caught in a bidding war on a house they’re looking at. Yes, the phrase “seller’s market” is creeping back into the real estate vocabulary so if you haven’t dealt with multiple offers for a while it’s a good id...
If you’re a goal-setter, chances are you’re a go-getter. That’s all fine and good, especially in this business, but a little perspective also should come into play. Finding a balance between a maniacal work life and a relaxing personal life can be tricky. But it’s doable if you look at life with...
Image is everything. Or so it’s been said. Your appearance during client meetings is obviously important, but have you given much thought to how your website looks? It’s pretty important as well because a sharp, clearly defined, informative and easy to utilize online presence can get you noticed...
The increasing popularity of online video sites such as YouTube shows that people love being visually entertained or stimulated while digesting their information. Having a video message in your e-mails, therefore, makes sense for marketing, especially in the real estate industry. Besides being a...
National surveys and a grass-roots market condition report from HouseHunt shows things picking up in the areas of multiple offers and listings moving quicker. But that’s not true everywhere, and if you’re finding that your clients are still stubborn regarding pricing, it could be time to be more...
Make your landing page a capture form Depending on your point of view, QR codes can be hypnotic or annoying, useful or worthless or resemble an ink blot or a funky piece of art. Who knew that a two-dimensional bar code arranged in a pattern of squares for the encoding of product information could...
Career paths can go in many directions and the up and often down housing market of the past few years has likely caused your head to spin. But there are signs that things are picking up, so the horizon looks bright in some parts of the country. Regardless of where you work, which direction your ...
Even though the market is showing signs of life, expired listings still pop up. But if you see one and treat it as dead on arrival, you could be missing out on a possible transaction and a chance to build your listing inventory. Many expired listings can be revived with the right touch and a sol...
Read more on Business Strategy As a real estate agent, you likely tout your city’s schools, churches, neighborhoods and community activities to people interested in moving there. But don’t forget another important member of some families – the pet. When it comes to dogs – particularly large ones ...

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