business coach in westchester county ny: MAKE SURE YOU DO THESE FOUR THINGS - 04/15/18 07:08 PM

Real estate agents and brokers are independent business owners.  As such you know you are accountable for your results.  
In my consultation with my business owners in Westchester County we work on success through focusing on their vision, their values, and goals. Then they execute their goals and measure results.
You need to have a strategic outlook on your business. Another way of saying this is that you look at the whole rather than the parts or you must work ON your business rather than IN your business.
What you measure is just as important as having and plan and executing it. For … (57 comments)

business coach in westchester county ny: LEARN ABOUT THE ATTRACTION FACTOR AT BUSINESS COUNCIL EVENT - 09/13/17 06:18 PM
There questions that people from marketing to human resources want to learn.  Thtat question is, "What drives Chemistry, Culture, and Cohesion in today's workplace?"
This will be the topic of a morning seminar sponsored by the Business Council of Westchester and Manhattanville College.   You will be given some of the tools to help you create a culture to attract and retain.
The keynote speaker is Jessica Shilling, Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Heineken.  Next there will be some interaction exchange of information followed by a panel moderated by Sheila Appel, US Regional Director, Corporate Citizenship, IBM Corp.
Here are the details:
Time and … (17 comments)

business coach in westchester county ny: CREATE SUCCESSFUL HABITS - 02/01/15 05:16 AM
I recently asked a Linked in Group if they thought lack or knowledge or bad habits created failure.  The overwhelming majority responded that it is bad habits that create failure.  When I started my business I asked another coach why most businesses fail.  He answered with the statement, "They spend all of their time getting ready to go to work."  The time just never seems right or I have to learn to do more things or go to more training.  
There seems to be a conflict with what the people on Linked In told me and why many people say … (84 comments)

business coach in westchester county ny: HOW TO SUCCEED WITH YOUR GOALS - 10/05/14 12:23 PM
When I talk with a prospective client occasionally I will have someone say that they are so tired of hearing about goals.  It is as if some are just looking for someone to deliver that silver bullet. 
Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet and success is spelled WORK.  Setting goals is one of the most important keys to achieving success. We have found that the most successful people are the ones who have specific, written goals. Writing down your goals makes sense and yet a large number of people have not done it. When you ask them why they don’t … (24 comments)

business coach in westchester county ny: THE ANNUAL ARMONK OUTDOOR ART SHOW - 09/10/14 06:38 AM
If you would like to enjoy some art and enjoy the fall outdoor weather at the same time then come visit the
53rd Annual Armonk Outdoor Art Show. 
The event will be held on Saturday September 20 and Sunday September 21.  The admission proceeds for this event go to benefit The North Castle Public Library and the Whippoorwill Hall Theater.
The weekend will kick off on Friday night with "Basquiat" a film by Julian Schnabel, shown at 7pm in Whippoorwill Hall.
Link to the Art Show Web Site.

Image above courtesy of the Armonk Outdoor Art … (17 comments)

business coach in westchester county ny: WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR WESTCHESTER BUSINESS WHEN YOU GO ON VACATION? - 07/13/14 01:17 PM
Have you avoided taking a vacation from your Westchester County NY business because you are afraid of what you will find when you return?  An owner of a home appliance repair company told me that her sales took a nosedive when she took a week off.  Although the sales dropped her payroll and fixed expenses continued.  She asked me how she can step out of her business without having everything fall apart.
If you are a Broker/Owner or service company owner in Westchester County NY and this sounds familiar you should know that it is a common problem. As business owner you … (16 comments)

business coach in westchester county ny: SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS MANAGE THEIR RISKS - 04/27/14 09:20 PM
Entrepreneurs are are many things but in all cases they are risk takers.  I would not recommend that anyone launch an entrpreneurial startup if they are risk adverse.  You must be bold enough to understand that your startup may not survive.  On the other hand an entrepreneur should not be reckless as if he or she were going to throw a large amount of money on the tables in Las Vegas. 

What type of risk is prudent?  Using an investor example, it would not be prudent to do day trading and option buying to make a killing if you … (24 comments)

business coach in westchester county ny: IF YOU ARE DOING WEBINARS TRY THIS NEW SOFTWARE - 03/19/14 02:12 PM
As some of you may know from a previous post I have been working with a social media strategist.  Together we are helping businesses use social media to get better results.  We had done an introductory session using Google Hangouts.  Some of you may have used them.  It is a great platform, and of course, has great Google juice.  But then my partner found an even better solution, a webinar software platform called Webinar Jam.
This software has much more functionality than Go To Webinar.  Not only that but Go To Webinar can cost as much as $499 per month.  … (24 comments)

business coach in westchester county ny: JUMPSTART YOUR BUSINESS WITH THE RIGHT SOCIAL MEDIA - 01/12/14 07:58 PM
Many of business owners are wondering how they can jumpstart their business using social media. The many choices make it hard to decide where to begin. To make matters worse there are many different social media experts telling them what they should do and what they should say without understanding the business. In my opinion this approach is counterintuitive. Social media is simply a new form of advertising and communication that requires a plan and strategy to be effective. To help connect business reality with the new media I recently teamed up with a social media strategist. Here is some of … (26 comments)

business coach in westchester county ny: AS A LEADER DO YOU PRACTICE FAIL SAFE LEADERSHIP? - 10/19/13 12:43 PM
One of the fundamental requirements for organizational success is that all people in the organization are on the same page. The CEO or leader of the organization must demonstrate the ability to get results. But what results? What does success look like to the organization? That needs to be defined in the strategic plan under corporate vision and the corporate values. When the organization knows these things it can find people with shared values and grow the people and processes to ensure those results!
Here is a results based model of leadership proven to produce success.
It begins with … (4 comments)

business coach in westchester county ny: WHY YOU SHOULD NOT HIRE BASED ON EXPERIENCE - 08/10/13 10:27 PM
Employers and hiring managers make a big mistake when they use experience as the primary criteria for hiring a candidate.  This is different than saying that knowledge of the job and the requisite skills and knowledge are not important. They certainly are. Of course, you want the right person for the right job. However, looking primarily for experience will produce disappointing results.
I work largely with privately held and family held businesses. But in that arena I have worked with many industries ranging from real estate, construction, retail, service and hospitality, nonprofit, and manufacturing. I have made the same observation in … (6 comments)

business coach in westchester county ny: USING SOCIAL MEDIA TO PUT YOUR MARKETING MESSAGE OUT THERE - 07/13/13 02:57 PM
According to the American Marketing Association, “Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large”. That is a complex statement. Marketing is simply defined as being top of mind when your prospect is ready to buy.
Know your target market. It is important to define the parameters of your ideal prospects because it will help you to focus on those areas and people with whom you have the highest probability of success. When defining your market less is more. Start by identifying your … (7 comments)

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