home buying: Short Sale: The Most Ironic Real Estate Term Ever - 08/11/10 01:21 PM
Short Sale: The Most Ironic Real Estate Term Ever A few years ago, you would see "SHORT SALE!!!!!" included in listing descriptions, enticing people to look at the home, ensuring them that they were getting a great deal. Today, since there are so many short sales on the market, will you rarely see it proclaimed in the description. Usually, the information will just be silently listed in the "Terms" section. Why the switch in stigma, and more importantly, what exactly is a short sale?A short sale occurs when homeowners sell their home for less than they owe on their mortgage. The lender then … (2 comments)

home buying: Foreclosures: An Overview of the Wisconsin Process - 08/09/10 11:48 AM
Foreclosures: An Overview of the Wisconsin Process I've been getting a lot of inquiries regarding available foreclosures in Madison, WI right now from folks looking to get a deal or make an investment. Inspired by that, I decided to write a post on how the foreclosure process in Wisconsin happens!  Now, before we get started, there are a few things that I want EVERYONE to know: The "Foreclosures" on websites such as Google Real Estate, Trulia, and Zillow do not necessarily provide accurate information. Those sites draw their information from public Notices (see Act II), which does not necessarily mean that … (2 comments)

home buying: Buyer Agency Agreements: So, ummm.....You Wanna Go Out? - 08/06/10 02:58 AM
Back in the day, buyers used to go to Open Houses or call agents from newspaper ads or signs advertising homes to find their new place. That agent would then write up the offer, present it to the seller, and a deal would be struck. Done and done.
Sounds like a pretty easy transaction, right? Well, in some ways it was. In other ways, it put the buyer at a disadvantage, because (and what many buyers didn't fully realize) the agent was only representing the seller. That is, the agent was fully on the side of the seller, and was always going … (0 comments)

home buying: Condo Financing and Why Condos May Become Exclusively 55+ - 08/03/10 01:28 PM
Condo Financing and Why Condos May Become Exclusively 55+ I love my condo. I am within walking distance to restaurants, UW Badger games, Mondays Pub, and my amazing downtown real estate office. Downtown Madison doesn't offer many single family homes, and those that are available are generally either very expensive, or in poor condition. So for those of us who love living downtown, condos are a fantastic option for more affordable living in brand new construction.So, that being said, you can imagine my surprise when one of my buyers recently told me he spent four hours researching condos on a Sunday … (0 comments)

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