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Every year I attend the Business Council of Westchester's Hall of Fame.  It is usually held in May but this year, because of Covid, it was held tonight.  In keeping with the creativity of the year the BCW has created a very innovative program.  Normally, this event is held a large facility with V...
If you are a solo worker you need to manage your day but once you hire an assistant or add an associate you have an organization to manage.There is a different attitude about work today.  Top down control has been replaced with shared control.  The recent need to work virtually has only accelerat...
What would 4th of July have been without our annual backyard BBQ with friends?  This year presented a challenge.  We usually host at our house but we were concerned about being able to social distance.Our deck is long but narrow and the lawn behind it drops off into the woods.  There are 4 couple...
 A great opportunity now exists to break some bad habits. I know in my own case just the shutdown eliminated a bad habit. It is now been quite a while and now the new successful habit has replaced it for good. Our success or failure is driven by our habits.A bad habit can cause us to continue to ...
 Due to these turbulent times you should be readjusting your business plan. Most business plans begin with a statement of vision, mission, and values. Mission and vision can change as is the case now. However, core values should never change. Values are more important than anything else when sele...
I had the pleasure of attending my third virtual AR meetup on Zoom today.  We had over twenty people on today.  Once again we had Kathy Streib and  Jeff Dowler, CRS and Kat Palmiotti and Lottie Kendall.  Also, this week I noticed Hannah Williams , Will Hamm , Lise Howe , and John Meussner .  Oh y...
Many great entrepreneurs have something in common. At one point they failed in business but then they later became smashing successes.   Some of these entrepreneurs include Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Mary Kay, Bill Gates, and Richard Branson. The difference between these entrepreneurs and other bu...
Today we had another Zoom Tuesday meetup.  There were 22 people on this week' s call.  Many people like myself were on again but some other new people as well.Glad to see Brian England again today.  Brain attended using his iPhone as he was volunteering in giving out meals.  Good to see that Kat ...
The greater the reward the higher probability that the goal will be achieved.   This desire or passion to do it is our motivation.  Motivation comes from within and that means that you cannot motivate another person. You can, however, help create a spark to ignite their inner fire. That inner fir...
What a great contest and opportunity this is.  I always enjoy meetups and this new Zoom meetup has no boundaries.Marte Cliff was the presenter for today.  She spoke about the proper usage of words and talked too about how to put together a bio. Debe Maxwell, CRS is one of the Active Rain members ...

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