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After having sold over $100 Million in Residential Real Estate..I felt it was time to pass on REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE..Even more important REAL TRUTHS not hype, fluff and BS..I am doing a "7 in 1" Training Program..1- Real Estate Sales and Marketing (How to capture, convert and close any client you ...
Less than 1% of Realtors use Linkedin as a lead generation strategy..This is exactly why you should .. their is little or no competition..Linkedin is loaded with professionals, upper level management, business owners and CEO'S..This is the type client you should be looking to work with..It's the ...
This event is live right now and for the next 3 days have been watching videos and downloaded 10 of these marketing experts plans already .. if they lost everything (no money .. no anything) what would they do Day 1 to Day 30.. It's a treasure chest of ideas .. I ...
A quick message from Billy Gene one of the top marketers in America..The secret to building a brand that sells .. he is about to keep it way real..If you are offended by some cussing this video isn't for you..If you like straight hard hitting truth this is for you..It's interesting the more we tr...
The first in a new series of videos focused on straightforward talk about Real Estate Sales..They will always be short and to the point..This video speaks to your BEING UNIQUE and how to accomplish it..I have done an additional 70+ Real Estate and Luxury Home Sales Training Videos..Click on the l...
This video will focus on "Where does confidence come from?" as a Realtor..There are two key elements..Hopefully this short video boosts your confidence 10X..Click on the link or photo and enjoy.. Real Estate Sales Rant #1 - Confidence70+ YouTube Luxury Home Sales Training Videos Luxury Home Sales...
There are 70+ YouTube Videos available for your viewing on Luxury Home Sales..They will build your mindset and confidence to a whole new level..They cover everything for finding, capturing and closing Higher End Clients..All of these strategies have a "unique" or "out of the box" approach and inc...

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Luxury Home Sales Training
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