last weeks favorites: Last Week's Favorites on Active Rain: January 20th-26th - 01/27/13 01:14 AM
 Last week offerred some interesting blog posts by some old friends and a few new-to-me bloggers.  So here they are:
Brian Rayl:  New Type Of Fraud To Be Alert For  A reminder that a "certified" check isn't alway what it appears to be.   
Cindy Jones: Buyer Beware There Isn't A Lemon Law When Buying A Northern Virginia Home  The title says it all!
Ron Barnes:  Relo Blues  So how do you treat your Relo referrals?  Do the economics of the transaction determine the type of service you give them?

Kathy Streib: Home Staging Tips-Boca Raton-Take Charge in These … (23 comments)

last weeks favorites: Last Week's Favorites: August 5th - 12th - 08/12/12 02:36 AM
Well, it's Sunday once again, and time for my weekly list.  I've got some old friends, new to me bloggers and a couple of great photo blogs to start off.  So here goes:
William Johnson: Gazing into the Sunset as the Day Whiles Away  Some day I might learn how to get this type of clarity and detail in my photos.  For now, wow!
Paul Henderson: Silent Saturday, How will you be judged?  Well, Paul, I've judged this photo wonderful.  Love the way the light dances!
Marte Cliff: Scam alert - Did you get this today too?  Actually, I did.  … (14 comments)

last weeks favorites: Last Week's Favorites: July 29th - August 5th - 08/05/12 05:12 AM
OK, I'm a little bit late today.  But hey.  I overslept big time.  So here goes!
Doug Rogers: There's No Such Thing As A Wasted Buyer Tour  This is one of those nice lemonade recipes that's refreshing in the summer heat.
Mike Cooper: Increase your business by becoming "business present"  This may be the smartest post I read this week.
Barry Owen: When the cell phone battery dies at 1:37 PM #in  Barry describes that awful feeling that most of us have shared.

Michael Jacobs: Do Your Listings' Online Photos Look Like The Real Thing?  Before you get carried away … (36 comments)

last weeks favorites: Last Week's Favorites: July 21st - 29th - 07/28/12 08:44 PM
This was a fun week on Active Rain, and I'm starting my favorites list with the one that I think was the most fun of all.  So here goes:
Dick Greenberg:  BearCam! Grizzlies Fishing for Salmon - Live!  This may be my all time favorite here on Active Rain.  I am totally hooked on this thing! Where's Goldilocks?
Bart Wilson:  Marketing Bozo Alert: Must Die. I need Your Help.  Want to supplement your income, at least if you're ihn Colorado?
Larry Lawfer:  Too much Self Esteem and not enough Confidence  This is a great one for anyone helping a young … (22 comments)

last weeks favorites: Last Week's Favorites: July15th-22nd - 07/22/12 04:08 AM
Last week, I didn't have a lot of time to write my own blog posts, but I did get time to read.  And here are the one's that made this week's list.
Jane Grant: Lake Reflections  Jane took a wonderful photo of an unnamed lake with beautiful reflections in the water. 
Richard Yates: White Wine, Red Wine and Real Estate  You'll never think about real estate or wine the same way after reading this one.
Cherimie Crane: Most Difficult Client Ever Texas Sized Mouth and Coffee Cup to Match~  Ah!  An issue I will soon face!
Mike Cooper: And man … (35 comments)

last weeks favorites: Last Week's Favorites: July 8th - 15th - 07/15/12 03:08 AM
This was a busy week, and luckily the temperatiure cooled off into the mid 90's!  Let's hope the summer real estate market stays as hot.  So here were my favorite hot blogs:
Roger Mucci: What do you do when one of your favorite places closes? Find another!  Roger, how did you know my favorite Chinese take out just closed?
Hella Rothwell: Newbie real estate agents, can you "indenture" them?  Sometimes it's easy for newbies to get taken advantage of.
Tammie White: Top 10% of Agents in Middle Tennessee  OK, you know who you are, and Tammie's onto you!
Kimberlee Morgan: Keeping … (28 comments)

last weeks favorites: Last Week's Favorites: June 24th - July 1st - 07/01/12 01:21 AM
It's Sunday morning again, and what a relief to be able to sit down at my desk in my office at home and be able to blog on the Big Mac!  It's been a little dodgy in these parts, with electrical power and Internet access that we could not take for granted.  And when I think about the people in Colorado, I realize that our problems with Mother Nature pale in comparison.  So, here goes with today's list:
Tammie White: Don't Hire a Cleaning Lady to Clean Your House on the Day of Closing In these parts, "Broom Clean" is the … (34 comments)

