goal achievement: RELENTLESSLY PURSUE YOUR GOALS - 04/29/18 07:43 PM

Goal achievement is the most important key to achieving your dreams. The most successful people are the ones who have specific, written goals. Unfortunately, there are many people without written goals. If you were to ask them why they are likely to respond that they have them in their head. But ask the same people if they have plans for their next vacation and they will produce elaborate written plans.  
There is so much more to goal setting than just writing it down. That is just a wish. Just wishing and hoping for something isn't going to make it happen. Setting … (28 comments)

goal achievement: MY THREE GOALS FOR 2018 - JANUARY ACTIVE RAIN CHALLENGE - 01/31/18 05:53 PM
I am happy to share three of my 2018 goals and am happy that Debbie Reynolds has given us this challenge.  And there is nothing like sharing goal to develop your own accountability.  So with that said here are three of mine.
1. Create More Webinars. For several years I have done webinars which are hosted by third party webinar companies such as TrainHR.   Specifically my goal is to do 2 webinars per month on timely topics on leadership, human resources, and organizational development.  Although my immediate goal is paid revenue for speaking my goal is coninued national exposure.  I want to … (25 comments)

goal achievement: MAKE A RESOLUTION LIKE YOU MEAN IT - 12/31/17 04:37 PM

I always make fun of the idea of New Year’s resolutions.  But this year I am going with the flow and giving you a challenge.  Many people do the usual thing without any thought as they toast the New Year on New Year’s Eve.  Unfortunately, many of these resolutions fade very quickly because the will or resolve in the resolution is not there.  After the fizz from the New Year’s Eve will the commitment remain?  In many cases, the answer is no.
My favorite example is at my Gym.  Next week I will need to get there early to account for the … (64 comments)

goal achievement: MAJOR GOAL ACHIEVED - WHAT'S NEXT? - 05/05/15 01:51 PM
Hooray, Monday I hit a long term goal, that of getting a free Active Rain account.  It is funny how goal setting and goal achievement work.
When my friend Debbie Gartner introduced me to Active Rain in 2011, I thought why not.  Let's see how blogging works because I want to stay ahead of the curve.  My first goal was to have a good profile with all the backlinks and then write some blogs. I wrote some articles and was more motivated when I was featured for the first time.  When I was featured it motivated me to develop some more ambitious … (74 comments)

goal achievement: DO YOU HAVE A NEW YEARS RESOLUTION? - 12/29/14 01:55 PM
When I teach people goal setting and goal achievement I use New Years resolutions as examples of goals that don't have a strong why.  Many times people make resolutions as they are celebrating on New Years Eve.
My favorite example the the New Years resolution to go to the gym.  I go to the gym and today I had the entire place almost to myself.

Off to the distance one person is on the treadmill.  I have my choice of treadmills.

I am enjoying it while I can.  Next week it will be crowed.  But no worries, … (14 comments)

goal achievement: Stomp Out Procrastination - 08/23/14 01:19 AM

Tim Ramey has an excellent post here.  The big problem with time management is procrastination.  The real issue with procrastination is making an attitude shift.  After you have clarified your purpose and goals look at the tasks and just do them.
Procrastination is something I must admit I have struggled with in my life. This complex psychological behavior affects almost everyone I know to one degree or another, and it seems a most difficult habit to break. Indeed, most of us even tend to procrastinate about getting rid of our practice of procrastination.
I know in my own life, I had … (14 comments)

You are on a lifelong trip.  Are you simply going along for the ride?
Or are you following your charted course where success will be your destination?  You will achieve that success only through goal achievement.
If you ever took a dream vacation you probably spent some time planning it. You probably figured out exactly where you wanted to go and what things you wanted to do and what you wanted to see.  You had to arrange reservations, schedule tours, and prepare a list of all of the appropriate things you would need to pack. This planning was probably … (14 comments)

goal achievement: Want To Be A Super Achiever - These 7 Tips Will Help - 05/03/14 11:20 PM

If you want to be a super achiever then you need to read these seven tips from Beth and Richard.  The biggest problem we have is not persisting.  We need to focus on our single minded purpose.  They tell us to believe in ourselves and just do it.

