business coaching in westchester county ny: MEASURE AND FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS - 04/14/19 08:46 PM

 “If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it.” If you want to have a sustainable business you need to have a strategic plan, which includes key goals and objectives, and a way to measure your progress.
Without these elements you are relying solely on luck.
What you measure is just as important as having a plan and executing it.  There are many business measures and these vary based on the business.  This could include everything from success of advertising campains to farming metholds.  These should be tracked for obvious reasons in order to know what works and what doesn't work.  Wouldn't … (23 comments)

business coaching in westchester county ny: MARSHALL ALARM SYSTEMS HOLDS OPEN HOUSE - 03/12/19 08:33 PM
Marshall Alarm Systems held an open house last Thursday which included a ribbon cutting ceremony for their new location at 1767 Front Street in Yorktown Heights New York.
I have known Marshall and his team at Marshall Alarms as clients for a very long time and we have a great relationship.  I attended the ribbon cutting ceremony and helped Marshall celebrate his new location.
Marshall Alarm Systems, Inc provides custom designed fire, security and video systems to installation, monitoring and inspections. Marshall Alarm Systems, Inc represents all major manufacturers allowing the versatility to service both new and existing alarm systems in Westchester NY.
Marshall … (23 comments)

business coaching in westchester county ny: WHAT IS THE COST OF PLAYING IT SAFE? - 12/02/18 03:52 PM

Do you like to play it safe? Taking the path of least resistance is a choice many people take. Taking the safe course of action is risky. That’s right! For example, you may lose an opportunity, your competitive edge or your business. Someone else may replace you while you are in your comfort zone.
This is the takeaway. There is risk of acting but there is also risk of inaction. Being fearful of acting may be much riskier that taking that action. How many times have you said, I should have, I could have, I would have?
I recently coached a Westchester … (57 comments)

business coaching in westchester county ny: STAMFORD CHAMBER OF COMMERCE HOSTS TECHNOLOGY SEMINAR - 10/02/18 07:42 PM
The Stamford Connecticut Chamber of Commerce and Serendipity Labs co working space are teaming up to present a seminar on office and co working technology.
This is very timely since many of us are accustomed to working on the fly and having our working files and devices at our fingertips.  Serednipity Labs has co working spaces in Fairfield County Connecticut and Westchester County New York.
Here are just some of the things which will be covered:
Learn which sync and share solution is best for your organization and workflow. What if you have a disgruntled employee, is you company data at risk? How do … (26 comments)

business coaching in westchester county ny: START YOUR DAY WITH A POWER BREAKFAST AT THE BUSINESS COUNCIL - 09/25/18 09:35 PM
Next Tuesday, October 2, 2018, the Business Council of Westchester will be hosting a power breakfast.  The topic is Having a Voice: Developing your Advocacy Strategy.
It is critical that businesses have a voice at all levels of government. Creating a strong advocacy program for your business WILL give you that voice. Hear from seasoned advocacy professionals on how they have navigated the legislative process to achieve positive results year over year.
This will be a moderated panel of experts who advocate for their company to local, state, and federal governments.
If you are concerned about have your voice heard in Albany or in … (26 comments)

business coaching in westchester county ny: TRUTHFULL CONFRONTATION WILL YIELD GREAT RESULTS - 07/08/18 05:19 PM

As real estate agents, home stagers, home inspectors it is incumbent upon you to tell your clients the truth.  It may be difficult to hear but it is necessary if you want them to receive the best results.  What about information about your own business? Can you handle the truth? Sometimes when an organization asks for help and receives feedback it could be surprised to learn some inconvenient truths.
If you really want to improve your organization you will want to learn the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you can’t handle the truth you won’t have an opportunity to make … (46 comments)

business coaching in westchester county ny: GREAT NIGHT AT IPIC THEATER - 04/18/18 09:15 PM
For some of you out there like Hannah Williams this is no big deal.  However, my wife and I rarely go to the movies.  Date night at the iPic was a pleasant experience.
We had a pleasant dinner and then walked into the theater.  The large reclining lounge seats were great and we ordered desert from those seats.
The movie was Chappaquiddick.  It is very interesting and I recommend seeing it.
Now if you would like see your local business thrive I be happy to help.
Grant Schneider, Performance Development Strategies
Contact us to learn more or call 914-953-4458

business coaching in westchester county ny: BE FOCUSED ON YOUR BUSINESS - 04/08/18 07:53 PM

