strategic business planning in armonk ny: DO YOU OWN THE BUSINESS OR DOES IT OWN YOU? - 06/16/19 04:03 PM
Do you have trouble unplugging when you go away or are you always getting calls?   If your business cannot properly function when you are not there, then you have a business that owns you rather than the other way around.
There is nothing wrong with doing everything yourself if that is your business plan.  But if you want a business that is sustainable and if you want to take your business to the next level you need to have systems in place that are easily followed by others.
Does your business survive due to external dynamics and timing but will become stagnant … (32 comments)

strategic business planning in armonk ny: IT'S ALL IN THE FAMILY - 01/13/19 09:25 PM

There are quite a few real estate groups that are family enterprises.  Many parent children teams exist.  Suppose you started your business years ago and you have built a profitable business for you and your family. Your children are now working in the business. What will happen when you exit? Many parents do not have a plan in place for when they exit the business.
There are number of steps that should be taken to prepare. These include legal, financial, and preparing the next generation to take over if they want to work in the business. In the first two areas you … (52 comments)

strategic business planning in armonk ny: USE LEADING INDICATORS TO GROW YOUR REAL ESTATE BUSINESS - 12/23/18 09:03 PM

You have finished your strategic plan for next year and created your goals. Now you must implement but how do you know it you are on track for future success? You have had some strong business growth, but that performance is no guarantee of future results. Just because you were successful in the past does not mean you will be successful in the future.
I work with business owners in Westchester County New York who define success through their vision, their values, and goals. In addition, they monitor and measure results.
You may have heard the expression, “If you can’t measure it … (46 comments)

strategic business planning in armonk ny: HAVE YOU PLANNED YOUR REAL ESTATE BUSINESS FOR 2019? - 12/09/18 08:14 PM

Are you thinking about your business plans for 2019? What do you want your business to look like?  I am working with business owners in Westchester County NY who are giving this serious consideration.
Creating an appropriate strategy will be most successful if you look at your business today, look into the future, then make a plan to create your future. Here are some of the things I discuss when helping my clients with a strategic plan:
1.        Make sure you know what business you are in. Whether you are in real estate, construction and contracting, graphic design, or consulting you must … (22 comments)

strategic business planning in armonk ny: BE FOCUSED ON YOUR BUSINESS - 04/08/18 07:53 PM

Are you laser focused or are you a multi-tasker? Being a multi-tasker in running your business may create problems.  However, if you stay focused and stay sharp on the things necessary to grow and change you will achieve the best results.
Sometimes we get lazy and in a rut. We stop seeing the big picture. Maybe our business has had years of successful sales and profits. Since the business is still making money and continuing to operate the reasoning is, if it’s not broke don’t fix it. Eventually, the business could reach a stage on leveling off or declining sales or … (50 comments)

strategic business planning in armonk ny: ARE YOU KEEPING UP WITH CHANGES OR CREATING THE CHANGE - 06/11/17 06:05 PM
Change!  Why is it so darn hard?  I think it is because we are creatures of habit and habits can be changed but it takes effort.  There have certainly been changes in real estate and some have resisted while others have seen the opportunity.
A Westchester County Business  has relayed to me that it has had years of successful sales and profits.  However, lately there has been a small decline in sales and profits.  But the business is still making money so the reasoning was let’s just see what happens. If it’s not broke don’t fix it.
Unfortunately, with this business and others … (40 comments)

strategic business planning in armonk ny: WHERE'S THE BEEF? - 01/24/16 12:07 PM
Clara Peller made this title a famous catch phrase when she contrasted the large bun competition to a Wendy's large beef burger.  Could that phrase apply to your leadership?  Could your leadership be all show and fluff with no beef?  In other words are you talking the talk but not walking the walk? You may be practicing all the right management and leadership styles but the big beef is in the RESULTS.
If you start by defining the results needed or the goals you wish to accomplish you can then grow the people and processes to ensure those results! This common … (27 comments)

strategic business planning in armonk ny: HOW MUCH IS IT COSTING YOU IF YOUR TEAM IS NOT ON THE SAME PAGE? - 10/12/14 03:17 PM
When people in the same business are working at cross purposes it is a disaster waiting to happen.  Sometimes people know there is something wrong but they just are not sure about what it is.  Here are some of the statements I hear from my Westchester County NY business owners.   “I was on vacation last week and nothing got done.” “I need to approve the sales proposals before they go out.” “I can’t trust others with my best clients.”  These statements are symptoms that the owner and the team are not on the same page.
As a business owner or broker … (30 comments)

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