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Many of you reading this blog know Debbie Gartner, “The Flooring Girl” of Floorcoverings International of Westchester and Fairfield.  I have known Debbie for four years.  I became her customer a year ago. From the first time I met Debbie at networking events and local BNI chapters she always pre...
A number of years ago people used to go to the phone book when they needed to have work done in their house.  I am sure many of us can remember the listings that began with AA then AAA and even AAAAAA.  The idea was to be the first phone number in the yellow pages (for those who remember).  Peopl...
Unless you absolutely love computers, as I actually do, you just want your computer system to do the job of running your business.  The very thought of losing your customer files, financial data, or personal pictures can strike fear into your heart. If you worked in a larger company you called IT...
If you live or work in Westchester County you are probably aware of the local chambers of commerce, The Business Council of Westchester, and the Westchester County Association.  However, there are many other network organizations out there ranging from BNI to other informal groups. I would like t...
Several years ago Alfonso Ciampa,  co-owner of Home Improvements by Antonio Ciampa, approached me to help him develop a plan to take his home contracting business to the next level.  As a business coach working with family businesses I saw a great opportunity for Alfonso to make a difference by s...
I am sure everyone has their favorite restaurant.  The reason it is your favorite could be that they make a menu item just the way you like it.  Or they always have a table waiting for you, or they greet you by name when you come in, ask how you are doing and ask about your family.  In short the ...
In part one of this blog series we talked about jumping off the hamster wheel and taking control of your business.  Are you ready to become a leader in sustainability? Let’s spend some time talking specifically about your organization. What key measurement does your organization use to determine ...
Bills Blog really explains what is important to be successful.  I always ask my clients WHY they want to engage my coaching services.  What are their needs yes, but how strong is their want. WHY you do something is more important than what or how.Do you love your job? Is real estate something you...
I am starting a series of blogs on Business Sustainability.  Is your organization healthy enough to survive in today’s demanding times? Is your organization a sustainable business? The business environment is changing so rapidly … are you ready for the changes? For the sake of this blog, let’s st...
Many small businesses are family owned businesses. Suppose you started your business years ago and you have built a profitable business for you and your family.Your children are now working in the business. What will happen when you exit?Many parents do not have a plan in place for when they exit...

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