Are you laser focused or are you a multi-tasker? Being a multi-tasker in running your business may create problems.  However, if you stay focused and stay sharp on the things necessary to grow and change you will achieve the best results.
Sometimes we get lazy and in a rut. We stop seeing the big picture. Maybe our business has had years of successful sales and profits. Since the business is still making money and continuing to operate the reasoning is, if it’s not broke don’t fix it. Eventually, the business could reach a stage on leveling off or declining sales or … (50 comments)

business coaching in westchester county ny: WHY IS CHANGE SO DIFFICULT? - 02/11/18 08:35 PM

Although things are always changing many of us say we hate change. We know we must change but we don’t like doing it. We are creatures of habit and we will explore that thought later. We also have heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.
We must face it … we live in a changing world. EVERYTHING changes and it’s time to acknowledge the cold, hard truth … much as we’d like to, we cannot control everything that happens to us in life. We can, however, change the way … (44 comments)

business coaching in westchester county ny: GROW A SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS IN 2018 - 01/21/18 08:18 PM

Beginning February 8th we are working with business owners in Westchester County who are working on making their businesses more successful. Some of these businesses are real estate brokerages.
These businesses define success through their vision, their values, and goals. Then to stay on top of their business they monitor and measure results.
Once you set your goals you need to make sure you are on track. You would not take a cross country car trip without using your GPS to make sure you are on track. So similarly, if you want to have a sustainable business you need to have a strategic … (23 comments)

business coaching in westchester county ny: YORKTOWN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE NETWORKING EVENT AT CLUB FIT - 01/17/18 08:13 PM
The Yorktown Chamber of Commerce will hold a night of networking next Monday night at Club Fit.
Come out and network with other business owners while enjoying the hospitality of Club Fit fitness center.  This should be an enjoyable evening.
You are encourged to bring your kids to this event.  Kids care and other activities with be provided by the Club Fit Staff while you network.
Here are the details:
 Date and Time: Monday, February 22, 2018 at 6pm
Location: Club Fit
600 Bank Road
Jefferson Valley, NY
Information share with you by:
Grant Schneider, Performance Development Strategies.
Would you like to help your Westchester Business Grow?
Contact Us or call 914-953-4458

business coaching in westchester county ny: HIT THE NEW YEAR RUNNING - 01/07/18 06:58 PM

Is this the year that you are going to take real estate practice or your  business to the next level?  Many great business ideas never happen because of a lack of commitment to get started.  It is a law of physics.  It takes more energy to start a car or turn on a light than to continue operating them.  This is also true with starting a project or starting a business.  It takes more effort to get started.
For that reason, people tend to have the paralysis of analysis.  I won’t start until it is perfect even though it never is.  “I … (39 comments)

business coaching in westchester county ny: YOU CAN'T HAVE ACCOUNTABLE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT OWNERS - 12/25/17 10:13 PM
Real estate agents who have a serious are achievers.  Achievers are always accountable for results.  If you are an achiever you know that.  Congratulations!
However, if you want to build a team of achievers then you need to read on.  Creating a culture of accountability requires collaboration, communication of goals, and understanding the nature of motivation. 
Having conversations about accountability should be combined with empowering your team to take ownership of their work.  You need to communicate the goals and the desired outcomes, but they need to be a part of it.  Be totally transparent regarding challenges and obstacles.  Your team should … (46 comments)

business coaching in westchester county ny: START WITH THE WHY - 12/17/17 06:39 PM
Can you answer this question?  Why are you in real estate or whatever business you are in? 
Without knowing this how will you find you motivation to overcome obstactes and achieve your goals?  Motivation comes from within and that means that you cannot motivate another person.  You can, however, help create a spark to ignite their inner fire.  That inner fire will drive motivation.
That inner fire or passion is your WHY.  If you do not have the WHY then the HOW will not matter.  Knowing what motivates you is a key to achievement and knowing how to find motivation in others is … (36 comments)

