leadership coaching in armonk ny: TRAIN AND THEN EMPOWER - 09/10/17 06:32 PM

We can’t seem to find anyone who really wants to put in the effort. How many times have you heard that or maybe said that yourself?   I recently heard the statement from a broker that it is like chasing cats.  Or you may have heard, “Unless I tell them what to do nothing gets done. I can’t trust them to do it themselves.” When I recently heard this I asked the owner to give me an example.   “Well,” he said, “I have given them detailed directions of exactly what I want done and they don’t do it the way I told … (43 comments)

leadership coaching in armonk ny: DO YOU COACH YOUR TEAM? - 09/03/17 08:16 PM

“What we have here is a failure to communicate.” That line from the movie Cool Hand Luke highlights a fundamental problem. There are many times in our business and personal lives where we don’t achieve a desired result from directing, explaining, or urging action. I would like to concentrate here on the “urging action.”
Dwight Eisenhower said, “Leadership is getting people to do what YOU want them to do because THEY want to do it.”
Let’s now use that quote and relate it to coaching. Coaching is not telling people what they need to do. On the contrary. It is helping them find … (25 comments)

leadership coaching in armonk ny: NOW THAT YOU FOUND THE BEST TEAM MEMBERS HOW DO YOU KEEP THEM? - 07/30/17 07:48 PM

Now that you have carefully selected the correct team member and followed the suggestions mentioned on my last blog FIND SOMEONE WITH SHARED VALUES TO HELP DRIVE YOUR BUSINESS you certainly want to keep them and see them grow.
You do that by creating an Employee Value Proposition. Get this wrong and you will continue to tread water always trying to catch up. Get this right and you have one very important component for taking your business to the next level.  So why do so many great people leave, or worse, why do they stay and become a drag on the … (46 comments)

leadership coaching in armonk ny: BE THE BEST LEADER YOU CAN BE - 07/09/17 08:44 PM
All results, good or bad, are the result of the leaders. Think about organizations in the news, both good and bad, and the leader of the organization is heralded or blamed. Yes, the leader sets the tone, the direction, and also models behavior. Positive results are the result of positive leaders. Show me an organization that functions very well and I can show you a positive engaged leader. I recently asked a group of employees in Westchester County NY what was wrong with their company. They replied, “We need positive leadership. We need leadership with people skills.”
What does your real … (28 comments)

leadership coaching in armonk ny: PREDICT THE FUTURE PERFORMANCE OF YOUR TEAM - 05/21/17 07:34 PM
 Would you like to be more accurate in predicting the success of a new employee or a sales team member?   Don't place all of your decision on past experience.  While is has importance you should remember that when you hire someone you are looking for future performance.
I work with numerous privately held and family held businesses. And I have observed that those running the business believe that their industry is different from others, so unique that the primary requirement is experience. Because of that mindset I have seen many bad candidates hired and many qualified candidates screened out. The … (30 comments)

leadership coaching in armonk ny: THE REAL PROBLEM IS NOT TIME MANAGEMENT - 04/23/17 09:13 PM
Do you have a problem with time management?  The real problem might not be time management at all.  If that were the case, then you would be able to solve your problems very quickly. But time management is not a time management issue at all. It usually involves a much bigger issue including attitudes and behaviors.
Since it involves a much bigger issue you can’t solve the problem simply by being more organized. Systems alone cannot help create more time. There are many books that tell you how to organize your time. You can buy a day planner, or use Apps or other organizing and … (35 comments)

leadership coaching in armonk ny: EMPOWER DON’T SUFFOCATE - 04/16/17 06:11 PM

If you hired an administrative staff and you exercise strong control over their work you may be shooting yourself in the foot for two reasons.  First of all, you hired them to take over tasks so that you could grow the business.  And second, your strong control will keep them from blossoming into productive employees. In fact, being a control freak insures that nothing can get done without your involvement. 
Many of my business owners in Westchester County New York including those in real estate and insurance have learned the importance of delegation to business growth. Once you decide to add just one … (30 comments)

leadership coaching in armonk ny: CAN YOUR WORDS GET PEOPLE UPSET? - 03/19/17 08:32 PM
In interactions with other people have you ever heard someone described something like this:  “He could get you upset just by saying Good Morning."  
Social interaction among individuals is always subject to emotions and interpretation. You can be upset about something that happened earlier and the emotion could carry through negatively when communicating with staff members.
Sometimes it is not what you say but how you say it. You can change this by being aware of your emotions and keeping them in check. Then learn how to react and interact with people. Here are six situations and possible ways to respond. … (42 comments)

leadership coaching in armonk ny: MOVE FORWARD FEARLESSLY WITH PURPOSE - 03/12/17 08:36 PM

Many times people do not achieve theirs goals or change their bad behavior because they are paralyzed by fear. This is one serious condition that will call business owners and real estate agents to fail to move forward. Cars change, technology changes, and business practices change. What you did to get to where you are today will not get you where you want to go tomorrow.   If you want to continue hold onto your customers and market share you must adapt to changing times. And if you want to move forward you need to anticipate and get ahead of change.
Why do … (59 comments)

leadership coaching in armonk ny: SKILLS ALONE WILL NOT MAKE YOUR REAL ESTATE TEAM SUCCESSFUL - 02/05/17 12:32 PM
I strongly believe that you must select people with share values for your real estate team or any other team.  Most successful groups select people with shared values and who match the team and company culture. For certain types of positions it is very important to hire the people that have the core competencies.  But it is just as important that each new hire shares the organizations values. Most experienced managers will attest to the fact that most of the terminations occur not because of skills but because of attitude and values.
In Westchester County New York I have worked with many … (27 comments)

leadership coaching in armonk ny: COMMUNICATING CHANGES TO YOUR REAL ESTATE TEAM - 01/22/17 09:28 PM

