rental property: Showing Rental Properties - 03/29/12 05:38 AM
In the business of rental homes, where commitments are not necessarily as serious as buying and selling a home, it is important to advertise the opportunity for prospective tenants to see the home, but not to waste too much time. The showing schedule completed by HomePointe Property management is a schedule of listed properties that will be shown for short sweet and to the point open houses. We want to give the opportunity for a renter to see the inside, but not have to drive out to the home to show every Tom, Dick, and Harry that calls. This way a … (1 comments)

rental property: Relationships - 03/26/12 09:46 AM
A lot of business is based on relationships. How we relate to one another will help us in our every day lives. As licensed real estate agents, property managers should carry themselves as professionals and work on the relationships between property managers and sales agents. One thing that we try to do at HomePointe is offer an incentive for referring new owner clients that would like to use our services. Then, if the owner client ever wishes to sell their property or buy another we refer back to that agent. After all, nothing says "strong relationship" like a little money incentive!

rental property: Hidden Fee's?? - 02/28/12 05:09 AM
So, here's a common question: "What hidden fee's does your company have?" As property managers and real estate professionals we are paid to give a service. A service that comes at a price. In any business paying for what you get always go hand in hand. (Its not just a funny saying). As property managers it is necessary to lay out for our clients what they will be paying, and what they will receive for these prices. Disclosure is required and can keep clients happy and coming back. 

rental property: Tax Season - 02/28/12 04:58 AM
One common excuse I hear about late rent is, "I will pay my rent when I receive my taxes!" Don't be fooled. Rent should always be paid on time, no excuses. It is the dwelling where tenants have clothes, beds, all their belongings, kids, a roof for protection, so they also need to understand top priority in their check book needs to be writing a rent check on time. Sometimes tenants need to be reminded that if they do not pay rent, they will be evicted. If court action is required, then owners should proceed. This will help future owners from … (1 comments)

rental property: Incentives - 02/28/12 04:52 AM
There are incentives in every aspect of life that attracts our senses, or causes us to make decisions we may not have made otherwise. Well, we try to use these incentives in all of our marketing. Every rental home has an attribute that attracts prospective tenants. Whether we advertise a low price, granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, new carpet or paint, or even a lower deposit to move in! There are always ways of attracting clients to our rental homes. We have to use correct wording and get the information out to our audience to be able to rent the … (0 comments)

rental property: Slight Differences - 02/28/12 04:45 AM
Vacant properties pose many risks to owners, property managers, and neighbors. We do not want properties vandalized, neighbors do not want signs in the yard, nor do they want the wrong tenants to move in. Owners must always consider a price decrease when there are complications advertising their home. Having good quality tenants that take care of the home and pay rent is key to any investment property. The owner trusts a company like ours to find and place this kind of tenant for them. However, the slight difference in $25-50 of rent per/month can mean we find qualified applicants that … (1 comments)

rental property: Save the Money - 01/31/12 09:52 AM
One key to upgrading a rental property is to research. Researching comparable properties in your area can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. A foreseable problem a property manager can help with, is choosing how and what to upgrade in an investment property. Owners may pick up a property for pennies on the dollar and think if they install granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, they can charge astronomically more money than other comparable homes. The problem is, the market only allows for so much rent. There is a certain point in every neighborhood that no matter what upgrades … (0 comments)

rental property: Whats Going on With My Application??? - 01/30/12 05:21 AM
The application process is key in renting any commercial or residential property. A home owner can spend thousands fixing up the property, advertising, hiring a property manager, and ultimately if everyone does not do their job properly, there is a chance of the dreaded Unlawful Detainer. At HomePointe we try to limit the risks an owner would have to take to rent the property, and in a timely manner. Applications should be looked at from a view of the owner (with respects to fair housing). We set qualifications for a property giving prospective applicants an opportunity to review their application and … (1 comments)

rental property: Revving Up the Rental Engines - 01/30/12 05:10 AM
Here is Sacramento the sun is shining and the heat is coming in waves. Mid to high 60's projected all week long. With the rental market at a steady pace now that the holidays have passed, typically we begin to see the rental market heating up. When the weather is warm tenants like to get out, look at available homes, and start thinking to themselves, "Is there a better property for me out there, and if so can I pay less for it?" It is imperative to be competitive with pricing or the vacant home will lose hundreds if not thousands … (1 comments)

rental property: Correct Information - 09/30/11 06:41 AM
Property management made easy:
Having correct advertisements can save everyone time and money. If you have automated voicemail systems it is imperative to have it navigable and give as much information as needed when looking to rent a home. If someone is calling from a property, they should be able to dial an extension or somehow listen to a 24hour voicemail that explains price, bedrooms, availability, and any other options you may choose. Get to the point and make it clear. Our goal is to rent properties in a timely manner, this brings in rent for our clients, and makes everyone … (3 comments)

