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 Change!  Why is it so darn hard?Recently I blogged about fighting the complacency of "We have always done it that way"  in the face of disruptive change.  Why do we feel that change is so difficutl?  That is because we are in a comfort zone and we are comfortable with our current habits.  Oh, we...
If you will be in Westchester County on Sunday October 7th  you should come to Yorktown NY and visit street fair.  Now in it's 10th year this is a day of fun.  There are many different attractions including a car show.Bring your dog and enter him in the dog costume contest.  There is also a cupca...
As Broker/Owners have you noticed that it is getting harder find good new agents?  That's right;  the booming job market means less people are currently looking to become new real estate agents. It is important to hold on and retain your current performing agents. What value do they find in worki...
 my business sliding into the fourth quarter is also about gearing up for the sprint at the beginning of the year.  My customers are businesses and they typically work on their budget at this time of the year.  Why would they put more money into the budget for training and development? They see a...
How many times have you heard the statement, “That is the way we have always done it.” We tend to look at the past when we create the future. If you don’t believe that then think about how you create your annual goals. Do you just move the same chairs around? What happens if this is disrupted? Ye...
Givers Gain is the motto of the international networking group BNI.  There are chapters all over the world and I am certain many Active Rainers are in BNI.  I am currently the president of my chapter for the current term.  This past Thursday it was my turn to give my 10 minute presentation on wha...
What is the best way to get a 5 star review?  Everyone is real estate strives to get these 5 star reviews.  Why?  Because it is the least expensive but most effective form of marketing yourself.  It creates a referral system from loyal customers.The best measure of business success is the loyalty...
Summer is drawing to a close as people get in your last summer vacations this Labor Day weekend.  Time to get geared up for Fall business.  The Business Council of Westchester has a full schedule of activities.The first evening networking reception for Fall 2018 will take place on Wednesday, Sept...
Why did you decide to get into real estate sales?  I suspect that many of you wanted to have more control over your own destiny.  That is to say that you wanted more out of life.  At the time they made the decision had they should have decided what they would be willing to sacrifice--what risks t...
If you are looking for great burgers and local beer try Hop Cat of Port St. Lucie.  We ate here last Friday night.  Hop Cat is located in the Tradition Community in Port St. Lucie.  This location just opened a few months ago and it is the first one in the state of Florida.The restaurant company s...

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