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It seems like during most of our 40 years of marriage my wife Phyllis and I had to work but not together.  We went different directions and we took care of our kids.  We worked at different careers and didn't worry that much after the kids were grown.I am grateful for the time we have together no...
Are having trouble getting things done?  Do you think that you need a better time management system?  Before you consider some time management system as a silver bullet you should consider the following.When my clients in Westchester County New York tell me that they have problems with time manag...
I am truly thankful for all of the friends I know through Active Rain.  When Lisa Von Domek created a meetup in Boston last Friday night. I was happy to make the trip to see so many AR members from all over. I have followed this wonderful AR members for years and I recognized them instantly.  Pet...
As a broker owner you must have adequate controls since you are the responsible party. There is, however, a delicate balance between control and empowerment. Here is a problem that comes up all too often. A business owner or agency owner spends most of his or her time working IN the business and ...
Halloween is upon us again.  Did you know that this holiday is commercially as big as Christmas.  The evidence is all of our neighborhoods.  I sneaked out tonight just to take pictures.  These streets really are lit up like Christmas.Come tomorrow night it will look like this.  Have a safe and Ha...
 Are you having trouble with getting rid of some of those bad habits? You have tried but you have not succeeded.  You would like to create some positive habits.    A person who has positive work habits, for example, will be much more likely to succeed than a person with negative work habits. In f...
I enjoy some of the benefits of being an ambassador with the Business Council of Westchester.  Last night was our annual dinner and annual meeting.  There were near 800 people there.  Our keynote speaker was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Pepsico, Indra K. Nooyi.One of the advantages...
 Have you ever started a meeting or announcement with the phrase."Now please don't shoot the messenger?"  If you have found yourself in this situation  please read on.  If you are a broker owner I am sure you have found yourself in this situation.The message may not be welcome but the way the mes...
I have been thinking about Brian England 's OCTOBER CHALLENGE - Let's get personal.  I was not sure where to begin.  I think I will begin with what caused me to start my business in 2009.I had a long career with larger companies with senior level HR roles.  By 2006 I was cheif HR officer for the ...
When I facilitate leadership development groups I always start by asking what makes a good leader. Some feel that there are traits that make good leaders. But when I speak with my Westchester County NY business leaders about traits that make a good leader no one can agree. The only trait that is ...

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