Becoming a Super-Achiever is never an easy job. Here's are seven great tips that if you pay attention to them will help make the job a lot easier:
1. Becoming your best self is a choice you make. (Think about this one... you and no one else get's to choose what you … (10 comments)

goal achievement: Achieving Your Goals Takes Effort - 12/10/13 08:48 PM

December is a good time to evaluate how your business plans went and make changes for 2014.  It is a good time to work on your goals.  Head the words of Lou and make a committment to achieve your goals in 2014.
Achieving Your Goals Takes Effort  
“It is good to create good plans and to set goals. Working
on them and getting results is much better.”
John Delavera, Internet Marketing Software Inventor,
As I see it . . . . . . .
Achieving your goals takes effort
It’s important to your long term … (6 comments)

goal achievement: IS GETTING STARTED KEEPING YOU FROM SUCCEEDING? - 11/09/13 09:57 PM
Sometimes getting started is the hardest thing. You need to take that first step before you can run. A recent conversation that I have had with a person starting a business revealed how true that is. Has this ever happened to anyone you know?  A new real estate agent joined the local chamber of commerce. About a month later I asked how it was going. She said that she was still not ready to come to events because she needed to have all of her information. Did she need that or was something else holding her back?

It turns out … (9 comments)

goal achievement: YOUR PERSONAL GPS - 04/13/13 12:54 PM
I use my GPS in my car all the time.  However, this past week my GPS froze rendering it unresponsive.  It was a frustrating experience for me.  My GPS has become my dashboard that tells me much more than how to get from point A to point B.  It helps to keep me on time.  Even when I know the route I use the GPS to tell me my arrival time and I will know if I need to make a call or an adjustment if I encounter unexpected delays.  It also has an internal computer where I can download … (10 comments)

goal achievement: WHY PEOPLE FAIL TO TAKE ACTION - 03/22/13 10:24 PM
Why do people fail to take action?  Do you ever feel that if someone, or maybe even you, would take the action necessary to succeed or excel that you could truly reach your potential?  Think back over what you did today.  What did you do in the first few hours after you got up?  Was it similar to what you did when you got up yesterday, and the day before and so forth?  There is truth to the expression that “we are creatures of habit”.   Our habits have a lot to do with why we fail to act.
Habits can be … (7 comments)

Many small businesses are started with the best intentions.  In many cases the business owner previously held a very successful position in corporate America.
The  business owner has to make quite a shift from corporate executive to small business owner.
Although the owner has the skills or has learned them from buying a franchise or receiving a real estate license he or she will not be successful unless a plan of action is followed.
Knowing what to do and doing it is two differenct things.
Owners old and new struggle with executed their plans.  Let's face it.  We all … (0 comments)

goal achievement: Are you for Fail Safe Leadership? - 03/24/12 09:57 AM
Any organization's leader must demonstrate the ability to get results. If organizations define the results needed, they can then grow the people and processes to ensure those results! It's time to embrace a Result-Based Model of Leadership.
Are you ready to Align your entire team to your goals?
Are how do we go about instituting this model?
It begins with setting goals through your organization's strategic plan that is focused on your vision. Here is where you can define the desired Results from your Team Members.
It continues by aligning the people and the processes to ensure … (4 comments)

goal achievement: Setting Personal Goals: What Are Your Resolutions For The New Year? - 01/07/12 05:20 AM
Are you thinking about setting your personal goals?
What are your resolutions for the New Year?
This is an important time of year for you to take stock both personally and professionally to determine whether or not your life is on track. When was the last time you thought about your life goals? Are you on track to achieving those goals?
It is important not to consider your goals New Year's resolutions that you made on New Years Eve.  Why? Well one very important reason is that it is never a good idea to make life-altering … (1 comments)

goal achievement: Workshop – How to Achieve Your Goals for 2012 - 01/01/12 05:17 PM
You have reviewed what went right in 2011 and what you would have done differently.  Taking lessons learned you then set your goals for 2012.  Are you confident that the goals will be achieved or are you merely hopeful?
Join us on Wednesday,  January 18, 2012 for a workshop and setting yourself up for success this year.
Who should attend:
Agency owners
Branch Managers
Human Resource and Employee Development Professionals
Sales Trainers
Independent Business Owners
The two-hour workshop will focus on
How to Work at Peak Performance, Achieve Your Goals,
and Get Great Results … (1 comments)

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