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Now that I have your attention, the next Stamford Chamber of Commerce event with teach you to become a black belt networker.  Interested?Next Wednesday, January 23rd, we will be treated to a presentation on "Rainmaking through Networking." To most people networking means going to a networking eve...
There are quite a few real estate groups that are family enterprises.  Many parent children teams exist.  Suppose you started your business years ago and you have built a profitable business for you and your family. Your children are now working in the business. What will happen when you exit? Ma...
What will you be doing Thursday January 10th.  If you are an active business owner in Westchester County you will be attending the Business Council of Westchester's New Years Bash.We will be kicking off the New Year in Style at the Westchester Marriott.  Let's kickoff 2019 with a New Year Blast! ...
 What would you like to happen in your business in 2019? Do you want to add people to your real estate business?  You would like to be a success story by the possibility exists that you may just dilute the same amount of business your had before you added people.  One of the biggest challenges is...
While I was reading Lise Howe's and Hannah Williams 's post's about different New Years traditions I thought I would share this one.  Back in 1989 when we had a German Au Pair stay with us she was looking forward to seeing a New Years Eve sketch and was surprised that it was not shown here.  Why,...
There is one very important leading indicator for your real estate business.  Many of you did comment that on my last post that it is the most important.  I totally agree.  And don't just take my word.  We have the words of world renouned management consultant Peter Drucker.  He says that the pur...
Kathy Streib has asked us to share a few things about ourselves.  So here goes: Age: I am in my sixties Best Trait: Persistence and follow through Biggest fear: Losing my health Favorite time of the year: I like all of the seasons Favorite drink: Coffee Early bird or night owl? Early bird most of...
You have finished your strategic plan for next year and created your goals. Now you must implement but how do you know it you are on track for future success? You have had some strong business growth, but that performance is no guarantee of future results. Just because you were successful in the ...
I was reading Gita Bantwal 's post today and she asked us to share our favorite cookie recipe.  My wife Phyllis is out baking cookies tonight with her friends while I am writing this post.  Here is a cookie recipe that comes from my great grandmother.  They are quite a hit with our guests.  If yo...
You may have the management role with the authority but there is a difference between power and authority.  What I am about to say holds true for management but it is doubly true for brokers.  As brokers you have independent contractors not employees.  But really, if people don’t respect you or y...

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