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When I was a brand new rookie Realtor® a really long time ago, I had a dear friend and fellow rookie named Tom Cordle who taught me something that has served me very well throughout my career. "Be prepared," he'd say, "because you never know when some rich guy is going to fall out of the sky duri...
There are some amazing properties that come on the market here in Washington, often with lots of history for their agents to feature in the listing brochures.  Of the five highest priced properties for sale in Washington right now, two of them are historic enough be on the National Register of Hi...
Since 1937, Krispy Kreme has made what I consider to be the best glazed donuts.  And they may be responsible for at least a couple of inches of girth around my hips. OK, my favorite therapist won't let me get by with that one.  I am responsible for the couple of inches of girth.  After all, I did...
Active Rain has a newbie who is an American hero, and I am loving his blog posts. On his first day as a full fledged fully-licensed real estate agent in Knoxville, Tennessee, he got a call from the army calling him back to active duty for a second tour of Iraq.  .  And this newly-wed, newly licen...
OK, I have to start off by saying that I am a Washington, DC area real estate snob.  Now, I might consider marrying for money to live in the Georgetown Ritz Carlton Condominium overlooking the Potomac River at Washington Harbor. Units here start at a couple of million dollars and go up from there...
On June 10, 2007, I joined Active Rain and wrote my first post.  Today, I'm at RE Bar Camp in Philadelphia and when I signed on to AR and went to "My Home", I realized that my next post (this one) would be Number 1,000! So here I am, learning about video, with James Downing (also blogging) on one...
A few years ago, I went on a reading binge on the Colonial period and all of the founding fathers and mothers.  And the player who fascinated me the most was Thomas Jefferson.  So this Memorial Day weekend, my sweetie and I hopped into his really cute convertible and headed for Charlottesville, V...
It all started at about 2:30 yesterday afternoon.  My bags were packed.  The cats were fed.  I ran upstairs to the master bath to grab a tube of toothpaste. And then - PLOP! My adorable little I-Phone was swimming in the bowl of my fancy new Toto toilet. Oops. That meant a little detour to the AT...
I'm in love! This afternoon while I was looking for Ethan Landis' web site to write my last post, I googled him.  Nothing of any use.  Nada.  I tried Ethan Landis Landis Construction Landis Green design and build All of the above with DC added And more.  This was my forth useless Google search of...
Ethan Landis can be spotted all over town in his green Prius with his company's logo on the side.  He's a green builder.  Really green builder.  Ethan did the first presentation I ever attended on green renovations, and that was a bunch of years ago. For the last decade, he has helped to educate ...

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