customer loyalty: HERE IS A GREAT RESTAURANT IN STUART FLORIDA - 11/07/17 08:34 PM
For those of you near Stuart Florida, a great choice for a meal is Mulligan's Beach House.  We had a great Sunday brunch there this week. 
Mulligans is located right on the water in Stuart at the Stuart River Walk.
What really matters to me and to many others is that a restaurant have good food but gives a great guest experience. Mulligans certainly does that.  We started off drinks.  The rest of our party had meosas but I decided to try their bloody mary.  I am glad did.  It is served with a jumbo shrimp.
The portions of food are generous and … (33 comments)

customer loyalty: HAVE YOU PREPARED YOUR TEAM FOR SHOWTIME? - 04/02/17 08:29 PM

Spring is here and opportunities abound.  Are you and your team ready for showtime? 
It takes effort on your part to execute your season.  You know what needs to be done but what about the rest of your team?  Does everyone on the team know their role?  If you know how to empower and engage your team, they will in turn create loyal customers leading to growth and success for all. 
There are three components:
Focused Leader - You may be the broker or owner but that does not mean you are seen as the leader. You appoint yourself CEO but your … (22 comments)

customer loyalty: ARE YOU AFRAID TO TELL THE TRUTH? - 02/22/15 12:20 PM
Nicole Doty - Gilbert Real Estate Expert inspired me with her post Can You Handle the Truth.
No one wants to intentionally tell a lie.  On the other hand everyone wants to be liked and this fact can prevent people from saying what needs to be said.  I am not saying that you should offer a truthful remark that might be hurtful but when dealing with clients it never pays to conceal less than positive news. 
I am reminded of "You can't handle the truth!"  When we service our clients we sometimes think that they can't handle the truth … (34 comments)

Last week I participated in brainstorming with some realtors and other business owners.  The topic of time management came up.  To be sure, many people have problems managing time.  In this case the agent was having trouble managing time primarily because he was unable to manage his customers’ expectations.  This agent wants to do everything to make the sale however he is frustrated with what he described as his customers’ unrealistic expectations.  Although time management is the symptom this is really a problem with managing customer relationships.  No one likes to say no.  However, many times when we are afraid … (11 comments)

In previous blogs we have covered Strategy, Structure, Process and Rewards in our star model.

This leads to the last element – people. Let’s look at a couple of scenarios:
Scenario 1: You’ve hired a highly skilled and knowledgeable individual expecting him/her to be one of your next top performers. As time goes by, you just don’t see this individual living up to your expectations. How can this be? He/she has the skills and knowledge to do the job.
Compared to,
Scenario 2: You’ve hired an individual that didn’t have the best skill set, but there was just something … (1 comments)

customer loyalty: Does Your Organization Have Any Roadblocks to its Success? - 11/17/11 07:04 AM
Successful organizations are continually looking for ways and areas to improve in order to gain a competitive advantage. Two critical questions that are often asked by Senior Management are, “How do we know that resources are being properly allocated, and how can we better utilize our limited resources?” These questions moved us to examine the whole issue of what the critical elements are which contribute to organizational success. As a result of this examination, we discovered that when an organization’s systems and departments are aligned, the greater their success.
Here is a quick checkup.  Ask everyone on your team, “What … (2 comments)

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