leadership coaching in westchester ny: LEVERAGE YOUR STENGTHS RATHER CORRECT WEAKNESSES - 12/10/17 05:16 PM
Developing a great sales team starts with communicating clear vision and values and seeing that each member shares the values and is on the same page.    Once aligned a leader inspires those on the team to be the very best they can be.  Remember that not every person is the same but a diversity of talent makes an awesome sales team.  
Help your team use their strengths to push sales and performance to new levels.  Unfortunately, many of us spend time trying to correct weaknesses.  This is best illustrated with a story a parent can understand:
A child comes home from … (45 comments)

leadership coaching in westchester ny: BUSINESS COUNCIL OF WESTCHESTER HOLDS CIRCLES OF INFLUENCE - 10/31/17 12:47 PM
I have been a proud member and ambassador for The Business Council of Westchester.  This organization is the gold standard for business organizations.  It's members include companies like Pesico, Mastercard, but also mid size companies and solopreneurs.
The organization also has sub groups for:
Solopreneurs Not for Profits HR Professionals Small Business Government Action (Advocacy)
If you fit any of those catagories and would like to learn more about this organization here is your chance:
Here is the info:
Attendance is free for all interested prospective members.
Date and Time: Thursday, November 2, 2017  5 to 7pm
Location:            Crowne Plaza  66 Hale Street  White Plains, NY
Information … (19 comments)

leadership coaching in westchester ny: BUSINESS COUNCIL OF WESTCHESTER HOLDS LEADERSHIP CONVERSATION - 10/11/17 07:26 PM
The Business Council of Westchester is hosting another great leadership conversation.  If you want to learn tips from great leaders this is not to be missed.
BCW President and CEO Marsha Gordon will be interviewing Will Treves, General Manager of Ask Applications. Treves' company IAC applications recently located in Yonkers and will discuss how it has transformed the company culture. Treves is responsible for the daily operations of this leading software and technology company, offering popular and engaging products for mobile devices, desktop, and browser.
This another great interview with a prominant leader of the Westchester business community.  
Plan to attend and be … (15 comments)

leadership coaching in westchester ny: TRAIN AND THEN EMPOWER - 09/10/17 06:32 PM

We can’t seem to find anyone who really wants to put in the effort. How many times have you heard that or maybe said that yourself?   I recently heard the statement from a broker that it is like chasing cats.  Or you may have heard, “Unless I tell them what to do nothing gets done. I can’t trust them to do it themselves.” When I recently heard this I asked the owner to give me an example.   “Well,” he said, “I have given them detailed directions of exactly what I want done and they don’t do it the way I told … (43 comments)

leadership coaching in westchester ny: NOW THAT YOU FOUND THE BEST TEAM MEMBERS HOW DO YOU KEEP THEM? - 07/30/17 07:48 PM

Now that you have carefully selected the correct team member and followed the suggestions mentioned on my last blog FIND SOMEONE WITH SHARED VALUES TO HELP DRIVE YOUR BUSINESS you certainly want to keep them and see them grow.
You do that by creating an Employee Value Proposition. Get this wrong and you will continue to tread water always trying to catch up. Get this right and you have one very important component for taking your business to the next level.  So why do so many great people leave, or worse, why do they stay and become a drag on the … (46 comments)

leadership coaching in westchester ny: BE THE BEST LEADER YOU CAN BE - 07/09/17 08:44 PM
All results, good or bad, are the result of the leaders. Think about organizations in the news, both good and bad, and the leader of the organization is heralded or blamed. Yes, the leader sets the tone, the direction, and also models behavior. Positive results are the result of positive leaders. Show me an organization that functions very well and I can show you a positive engaged leader. I recently asked a group of employees in Westchester County NY what was wrong with their company. They replied, “We need positive leadership. We need leadership with people skills.”
What does your real … (28 comments)

