settlements: It was an old fashioned settlement! - 10/27/16 12:30 PM
Today, something happened that is rare - a settlement on a pretty condo with an attorney, the buyer, the buyer's agent, the sellers and me, the listing agent, all sitting around the settlement table at the same time.
We sat around the table, passed papers back and forth, shared cool stuff about the building and the neighborhood restaurants, And then there was the passing of the keys.
It was nice!
At one point, the title attorney noted that we don't see these "old-fashioned" settlements much anymore. The sellers are often on another continent and sent in a power of attorney.  A lot of agents … (12 comments)

settlements: Do You Have To Have A Lawyer Conduct A Settlement in the DC Metro Area? - 08/14/11 10:00 AM
When a buyer selects a title company, should you make sure that a lawyer will be conducting the settlement?
The short answer is no.  In fact, there is a woman who began her career conducting settlement about the time I began to sell houses.  And without the benefit of a law degree, she has probably done more settlements than any of the Washington title attorneys.   In fact, she will be settling one of my listings at the end of this month, and I am impressed by how thorough she has been.
Still, when it comes to settlements, I am a bit … (6 comments)

settlements: When Most of Your Clients Are "Readers" - 05/29/10 12:46 PM
When I bought my first condo, settlement was a bit of a circus.  I totally pissed off the title attorney by insisting on reading all of the pages of papers that I was signing.  The guy was pretty rude.
"Ya want the condo, ya sign the papers."
Little did this guy know that within a year, I'd become a Realtor®.  And in all the years I've been in real estate, I've never ever had a single client settle at this place.
One local title attorney I do recommend (with a decidedly better table-side manner) remarked that I seemed to attract a … (22 comments)

settlements: The Good Settlement - 05/27/10 01:02 PM
As a new agent, I remember having some awfully unpleasant settlements.  Some were so bad, in fact, that I assumed we got paid so much for selling a house because each transaction involved enduring a couple of hours of nastiness at the end.  Just a few examples:
Sellers (I was the listing agent here) in the middle of a divorce refused to sign any documents until they had a huge row over renegotiating their separation agreement.  We were at the title company for over five hours, and the buyers were so appalled that they almost walked.  Their agent called my broker … (26 comments)

settlements: Buying Your First Home In Washington, DC: Getting To Settlement – Part 7 of a Series - 08/26/09 01:39 PM
Buying Your First Washington, DC Home:  Getting To Settlement – Part 7 of a SeriesFirst, you and your sellers reach an agreement on price and terms.  Then you begin to remove the contingencies (home inspection, condominium documents, appraisal and financing).   Then there is the termite inspection and, if necessary, the killing of the bugs.  And finally there is a title search to ensure the sellers have clear title to the property.And finally, once all of this is done, you are on your way down the long and winding road to  the settlement table.  This is where you give the sellers all … (4 comments)

settlements: The Good Settlement - 04/03/09 01:04 PM
I have this theory about real estate transactions.
It goes like this:  when you have a really stinky negotiation, you'll have a wonderful settlement.  And today, it again proved the rule.
My listing in Arlington with 5 fireplaces and a view of the Potomac River settled today.  And like many of the happy endings to transactions in this market, it felt like a series of miracles had to happen to get us to this far. 
Two weeks elapsed between the time the buyer first saw the place and finally made an offer.  She came back several times with her mom and … (25 comments)

settlements: The Perfect Settlement! - 09/05/08 09:14 AM
This morning, I scooped up a favorite buyer and we were off to Federal Title, where we were finalizing the sale of the new condo he and his wife are buying.
These buyers are major foodies.  And I found them a beautiful place with an amazing kitchen, and the Georgetown Whole Foods is only a block away!  The place is even pet friendly and welcomed their little dog with open arms!
Not only was the condo perfect, but the listing agent, Judy Ross of Coldwell Banker Residential Properties, and her sellers were wonderful!  There was a lot of give and take … (25 comments)

settlements: "It's The Relationship, Stupid!" - 09/21/07 03:47 AM

While I was writing the first draft of The Irreverent Guide, a had a wonderful writing coach named Jeff Stein.  He's a professional journalist and has two books already published and is working on a third now.  He was the perfect coach because he knew zip about real estate and lots about writing.
After he read my first few chapters, he suggested that I take a sticky note, write on it "IT'S THE RELATIONSHIP, STUPID!!!!" in big bold letters, and stick it to the top of my computer screen.   
Without knowing about our business, he put his finger right … (8 comments)

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