employee accountability and engagement: DELEGATE WITH CONFIDENCE - 06/17/18 06:47 PM

It is important that as the leader exercise proper control over your business. However, if you exercise too much control you could hurt your business. But it can be tough to let go. Here is how it can happen.
You started your real estate business with a great vision. You spent much of your time working IN the the business making sure that everything was in compliance, the money gets collected and the bills get paid.
You must attend to every detail and, if you forget one thing, it could be a disaster. At this time you have limited opportunity to see the … (26 comments)

employee accountability and engagement: TRAIN AND THEN EMPOWER - 09/10/17 06:32 PM

We can’t seem to find anyone who really wants to put in the effort. How many times have you heard that or maybe said that yourself?   I recently heard the statement from a broker that it is like chasing cats.  Or you may have heard, “Unless I tell them what to do nothing gets done. I can’t trust them to do it themselves.” When I recently heard this I asked the owner to give me an example.   “Well,” he said, “I have given them detailed directions of exactly what I want done and they don’t do it the way I told … (43 comments)

employee accountability and engagement: I AM A CONTROL FREAK AND THESE PEOPLE STILL DON'T GET IT - 01/10/16 10:25 AM
Some business owners have proudly told me that they are control freaks and they credit that for their performance.  The operating words here are "their performance" but never do they talk about the performance of the team. 
This post is really a follow up to my last one titled WHAT DOES ACCOUNTABILITY LOOK LIKE.  You will only grow your success with an empowered team that is also accountable for results.

Without an empowered team you as the manager, owner, or broker will end up doing everything yourself. Of course, as sole entrepreneur you will need to control everything. But once you decide … (35 comments)

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