leadership coaching in westchester ny: BEAT THE HEAT AT THE BUSINESS COUNCIL OF WESTCHESTER - 07/05/17 07:35 PM
There is more than one way to beat the heat and in Westchester County NY you won't want to miss the following great event.
The Business Council of Westchester will host its first ever Beat The Heat BBQ and Networking Event.  This is a great way to enjoy the summer and network as well.
While enjoying the spectacular views of the Long Island Sound you can socialize with hundreds of business leaders companies from all around the region.  There is no better way to connect!
The Business Council always hosts a spectacular summer event that is widely attended by most of the Westchester organizations.  This … (12 comments)

leadership coaching in westchester ny: BEING AMBASSADOR FOR THE BUSINESS COUNCIL OF WESTCHESTER - 06/21/17 10:02 PM
I love to take an active role in community groups and business groups.  You get out so much more than you put in.  In my case I joined the Business Council of Westchester when I started my business.  Being an active member of this organization has helped me put my company on the map.
Since developing relationships is about farming rather than hunting I have looked for every way to farm by being a volunteer.  I love the role of ambassador because I get assigned new members and it is my job to help them navigate and get the most out of … (14 comments)

leadership coaching in westchester ny: FIND YOUR INNER MOTIVATION - 05/28/17 07:12 PM
Here is a well know truth in real estate sales and everywhere else.  You can motivate someone and no one can motivate you.  Motivation comes from within. However, that does not mean that help someone find his or her inner motivation. Only when you focus on the other person rather than what you won’t will you start to see results with other people.
Start with yourself. And to be specific start with the WHY. Frankly, if you do not have the WHY the HOW will not matter. Motivation and goal achievement are interrelated. Knowing what motivates you is a key to … (38 comments)

leadership coaching in westchester ny: MY NICHE : BUILDING TOMORROW'S LEADERS TODAY - 04/12/17 05:13 PM
Evelyn Johnston has challenged us to describe our niche and what sets us apart.  This is a very useful exercise for all of us.
How many of us start our business knowing our niche.  I would guess not many.  In my case I began generally helping businesses get better results in the area of people.  I discovered during the early times in my business that the following niche of engagement is a winner for me.
That is:
A focused leader plus engaged team members equals a loyal customer base.
I have always had a passion for taking the leadership role and encouraging people to do their … (28 comments)

leadership coaching in westchester ny: WORKING ON YOUR ANNUAL GOALS REVIEW FOR 2017 - 11/27/16 07:43 PM

Most real estate agents are working on their goals and plans for 2017.  If you do this every year then your are probably doing an annual goals review aned adjusting things for 2017 based on future projects and your previous experience.
Who should be working on their goals and plan for 2017? The answer is everyone; entrepreneurs and business owners, managers and executives, students and other individuals. Right now I am working with businesses and executives in Westchester County New York on their annual goals review.
Setting a goal is not like a New Year's resolution. That is just a wish. Just wishing … (33 comments)

leadership coaching in westchester ny: THE BUSINESS COUNCIL OF WESTCHESTER'S CIRCLES OF INFLUENCE - 10/18/16 01:52 AM
In my opinion the Business Council of Westchester is the premier membership organization in Westchester County.  For those who wonder about the name it used to be called the County Chamber of Commerce.  That means it is a regional chamber promoting business and business advocacy to the entire county and the region.
It is the largest organization and most of the large corporations are members.  I am proud to be a member and an ambassador.
Now it is your opportunity to see what is all about.
Circles of Influence will be held Wednesday night, October 19, 2016, 5 to 7 pm at The Castle … (27 comments)

leadership coaching in westchester ny: ARE LEADERS BORN OR MADE? - 05/08/16 11:55 AM
Leaders are not born, they are made! There are no born leaders.  There might be people you see early on as children being leaders but that is a result of upbringing and parenting.  The good news is that you have the potential to become a great leader.
There are events that appear to make the leader or, perhaps, the person assumes the role at the right time. Such a time was 9/11/2001. Were Mayor Giuliani and President Bush leaders who appeared at just the right time? Or were they shaped and created by circumstances long before 9/11 and had the resolve do … (44 comments)

