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No matter how good, or how bad things may be or get, I am still proud to be an American....NO APOLOGIES!!!   The World Trade Center left tons of mangled and twisted steel in it's horrible collapse.  That steel has been melted down in a foundry in Amite LA, and refashioned into a Peace Keeping Ves...
Do Not Step Foot on My Property!  A client of mine who I had been working with for several months called yesterday to inform me that they were going to look at a FSBO and would probably not need my involvement.  They said that if this FSBO looked viable for their needs that they would still need...
PAPERWORK!!!  I am not a big fan of paperwork.  For me, I would rather spend my time with people but anything having to do with Real Estate will always involve tons of paper which can lead to Paperwork Roadblocks.  If you were to combine all of the paper that is used in each transaction, it woul...
The Dinosaurs ARE Coming!!!    A few weeks ago I sent sent out a couple of links concerning the new projected Dinosaur Park in our immediate area.  It seems more realistic all of the time.  If you are driving south on HWY 59 just south of Roman Forest, you will now see this sign that was posted j...
OOps I Did IT Again!!! .....%*/@!!!*#^*)_?<+=={]{  YES, those are cussin words!!! It is late at night and you pull up in front of the garage door.  Darkness is so thick that you can cut it with a knife.  You grab the garage door remote in both hands and anticipate the moment.  You ask yourself, "...
National Neighborhood Day is TODAY! Initially I thought, just another day to fill the calendar with trivial things that nobody will pay attention to.  After I gave it some thought however, I figured, you know, this is really a good thing. How often do we go through our normal routine from day to ...
Apples and Honey were one of the centerpieces of many homes last evening when the New Year of 5770 was celebrated. New Year? 5770? Apples and Honey? Blowing of Shofar's? WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! According to the Jewish Calendar, not the Gregorian Calendar that most of us use, On 9...
  If I am buying a home, do I want to be Pre Approved or Pre Qualified by the lender?  If you are a serious buyer, you will want to do virtually everything that you can to insure that when you pull the trigger to actually write the contract to purchase your dream home, that the deal will go all t...
The RULES HAVE CHANGED!  How Critical is Your Credit Score?  I know that we do not like it but in some sense, the lending rules needed some serious reform in order to sift out the people that can and should be homeowners from those who should not have a mortgage.  The American DREAM is not a drea...
  Now that we have submitted an offer and it has been EXECUTED, there are some Last Minute Details  that we want to address as we move forward.  Both the buyer and seller have agreed upon the terms and are moving forward with the purchase so we need to keep the ball rolling.  Upon EXECUTION, the ...

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