last weeks favorites: Last Week's Favorites: June 17th - 24th - 06/23/12 11:47 PM
It was a sizzling hot week in Washington, DC that has nothing to do with the real estate market.   And it was hard to lure any but the most motivated buyers from their air conditioned homes and offices to go look at houses.  And it's only June!  Anyway, it left more time for blogging and coming up with some favorite posts.  Here they are:
Susan Neal: Happy 70th Birthday, Sir Paul McCartney!  This one transported me back to my youth and the early 1960's. 
Dale Baker: History Museum in The City of Claremont New Hampshire  Dale's post is a reminder … (26 comments)

last weeks favorites: Last Week's Favorites: June 8th -17th - 06/16/12 04:29 PM
On this Fathers' Day, I'd like to wish all of the blogger dads a great one!  And with that, here were my faves from last week:
Todd Clark: Congrats to the Hillsboro Bandits!  If they gave Active Rain points for being a great dad, Todd would be at the top of the leaderboard.  Oh wait!
Mark Paulson: iPad Beer  Now here's an app that show's great promise!  Be sure you click that link to a quite magical video.
John Arendsen:  Are There More AR Blogs Popping Up That Are Just Free Advertising Platforms?  This gave me a chuckle.
janeAnne Narrin: The … (23 comments)

last weeks favorites: Last Week's Favorites: June 3rd - 10th - 06/10/12 12:03 AM
During the past week, there has been no shortage of great posts here on Active Rain.  This is due in large part to Anna "Banana" Kruchten's  AQ Break Into Summer Organized Contest!  Not all of my favorites fall into this category, but many do.  So here goes!
Richie Alan Naggar:  WHEN SHOULD WE SELL AND WHEN SHOULD WE TELL This week, Richie gives us some wise thoughts about the basics of selling.
Scott Fogleman: Inspection, Assessment, or Appraisal Which one do I need to buy a home  These are three terms that confuse buyers, well explained.
Steve Hoffacker: Our Neighborhood Is … (18 comments)

last weeks favorites: Last Week's Favorites: May 27th - June 3rd - 06/03/12 12:53 AM
This week's list has a combination of fun and serious.  It's been that kind of week.  So here goes:
Barbara Jo Berberi:  How Do Wooden Birds Multiply?  I thought I would start off with the fun stuff, coming from a very fun blog buddy.
Vicky Chrisner: Hidden Costs in Home Buying - New vs. Resale  Here are some things to think about if you've always felt new was better.
Susan Neal: When I say "electric company" in Sacramento County, do you think "fun"?  Oh, speaking of fun?
Richard Weisser: Does technology free us or hold us prisoner?  This is a question … (17 comments)

last weeks favorites: Last Week's Favorites: May 20th - 27th - 05/27/12 02:13 AM
It was a quiet week in Lake Woebegone, oops, I mean Active Rain.  OK, my apologies to Garrison Keelor, who I actually got to see on Friday night live at Wolf Trap.  Every week when I start to write this post, I want to start off this way.  This was a real chance to do it!  Anyway, here goes with the list:
Blair Branch:  What To Do When a Builder Won't Budge  This is Blair's first Active Rain post, and let's stop by to let her know she did a great job!
Chris Ann Cleland: Waiting on a Government Clearance Nearly … (29 comments)

last weeks favorites: Last Week's Favorites: May 13th-20th - 05/20/12 02:09 AM
It was a busy week, as NAR came to town for the mid year meeting, complete with a Realtors' rally downtown.  But that did't keep me from reading your posts and picking a few favorites among many:
Joan Bischoff van Heemskerck:  Do you know how well your agent cooperates with other agents?  If your agent thinks all the rest are iincompetent idiots, watch out!
Martha Brown: Sunrise On The Chesapeake Bay  And while you're there, check out this one, too.  Made my title attorney flip out.
Joan Whitebook:  New Hampshire Spring Housing Market is in Full Bloom  This is a well-written … (32 comments)

