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At HomePointe Property Management we offer to pay a referral fee for investment properties. If you have a client that recently purchased or may be considering selling to renting, give them our information below and we will send you a check for the referral once the property has rented. This is fo...
Rental properties are always vulnerable to break-in's and robberies when vacant. We always need to think ahead once a property has become vacant. Checking window locks, garage doors, back doors, and any other access point including crawl spaces can always leave a point of entry for an unwanted vi...
As we finish the January month we prepare for another winter month. Although you may not expect renters to be moving first thing in the new year, or during such cold rainy weather, but it seems as if the market has picked up a bit and there are as many, if not more renters that homes availabe. Th...
As we embark on the new year we rememeber this past year in all of its glory. First off the "Droid" phones gave the Iphone a run for its money. Then the Ipad became popular but did not take long to be followed by all sorts of portable tablet PC's. Next came the second season of "Jersey Shore" an ...
Listening to a radio show the other morning and heard them talking about Snookie, a female character in the MTV show "Jersey Shore." Apparantly MTV has built a ball for her to drop inside of for the New Years ball drop. Unfortunately the rest of the world is not a fan of this not so family friend...
As the new year approaches renter continually looking for that right price home in the right neighborhood for them. In fact applications have been flowing in more and more towards the end of December, which started as a slow month with very little new tenants and very little new owners. Turns out...
Evictions are always a worry on the minds of an investment property owner. Finding the most qualified renter for a home is the first step in protecting yourself from a eviction. However, this is not always the case, tenants are people to, and they do lose jobs, they do have cars that break down, ...
Whith extra costs stretching everyones wallet a little further this month its hard to pay for everything we want. Needs and wants are challenged by presents that seem to be the latest technology, or the best places to eat, things families may not spend their money on during other months. It is im...

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