lead conversion: Coach’s Playbook to Winning at Team Lead Conversion - 11/13/12 07:59 AM
I love team sports because of the camaraderie, but competition is often the word associated with real estate agents as they battle for leads. Being part of a team has its benefits, however, as long as everyone follows the game plan, which is where a good broker or manager helps a lot. Donna Forrest-Johnston has been in that role since 2002 in a RE/MAX office in Charlotte, N.C. Her small teamhas mostly stayed together since that time, so she’s obviously doing something right.  “The challenge for me or anyone else in the role when it comes to building a team … (2 comments)

lead conversion: North Carolina Agent, Ron Armstrong & Virtual Assistant Form Good Partnership - 04/04/12 03:30 AM
Ron Armstrong has been using a virtual assistant since 2007. The real estate agent in Asheville, N.C., made the move so he could delegate tasks such as reviewing Internet leads, checking addresses, creating a drip campaign and sending newsletters. His main requirement is that anyone who works for him can’t work for another agent in his market.

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lead conversion: Skill Tops Luck When it Comes to Sales - 03/26/12 02:13 AM
You’ve probably heard someone say, “I’d rather be lucky than good.” Hopefully they were gambling at the time and not on a real estate call.
While you can make your own luck by being in the right place at the time, nothing replaces being good at your job. Your client pipeline and income is a direct result of your efforts in the field, so if you focus on attaining your goals by repeatedly putting your tested system to use, that vision is more likely to occur.
Florida agent Will Landay, said his office is getting “slammed” with activity in early 2012, … (3 comments)

lead conversion: Importance of Prospecting - 03/23/12 01:46 AM
It’s tough to be positive when most headlines – no matter the medium – seem to focus on the negative. That sells newspapers and gets viewers to tune in, but negativity doesn’t sell houses. If you're like many people, however, you likely dwell on what isn't happening in your business rather than what could or should be happening.
Times are tough, no doubt about it. The good news, such as low interest rates, is offset by the bad, such as foreclosures and tougher lending standards. The business is out there; you just have to find it, work hard and give … (3 comments)

lead conversion: Going the Extra Mile for Clients - 03/21/12 02:33 AM

Just like church and state, business and pleasure are supposed to be separate. But where’s the fun in that? In real estate, prospects can become clients and clients can become friends. It just takes a little time, practice and a caring personality.
With a background in NASCAR, Bryan Dunaway is used to working fast. So when he left the auto racing circuit a couple years ago to try his hand as a real estate agent, Dunaway wasn’t sure what to expect because of the economic slowdown.

“It was tough because we didn’t really have any prospects, we were new at it … (4 comments)

lead conversion: Calls to Action - 03/19/12 02:59 AM
Step right up and buy a house from me! If that’s your call to action, you might want to tone it down a bit. Somewhere between a carnival barker and a ho-hum shrug of the shoulders should do the trick. But setting the right tone can be tricky, which puts even more importance on your message.
Don’t succumb to the urge to over complicate things. The majority of visitors to real estate sites are looking for listings, featured properties, home evaluations, community information, details about the market and advice from a professional, which is you. Keep those primary actions in mind … (0 comments)

lead conversion: Initial Contact Ideas and Tips - 03/16/12 05:55 AM
Blueprints are nice as guidelines, but when you’re dealing with varied personalities and situations, best-laid plans must be adjusted on the fly. Such is the case with real estate agents when working with prospects or new clients. Like a pitcher in baseball, you might need to alter your pitches or delivery from time to time. Stick with the tried-and-true things that make you successful, such as an outgoing personality and knowledge of the market, and then adapt and fine tune those skills from transaction to transaction.
HouseHunt has many successful agents using its system. Here are things a few of them … (0 comments)

lead conversion: Agents Can Take Their Job and Love It with a Positive Attitude - 03/14/12 02:27 AM

People who don’t combine business with pleasure must not enjoy their jobs very much. And with the housing market continuing to tease with stories of hope and despair in the same week, it would be easy for real estate agents to go to work each day with a dark cloud hovering over their heads.
Most prospecting strategies focus on the pursuit of numbers and targets. That makes sense, to a point. But it also makes the job more clinical than it has to be. You can also generate business that attracts people to you. The focus should be on clever and … (3 comments)

lead conversion: Nurturing Leads (Perseverance) - 03/12/12 07:36 AM

Getting a lead is the start of a process that hopefully leads to the buying or selling of a house. That’s the nutshell. The fact that the finish line could be a few weeks, months or years away makes the managing – or nurturing – of a lead a tough nut to crack.
Patience, persistence, strategies, compassion, repetition, experimentation, tweaking and targeting are just some of the things a good agent must do to keep a viable lead or prospect in the pipeline. Your efforts could pay off or they might be a waste of time. You just never know, but … (1 comments)

lead conversion: Client Relationships Are What Matter Most - 03/09/12 12:33 AM

The Internet is making some jobs obsolete, and once upon a time (way back in the late 20th century) it was feared that real estate agents would be among the professions tossed to the side of the road. But a funny thing happened on the way to the scrap heap. Figures show that membership in the National Association of Realtors has increased from 716,000 in 1997 to more than 1 million in 2011.
One of the reasons people thought the Internet would negatively affect an agent’s job was because of all the housing information that would be and is available at … (35 comments)

lead conversion: Making the Right Choices for Success - 03/07/12 04:21 AM
If students had an option on what type of test they’d like to take, multiple choice would likely be the popular request. After all, it gives you options. And if you’re not sure about the answer, you can at least make an educated guess.
But that’s fine for a test. Get the answer wrong and you get a check mark. But what about the choices that pop up in your life and business? Making the wrong choices there can be much more detrimental.
The choices you make as a Realtor are big factors when it comes to a prospect choosing you … (3 comments)

lead conversion: Good Drip Campaigns Can Lead to a Flood of Clients - 02/29/12 06:15 AM

