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I think that we are having the rainiest May along the East Coast.  Last week I left New York for sunny Florida only to be chased by rain all the way down.  It has been pouring heavily here in Southeast Florida.  When you get lemons you make lemonade.  I decided to do some networking and build my ...
What we have here is a failure to communicate.  That line from Cool Hand Luke sums up one of the big problem—our communication does not work. I recently met with the leaders of one of my Westchester County New York organizations to present results of an employee survey. The staff felt that there ...
Many of us volunteer our time for causes.  I like to volunteer my expertise to non profit organizations in my area.  It turns out that my next door neighbor in Armonk is Executive Director for The Women's Mentoring Network in Stamford Connecticut.Today I spoke to a group of women with a lunch and...
Are you and your team on the same page or are you not even on the same book?You assume that they know what the objectives are and you are taking a course of action, assuming the team is following, but when you turn around you find no one there. I hope you know what happens when you assume! The be...
No this is not a flashback from the 1970's.  I am talking about family businesses and more specifically fathers and daughters in business.Family businesses can be interesting I have worked with a few of them.  Sometimes I have seen family dynamics played out right in front of me.  But now about s...
Many Westchester County business owners have told me that they feel like a hamster on a wheel. They are overworked and overwhelmed. Many blame the rapid pace of business or the economic fact that business must do more with less. Technology has made our lives easier, right? Yes, but it has also cr...
I don't know about you but I love that statement.  In fact, when build high performing teams you want just that.  If you want to learn more then mark your calendars for Wednesday May 9th.  The Business Council of Westchester is hosting the following event: Great Minds Think Un-Alike How Leveragin...
Goal achievement is the most important key to achieving your dreams. The most successful people are the ones who have specific, written goals. Unfortunately, there are many people without written goals. If you were to ask them why they are likely to respond that they have them in their head. But ...
Congratulations the winners of the Business Council of Westchester Hall of Fame.  Last night six business were honor for their outstand achievements in service to Westchester County New York.Every year businesses are recognized in the following catagories - Chairman's Recognition Award Woman in B...
Let me borrow the term "staging" from its real estate context.  Do you throw new team leaders to the wolves or do you stage them for success?Lawrence Peter’s book The Peter Principle argues that, in a hierarchy people tend to be promoted to the level of their incompetence. He noted that although ...

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