No one likes change. As a broker owner or a leader you many not like change but know that it is necessary.  This thing you must do to create change in your group is to totally embrace the change yourself.
I recently met with the leaders of one of my Westchester County New York organizations to present results of an employee survey. The employees felt that there were a lot of changes but the staff felt that management was not keeping them informed. How does that affect your group?  Sales and marketing almost always suffers in times of great change because … (25 comments)

leadership coaching in armonk ny: THERE IS NO MORE TIME - 12/25/16 10:10 PM

Do you have more work each day than you have time in the day? If that is the case time may be managing you rather than the other way around. My Westchester County NY business owners tell me that one of their biggest challenges is having enough time. We all have 24 hours a day. No one has more time. It may appear that way because of the way they make time work for them. Unfortunately, many of us feel overwhelmed and that causes them to see their life spinning out of control.  
Having a system in place will not alone … (34 comments)

leadership coaching in armonk ny: ARE YOU ABLE TO SEE THE FOREST FOR THE TREES? - 12/18/16 11:20 AM
 Are you spending so much time working IN your business that you never get around to working ON your business?
I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Melissa Zavala also mentioned working ON vs IN your business in her blog Watch Out Your Sales Pipeline May Be in Danger.   I talk about E Myth all the time in my entrepreneurs program.  Here is my spin on it.
Michael Gerber discusses this in his book “The E Myth Revisited.”  The E-Myth or the entrepreneurial myth as described by Gerber incorrectly assumes that the desire of the new business owner or entrepreneur, plus capital, plus … (32 comments)

leadership coaching in armonk ny: HOW ARE YOU COMMUNICATING? - 12/11/16 09:22 PM

Lack of Communication can cause all types of problems.  It affects our personal relationships and our business relationships.
Think about the last time you did something but it did not turn out as you expected.  Chances are it had something to do with your communication.  Perhaps you have learned from this and gotten a "Do Over" that you would like to share in this month's contest.  For those who haven't, here are some thoughts to consider.
We communicate to get an expected response from someone else. But sometimes, in fact often, we do not get the response we expect.  
One powerful reason for … (44 comments)

leadership coaching in armonk ny: MOTIVATION IS THE KEY TO GOAL ACHIEVEMENT - 12/04/16 09:45 PM
You cannot motivate someone to achieve. The only thing you can do is create a spark that will build the fire of motivation from within. That inner fire will drive motivation.
What about you? Do you have something burning inside you? Frankly, if you do not have the WHY the HOW will not matter. We can also refer to that WHY as your PASSION.
Motivation and goal achievement are interrelated. Knowing what motivates you is a key to achievement and knowing how to find motivation in others is a key to leadership. Dwight Eisenhower said that leadership is getting others to do … (25 comments)

leadership coaching in armonk ny: OVERCOME RESISTENCE TO CHANGE - 11/06/16 09:45 AM
Are you stuck in your business development because things are changing and you don't know what to do?  Are the old things to generate business not working anymore? 
The problem is that what you did in the past is no longer worker but you are stuck in habits which have created a rut and that rut has become the path of least resistance. By continuing to go with the flow we will decline.
We have to face it … we live in a changing world. EVERYTHING changes and it’s time to acknowledge the cold, hard truth. That is, much as we’d like … (59 comments)

leadership coaching in armonk ny: DO YOU REALLY WANT THE TRUTH? - 10/23/16 12:47 PM
You want the truth? “You can’t handle the truth!” This well-known line was uttered by Jack Nicholson in the move, A Few Good Men. This line hits a little too close to home for some organizations. While some organizations ask themselves what they can do to help their organizations align there are others where it is always the wrong people and that they (the organizational leadership) know what is right. Would you get defensive if an outside consultant asked you questions to get to the root cause of your problems?
I read a post by Endre Barath, Jr. this morning for the contest … (24 comments)

leadership coaching in armonk ny: CULTURE OF ACCOUNTABILITY - 10/16/16 12:08 PM
Dwight Eisenhower said, “Leadership is getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.”   Understanding what motivates a person, whether it be rewards, recognition, promotion, or feeling that something is accomplished will result in developing that accountability attitude. However, you will have continued failure if you do nothing and refuse to hold people accountable for results.  The best way to create an accountability culture is to help people to accept accountability.
How does a broker or manager hold members of the staff responsible for performance? What about someone on the team who needs help … (24 comments)

leadership coaching in armonk ny: THE PURPOSE OF A LEADER IS TO INSPIRE - 10/09/16 11:33 AM
Does your leadership lack inspiration, innovation, and the ability to adapt to change? As a leader your role is to navigate your organization or your team through the uncertainties. Sometimes the good and necessary management skills such as planning, directing and controlling create roadblocks because they are missing the inspirational leadership.
The reason that a team is not achieving desired outcomes is usually traced back to the leadership. That’s right. If all of the students fail the exam, then the fault lies with the teaching. Like students you and your staff may not be on the same page.
You may be … (29 comments)

leadership coaching in armonk ny: HOW TO AVOID GETTING STRESSED OUT - 09/25/16 01:44 PM

If you are feeling stressed out you are not alone.  I asked the question of some Westchester County business owners.  Many feel overworked and overwhelmed.
To be sure the pace of business has changed.  Real Estate agents know that only too well in the fast market with rapid communication. Technology, while automating things that used to take much more time has also created new pressure. Instant communication on handheld devices gives us the sense of urgency and feeling that we must always be working. Everything seems to go faster, leaving everyone feeling overworked, overloaded, and overwhelmed.  
Some people may suggest that this … (35 comments)

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