business coaching in westchester county ny: JUST ADD ONE TO YOUR BUSINESS IN WESTCHESTER - 12/05/17 08:15 PM
On Monday morning I had the opportuntiy to do what I love.  I spoke to members of the Business Council of Westchester who are solopreneurs; that is they are people who can conduct board meetings in their shower.
At their last meeting this group explained that many were interested in growing their businesses and I was invited to talk them about growing.
I spoke to them about their strategic planning and going from doing everything in their business to working on their business and delegating. 
If you are a business owner including real estate broker owner and have a goal to add an … (26 comments)

business coaching in westchester county ny: YORKTOWN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE HOLDING HOLIDAY PARTY - 11/28/17 08:24 PM
The Yorktown Chamber of Commerce is holding its annual holiday party on Thursday, December 7, 2017.
This is always a very festive occasion with lots of food and good will.  It is a way for the Chamber to says thanks to its members for a year of support.
This is a free event to both members and guests.  The food will include:
"Savannah's Holiday Buffet" * Dessert Station * Wine
Cash Bar
R.S.V.P. - Strongly Recommended
Here are the Details:  Thursday, December 7 from 5:30 to 8 pm.
Savannah's Southern House
3901 Crompond Road
Courtlandt Manor, NY  10567
RSVP to 914-245-4599
Information provided by
Grant Schneider, Performance Development Strategies
Would you like to know how … (19 comments)

business coaching in westchester county ny: FIVE KEYS TO MANAGING YOUR REAL ESTATE BUSINESS AND YOUR LIFE - 11/12/17 05:51 PM

Since real estate tends to be a 24/7 business you may be overwhelmed to the point of feeling like a hamster on a wheel. You may be spending too much time working in the day to day minutiae you are missing the big picture. Many blame the rapid pace of technology for this dilemma. Technology, while automating things that used to take much more time has also created new pressure. Instant communication on handheld devices gives us the sense of urgency and feeling that we must always be working. Everything seems to go faster, leaving everyone feeling overworked, overloaded, and overwhelmed.   … (29 comments)

business coaching in westchester county ny: BUSINESS COUNCIL OF WESTCHESTER HOLDS CIRCLES OF INFLUENCE - 10/31/17 12:47 PM
I have been a proud member and ambassador for The Business Council of Westchester.  This organization is the gold standard for business organizations.  It's members include companies like Pesico, Mastercard, but also mid size companies and solopreneurs.
The organization also has sub groups for:
Solopreneurs Not for Profits HR Professionals Small Business Government Action (Advocacy)
If you fit any of those catagories and would like to learn more about this organization here is your chance:
Here is the info:
Attendance is free for all interested prospective members.
Date and Time: Thursday, November 2, 2017  5 to 7pm
Location:            Crowne Plaza  66 Hale Street  White Plains, NY
Information … (19 comments)

business coaching in westchester county ny: EXCEED EXPECTATIONS - CREATE RAVING FANS - 10/22/17 08:56 PM
Consumers do not buy real estate.  They buy you!
Regardless of what we sell we are all really in a service business. People do not buy what we sell. They buy us. If they truly buy us they are a loyal customer. Nothing is more important to a business than a loyal customer. You can be making a lot of sales and have a good income but you will not have that for long if you don’t have loyal customers.
What is the best way to have a steady stream of loyal customers?   Under promise and over deliver.
Customers generally have a level of … (41 comments)

business coaching in westchester county ny: BALANCE YOUR TIME BETWEEN WORK AND LIFE - 10/08/17 07:06 PM

How can you manage your time, live a stress-free life and have balance? Two things stand out for me. Be guided by your values and have a purpose then stay on course. You can stay on course with your personal GPS.
The comparison to using a GPS is an easy one. We have them in our car and on our phone. We use them to order a car on Uber or we use them to find a restaurant nearby. We have become more productive and less stressed because we have used this very simple tool to help us navigate.
What is so remarkable … (53 comments)

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