rental property: Weekend Showings - 08/29/11 03:40 PM
Advertising a vacant property is key in finding a renter that is willing and able to pay the asking price for a rental property. Making the home able to be shown and shown well will increas these chances. If prospective tenants are always calling to view a property and it is not being shown for another week, or the manager is not available to speak to, it is common to lose the tenant.
At HomePointe we like to show properties a couple times a week. Typically we update our showing schedule daily, adding new showings and weekend showings as well. This … (2 comments)

rental property: Application Process - 08/29/11 03:39 PM
One of the most important steps in managing a rental home is finding a qualified tenant that takes care of the home and pays rent. If we can succeed in this step, we will make everyone's life a lot easier. There are all types of people looking for a rental home. It is key to attract applicants that will be a good fit, while abiding by fair housing laws at the same time. Our first goal is to offer the rental at a competitive price that will attract prospective tenants looking for a certain rent price in a certain area. Don't … (3 comments)

rental property: Keeping Tenants Happy - 05/31/11 12:24 PM
After a tenant moves into a property they have a period of moving time that needs to allow for a little lag in maintenance time. Some owners are quick to blame tenants for necessary repairs to a property. However, we have to remember it takes weeks for some tenants to fully move into a property, sit down, and actually use everything in the home to find out if it is in working order or not. Depending on how long the property has been vacant often times plumbing will back up, sinks will begin to clog and the whole house, that was … (1 comments)

rental property: Pets and Pet Dander - 05/31/11 12:17 PM
Dogs are a man's best friend right? Well dogs are not necessarily the best friend of a property manager. At Homepointe we like to not take a security deposit AND a pet deposit, but we lump both deposits into one. This way we do not need to decifer what damage is caused by a pet and what is caused by human. If something is damaged or needs cleaning then it comes out of the lumped deposit.
When it comes to cleaning up after a pet, the possiblities are endless. Our carpet cleaners are able to pull up the pad of carpet, … (0 comments)

rental property: New Home, More Rent? - 05/31/11 12:06 PM
There is often a preconceived notion that having a new build home will yield a higher rent. This is not always the case. When pulling rental comparables it is necessary to look at these items:
1. Where the property is located
2. How many bed/baths
3. Square footage of the property
4. Year built
Althought these are a good indication of how much the rental market is charging, seeing the interior of the home can move the rental value up or down as much as $100-$400 or more in some areas.
It is necessary that we do our due diligence as … (2 comments)

rental property: Evictions - 05/31/11 11:39 AM
No one wants to start an unlawful detainer, but often times it takes the hard shell of a Property Manager to evict a tenant from their home. Being the bad guy can mean the difference between income or a property that drains your checkbook.
Another helpful tool is that of an eviction attorney. Using an attorney to complete an unlawful detainer can keep you up to date on any new laws as well as getting the job done right. As they say, you get what you pay for. Paying for a good attorney will insure you the best chances of getting … (0 comments)

rental property: Panda Watch - 03/31/11 03:55 PM
Its safe to say the majority of us have seen the movie Anchorman staring Will Ferrell. The whole movie they talk about "Panda Watch" and when the Panda at the San Diego Zoo is going to have its baby. Well, I was recently forwarded an email with pictures of pandas that were distressed and having to move from their homes due to the Tsunami in Japan. It's interesting to watch these bears frolic and play with such suffering and harsh weather surrounding them in the world. While aid helpers feed the babies with milk bottles I notice their bubbly eyes and … (0 comments)

rental property: REO's - 03/31/11 02:45 PM
REO's or Real Estate Owned properties are factors that deeply impact our real estate market. As more and more REO's hit the market, prices drop, and inventory goes up. As of now it is reported that a new wave of REO homes will hit the market early in the summer of 2011, causing prices to plumit even farther than before...
Let's Bear Down

rental property: The Time Has Come - 02/28/11 10:26 AM
The time has come to put your property on the maret to rent. Maybe it is not worth what you paid for it, or maybe its an investment property which you want to flip and rent. Come to HomePointe Property Management for all your rental needs. We will find and place the right tenant for you. We rent on average 60 properties a month in the greater Sacramento Area. We will manage your property with the upmost importance and even offer an online portal for our owners to access and monitor their account. We manage your property with the latest in … (0 comments)

rental property: Advertising - 02/28/11 10:20 AM
HomePointe uses multiple media advertising sources that will get your property listed on over 20 different websites, including Craigslist at least once and week. For each of our properties we try to reach out to every possible tenant, whether it is through the internet, a 24 hour extension on a sign at the property, or our weekly open house showing's which we schedule twice a week and buy a full page ad through the Sacramento Bee. Each Saturay edition of the Bee will have a full page ad on the back of the real estate section with our complete weekend schedule … (0 comments)

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