last weeks favorites: Last Week's Favorites: May 5th - 13th - 05/13/12 02:36 AM
Let me start by wishing all of the Active Rain mothers a very happy Mother's Day. 
This week, I'm sure I missed a whole bunch of great posts.  I've been growling at the new Active Rain format!  I'm sure that by this time next week, I'll be used to it.  Oh well!  Here goes!
Carla Muss Jacobs:  The Super Moon Means Only One Thing . . . Super Crazy  Gee, Carla!  So that's it!  I thought it was just me.
Markita Woods:  Easy Mortgage Approval....Not!  Markita gives us the lenders' Easy Button. This is a good check list to give your … (44 comments)

last weeks favorites: Last Week's Favorites: April 29th - May 6th - 05/06/12 02:45 AM
It was a fun week on Active Rain, and I've assembled a list that will instruct us, make us think, and perhaps even make us laugh a bit.  So here goes.
1.  Gary Woltal: A Surefire Screening Technique To Spot Ideal Clients  Why work with awful people when there are great ones out there!
2.  Richie Alan Naggar:  DOG KISSES WOMAN ON ACTIVERAIN COMMENTER REFUSES TO VISIT HER BLOG  Let's move on with a laugh.
3.  Brenda Spillman:  Every Once in a While, We get to Work With Great People  It's nice to read about Realtors doing it right.
4.  Chris … (21 comments)

last weeks favorites: Last Week's Favorites: April 22nd-29th - 04/29/12 03:12 AM
This has to be fast.  I'm on my way to celebtrate National Open House weekend and have to leave the house really soon!  So here goes:
1.  Lou Ludwig:  Our Lives Are Shaped by Our Habits  Reading Lou's blog is my favorite way to start my day!
2.  Hella Rothwell:  Do you roll over?  This is a tale of chutzpah, and our girl Hella held her ground!  Good for her!
3.  Tom Arstingstall:  I Know What You Did Last Summer - The trickle effect of local posts.  OK, so Tom is preaching to the choir!
4.  Cherimie Crane:  The Water Was … (24 comments)

last weeks favorites: Last Week's Favorites: April 15th-22nd - 04/22/12 01:39 AM
Good morning on this rainy Sunday morning here in Washington, DC!  And we need it badly.  Before I run out to do my Sunday afternoon real estate thing, I thought I'd post the thin that's the most fun to write every week.  There is a collection of new faces and some that are really familiar to us all.  So here goes:
1.  Tristan Gasset: Almost Speechless Sunday- Through The Eyes Of A Child  Watching Tristan grow up on Active Rain has been inspiring!  So is his photo.  Great kid meets great parenting.
2.  William Johnson: Reflection of the Western Sun  … (24 comments)

last weeks favorites: Last Week's Favorites: April 8th - 15th - 04/15/12 05:06 AM
Tomorrow our taxes are due.  Ugh!  So I'm writing a blog post and will probably mail in my extensions.  So if you're reading this instead of finishing your taxes, here goes.  Oh, and if yours were done and filed weeks ago, I don't want a gloat in your comments!
1.  Gene Mock: Guideline for Home Office Deductions  Here is some information that we could all find pretty useful, especially today!
2.  Kathy Streib:  Lost Dog in Palm Beach County? Here's What You Can Do!  When a pet wanders off, it's pretty awful!  Right now, Mr. Snowball is missing!
3.  Carie Shapiro:  … (34 comments)

last weeks favorites: Last Week's Favorites: April 1st-8th - 04/08/12 04:36 AM
This is the Easter Sunday edition of my weekly favorites, and Easter is just beautiful here in Washington.  The sky is bright blue, and the weather is balmy.  I have to write fast so I can go outside and enjoy it!  So here goes:1.  Richie Alan Naggar:  WHATS REAL AND WHATS PHONY AND WHY IS IT MY PROBLEM TO SOLVE  OK, Richie!  You're scaring me here!
2. Caterina Bannier:  The Elusive Sears House Saga Continues  Cati has become Evers' resident expert on Sears houses, and her posts about them are fun reads.
3.  Stewart Penn:  IKEA introduces it's Aktiv Home - … (12 comments)

last weeks favorites: Last Week's Favorites: March 25th-April 1st - 04/01/12 10:39 AM
I am having a bad technology day.  My computers are all playing April Fools Jokes on my and I'm getting a little bit sick of it.  I had this post written, all of the smiling faces up there and poof!  April Fools!  But that can't stop me from posting my favorites of the week, and here goes:
1. Karen Fiddler:  Active Rain And I Saved A Stranger's Home Purchase   This is one of those feel good posts about how good it feels to really help someone!
2.  Mimi Foster: Rocky Mountain High  Mimi gives us a beautiful photo essay with … (39 comments)

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