leadership coaching in westchester ny: AGENT OR TEAM LEADER - WHICH IS IT? - 03/06/16 01:53 PM
Not every individual agent wants to a team leader.  Forcing  a great salesperson to become a team leader my not be in anyone's best interests.  Brokers may want to choose the highest performing sales agent to lead a team of other agents.   That will not necessarily work because a team leader is expected to do different things than the individual agent.
Lawrence Peter wrote The Peter Principle in which he stated that, “in a hierarchy people tend to be promoted to the level of their incompetence.” In most companies employees are rewarded for great performance by being promoted. There are good … (57 comments)

leadership coaching in westchester ny: LEADERSHIP DEPENDS ON YOUR SITUATION - 12/13/15 11:34 AM
Different situations call for different types of leadership.  One size does not fit all.   For example, a real estate broker or team leader will need to apply a different type of leadership that that of a general manager of a restaurant.
Not only that but I also don’t believe that people have been born with something that makes them a good leader. One trait of a successful leader could be a liability in someone else’s leadership.
A great leader is effective and effectiveness means understanding the situation, the team, and the desired results.
Rather than being born with certain traits leadership can be developed. … (17 comments)

leadership coaching in westchester ny: SPEED NETWORKING CAN RE ENERGIZE YOUR NETWORK - 09/30/15 01:07 PM
I never liked the idea of speed networking.  But I have changed my mind.  I believe networking is about relationship building and I always wondered how that can be done with speed networking.  It can't by itself.  However, speed networking can fill your funnel quickly.
Yesterday, I attended a speed networking event at the Business Council of Westchester.  I talked with 10 people in 30 minutes and then everyone went into the next room for some lunch.
Aside from getting a sore throat I found it to be a very productive session.  That is because I developed a strategy before I went in.  … (30 comments)

leadership coaching in westchester ny: YOU NEED TO SALT THE OATS - 09/27/15 12:28 PM
You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.  Or can you?  According to Zig Ziglar you can get him to drink by salting his oats.  That made the horse thirsty. 
Think about that example and apply it to your own life and your own leadership.
What about you? Do you have something burning inside you? Frankly, if you do not have the WHY the HOW will not matter. Motivation and goal achievement are interrelated. Knowing what motivates you is a key to achievement and knowing how to find motivation in others is a key to leadership. Dwight … (35 comments)

leadership coaching in westchester ny: THE FOUR DIMENSIONS OF SERVANT LEADERSHIP - 09/13/15 10:19 AM
Think for a moment of a person you consider to be a great leader.  Why do you think that person is a great leader.  It was probably because that person was able to affect others and inspire.
I recently had the wonderful opportunity to be part of a group invited to listen to Ken Blanchard discussing building trust, creating positive work cultures, customer loyalty, leadership and organizational change. Ken reinforces some of the values and beliefs that been proven to create positive corporate cultures.
You have it wrong if you consider yourself a leader because you have been placed in charge. On … (37 comments)

leadership coaching in westchester ny: HOW WELL DO YOU COLLABORATE? - 09/06/15 07:27 AM
Collaboration on your team is essential for success.  How are the members of your Real Estate team collaborating?  Is each member creating his or her own business while being an active contributor to the team?  
The team performance begins with the Broker and the team leaders.  That means creating the environment that allows every member to individually and help others.  That is done with a positive attitude of encouragement and a clear articulation of vision and values.   By encouraging people to think outside of the box, to do things differently, to be creative and innovative, leaders empower each member to stretch and … (50 comments)

leadership coaching in westchester ny: A MINUTE CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING WITH KEN BLANCHARD - 09/02/15 11:07 AM
"The One Minute Manager" is a book title recognized by many of us.  Just as well known is its author, Ken Blanchard.
 The Business of Council Westchester has a special treat.  On Thursday September 10th from 11am to 1pm, you will be able to see Ken Blanchard and hear him speak in his native hometown, New Rochelle, NY.  
The bestselling author of "The New One Minute Manager" will be speaking on topics such as building trust, creating positive work cultures, customer loyalty, leadership and organizational change.
Wow, that covers a lot of information.  Don't you agree?
This is a "Members only" event but you … (33 comments)

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