Millions of people watched the Super Bowl in January, with many not knowing the difference between a first down and a touchdown. But the networks and advertisers couldn’t care less about the viewers’ sports knowledge. The latter was more than eager to take advantage of the opportunity – at $3 million-plus per ad – to put their companies, products or services in front of a captive audience’s eyes.
Many of these company ads didn’t introduce or discuss the quality of its product or service. They didn’t say their chips tasted better or their cars drove smoother or their beverages had superior … (8 comments)

lead conversion: Converting Mickey Mouse Prospects - 02/27/12 02:02 AM

Even though you’ll never sell a house to Mickey Mouse or Fred Flintstone, you’ve likely received e-mails from these guys in the past. Maybe you’ve even heard from George Jetson, Dudley Do-Right or Yogi Bear as well.
Unless it’s Halloween, these people obviously don’t exist, but real people did type in those names when looking at your real estate site. And since they’re looking, chances are they’re thinking about buying a house. But is it a good lead or a bad one? Since you don’t know at first, you have to treat it like the former unless you get … (2 comments)

lead conversion: Bruce LaMaster on Lead Response Time - 02/27/12 01:03 AM
Guest blog by Bruce LaMaster
Real estate agent Bruce LaMaster knows the importance of quick responses in today’s fast-paced world. The owner of LaMaster and Company in Folsom, whose office covers about 15 cities in Northern California, has a protocol to follow when a lead is received.
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lead conversion: Fast Responses are the Quickest Way to Closing More Transactions - 02/20/12 02:45 AM
Add first responder to the tasks required of successful real estate agents. Relax. There’s no need to rush out and get CPR training or learn the Heimlich maneuver. You just have to have a quick trigger finger when it comes to responding to leads.
A recent study by a company called Lead Response Management broke down response times into hours and minutes with surprising results. Agents who respond to leads within five minutes have a 93% chance for follow-up success, with the figure plummeting to 3% for someone who waited half an hour. Even the difference between five and 10 minutes … (3 comments)

lead conversion: The "Do's" of Online Customer Conversion - A Checklist - 07/22/10 04:54 AM
Welcome to the second part of our two part series covering HouseHunt’s Online Customer Conversion Checklist.
On Tuesday, I covered all of the “don’ts” as it applies to closing online customers, and today I’m going to share with you a list of all things you should do beginning at the moment you receive your online lead.
Immediately after receiving a lead (Key to Immediate Sales):
Do: Contact every customer immediately – Leads will go bad quickly
Do: Call the customer if there is phone number given on the lead
Do: Email the customer a personalized email if an email address … (5 comments)

lead conversion: Online Customer Conversion Checklist Part 1 - The Don'ts - 07/20/10 11:17 AM
Welcome to the first of a two part series on HouseHunt.com’s Checklist for Internet Lead Conversion. Specifically, we’re going to focus on the do’s and don’ts.
Today we’re going to look at a list of don’ts, so make sure to come back tomorrow for all the “do’s.”
Don’t Miss the Opportunity to create an incredible Internet Business – Remember: An Internet customer is not a piece of paper or an email, it is an actual person. Never forget that.
Don’t wait to contact your leads – Most customers sign with the first agent who makes contact and provides them with … (0 comments)

lead conversion: “Why don’t you get a real job?” - Top Ten ways to see yourself as a Business, not an Employee. - 06/23/10 12:20 PM
A real job - say what?! Most agents would be offended by the thought that they don’t have a real job. I, however, agree wholeheartedly with anyone who makes the aforementioned statement. When you pursue a career in real estate, you are not getting a job... you are opening a business!
As a Realtor, you are not an employee. You are a business owner. To prosper, you must think like a businessman or woman.
As an employee, your tasks, wages, and schedules are all dictated by someone else. You don’t make the decisions, don’t get to handle much responsibility, and you … (4 comments)

lead conversion: Best Practices for Lead Conversion (Getting an Internet Buyer Lead in Your Car) Part Two - 07/15/09 06:36 AM
"Best Practices for Lead Conversion: Once a real estate agent receives an online lead, now what?"  (Not to be confused with Lead Conversion from Web Visitor to Web Lead)
(Tips 1-5 are in Part One of this Two-Part Series)
6. Once contact has been made via phone or email, it's important to know where the online buyer is at in their buying cycle.  Knowing this will determine what actions steps are needed in the next 2-4 weeks.  Buyers who are early in their search for real estate may not be pre-qualified for a loan or not be aware of the home price they can afford.  … (27 comments)

lead conversion: Best Practices for Lead Conversion (Getting an Internet Buyer Lead in Your Car) Part One - 07/08/09 11:16 AM
"Best Practices for Lead Conversion: Once a real estate agent receives an online lead, now what?"  (Not to be confused with Lead Conversion from Web Visitor to Web Lead)
1.  Have the right tool to access your Internet Leads real-time.  Most of today's Realtors have some kind of handheld that gives them access to their email.  Many HouseHunt Members not only receive their email via email but also have their leads forwarded to them via text messaging to their cell phone.  If you have a Lead Coordinator, you might want to have your Internet leads forwarded to you and to your Assistant/Coordinator.  This … (10 comments)

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