unique value proposition: MAKE SURE YOUR TEAM IS CREATING CUSTOMER LOYALTY - 05/19/19 08:03 PM
You may believe that you have a powerful customer value proposition but if your team is not on board it will never be fulfilled. If they are not on board then, perhaps, you are not leading them. When I consult with business owners in Westchester County New York often I hear comments about getting the staff to do the right things. Sometimes an owner is willing to place all the blame on the staff being lazy, unmotivated, or the like. Fortunately, most will ask how they can improve their ability to get the team behind them.
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unique value proposition: WHAT IS YOUR UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION? - 05/12/19 06:32 PM

There are many different real estate agents and many different brokers.  If you are one of them what sets you apart?
Having a unique value proposition will differentiate you from your competition. Most people are at a loss when it comes to articulating their unique value proposition. Many companies say that their service is what sets them apart from their competition. They will say, “Our Service is what sets us apart. We give great customer service.” If that is your answer, I would ask you to think about that. Doesn’t everyone claim to give great service? What is unique about yours?
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unique value proposition: MAKE YOUR UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION INNOVATIVE - 05/04/14 10:19 PM
What separates you from your competition and how do you know that it really separates you in the eyes of your customers?  If you have struggled with getting your message out you may want to think about this question. All to often we hear, “Our Service is what sets us apart. We give great customer service.” That in itself is the problem.  If everyone says it then why is it unique?  What exactly is unique about your service?
How do measure the voice of your customers?  Do you ask for feedback from your customers after a transaction is completed to learn … (26 comments)

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