leading business indicators: USE LEADING INDICATORS TO GROW YOUR REAL ESTATE BUSINESS - 12/23/18 09:03 PM

You have finished your strategic plan for next year and created your goals. Now you must implement but how do you know it you are on track for future success? You have had some strong business growth, but that performance is no guarantee of future results. Just because you were successful in the past does not mean you will be successful in the future.
I work with business owners in Westchester County New York who define success through their vision, their values, and goals. In addition, they monitor and measure results.
You may have heard the expression, “If you can’t measure it … (46 comments)

leading business indicators: MAKE SURE YOU DO THESE FOUR THINGS - 04/15/18 07:08 PM

Real estate agents and brokers are independent business owners.  As such you know you are accountable for your results.  
In my consultation with my business owners in Westchester County we work on success through focusing on their vision, their values, and goals. Then they execute their goals and measure results.
You need to have a strategic outlook on your business. Another way of saying this is that you look at the whole rather than the parts or you must work ON your business rather than IN your business.
What you measure is just as important as having and plan and executing it. For … (57 comments)

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