market report: New Listings vs SOLD - Naples Market Report - 05/08/09 03:58 PM
We are finally under 10,000 active listings in Naples current total as of May 8th 2009 is 9,784 listings. What you might find interesting is how those listings break down.
81.5% of all listings are Regular Deals (though we know probably half of those listings are over priced) 16% of all listings are Potential Short Sales 2.5% are REO’s Bank Owned Properties (I thought that number would be higher) I’m sure all of you have felt the market has changed for the better since March 2009 a lot of multiple offers going on out there making it harder to secure the … (0 comments)

market report: Pending Sales Way UP in Naples... - 04/07/09 03:47 PM
Here's 2 bar graphs of Pending Sales in the last 12 months as well as Pending Sales per quarter over the last 4 years.  As you can see over the past 3 months there has been an increase of 36%  26%  &  37% respectively over the previous month in Pending Sales.
•·         If you compare 1st qtr 2009 to 1st qtr 2008 we are up 59%
•·         Compared to 1st qtr 2007 we're up 64%
•·         This quarters 3,600 Pending Sales are in between the Pending Sales of 2nd & 3rd qtr of 2005 when homes were selling like hotcakes.

market report: Golden Gate Estates: Short Sales & Bank Owned Homes - 10/23/08 03:52 PM
Below are my answers to questions from Laura Layden reporter for The Naples Daily News that she asked me about the Golden Gate Estates real estate market. Article will appear in the paper at a later date which i'll pass on to you when i know it's available.
•1.       Foreclosure judgments i feel are affecting sales positively because thus far in the last 12 months there has been a total of 1,993 single family homes sold in Naples, 349 of them have been in Golden Gate Estates that's 17.5% of all sales in Naples.  Of the 349 homes sold in the Estates 48% … (0 comments)

market report: Part 2: Naples Home Sales Report Last 12 Months - 10/11/08 02:09 PM
Fellow Realtors,
I had some additional questions so I dug further and this is what I found... 
Question 1- What is the breakdown of the type of homes sold during the last 12 months?
·         45% were Single Family Homes
·         43% were Condos (low, mid & high rise)
·         10.5% were Attached & Detached Villas
·         1.5% were Manufactured

Question 2- What's the breakdown of the type of homes sold within the range of $150K to $399K?
·         42% were Single Family Homes
·         45% were Condos (low, mid & high rise)
·         13% were Attached & Detached Villas

market report: Market Report for Naples Single Family Homes - 10/09/08 02:39 AM
Below is the market report for Naples Single Family Homes and as you can see by the charts below new listings are down 3% which helps lower supply. Sold listings are still trending up ever so slightly this month and the median prices of those sold are up 2% to $259,000. Median price means half of the homes sold for more than $259,000 and the other half sold for less than that price. Another great sign was that pending sales are up 16% and with new listings down that means slowly but surely we're starting to go through the high inventory of … (0 comments)

market report: Market Report Golden Gate Estates - 10/03/08 05:39 AM
New listings continue to drop while pending sales continue to rise up 25% from last month. Though closed sales were down i do expect them to be up next month with more homes currently under contract. The median price was also up slightly to $166,250 which means half of all the homes sold in September sold for more and half sold for less than $166,250.


market report: Golden Gate City: Market Report Shows All Good Signs - 09/08/08 03:43 AM
Look at all the action in Golden Gate City over the last couple of months especially in August 2008. These charts are from Sunshine MLS and show Single Family Homes sold, pendings, new listings & median sold price.
As you can see SOLD listings are on the rise up 43% from July 2008 PENDING or UNDER CONTRACT listings are up 38% from July 2008 NEW listings are down 30% from July 2008 MEDIAN SOLD PRICE is up 33% from July 2008 (Median means half the homes sold for more than $150,900 and half sold for less than $150,900) 
These are all very good signs … (0 comments)

market report: Golden Gate Estates: Market Report for August 2008 - 09/03/08 03:46 PM
Market Report for Golden Gate Estates ending August 2008 shows that new listings are down 26% from July while pending sales are up 18% from July. Closed sales were down slightly from July and most loan financing has been convetional loans over cash deals. 
In closing based on these Sunshine MLS charts new listings are down pending sales are up which can only continue to start bringing balance to the current market with the supply & demand ratio.


market report: Market Report for Naples: New Listings, Pendings & Sold - 09/02/08 03:11 AM
Market report for Naples ending August 31st 2008 shows that new listings ard down 17% from July 2008 while Pending Sales are up 13% and cash transactions are slightly above financed transactions on Closed Sales.
So based on these MLS charts as New Listings go down and Pending Sales continue to rise that will gradually keep bringing down the high inventory which will start balancing the supply & demand ratio.


market report: Market Report Golden Gate Estates - 08/07/08 10:23 AM
If you haven't heard the good news by now then let me share some with you, real estate is moving and "Now's the Time to Buy" especially here in Naples and Golden Gate Estates if your looking for some acerage to go with your next home. Below are 2 bar graphs of the last 12 months, the first graph shows Pending Sales which are homes under contract on the rise almost every month. The second graph shows Sold Properties which have doubled from a year ago.

So start spreading the word "Now's the Time to Buy" and be sure to touch … (0 comments)

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