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What do I mean by this?So many times buyers have an excuse not to do something right away..It can be anything they can imagine in their heads to hold you off..'I need to talk to my spouse" "I need to think about it" and so many more..Never give them "TIME" ..The minute you give them "TIME" they c...
I think we all get caught up in the during process thinking we are building a relationship..THE TRUTH is there is no relationship until you close them and get them what they want..When is the last time you got a referral from a buyer you showed houses to but didn't buy with you?When is the last t...
YouTube gets billions of views, so getting this right is a big deal. I see so many Realtors getting this wrong, I may have to talk about what not to do. Social media of any kind including YouTube will just eat up your time and energy if you don't do it right. So do not be something ...
NEVER! NEVER! NEVER LOWER YOUR TARGET!It is a disaster waiting to happen!What do I mean by this..Never lower your target when it comes to your income goals..Never lower your target when it comes to the type of client you want to work with..Never lower your target when it comes to the price range ...
It's that simple!Every interaction in your life you are selling or being sold .. including in your relationship with your spouse or significant other and with your children :-)When you talk with a buyer or seller you are going to sell them on why they should work with you or they will sell you on...
All of these cost little or no money out of your pocket.. Linkedin Strategy - Get High End Buyer/Seller referrals from business owners and professionals Open House - Co-Marketing with Auto Dealership Private Listings - Extremely hot and trendy to capture buyers and sellers Zillow Make Me Move - R...
Without this nothing happens!No leads, no conversions, no sales, no closings and NO MONEY..So how do you get attention..1- Be Unique - Do, market, and say things that are different from everyone else..2- Irresistible Offer - Something that makes people stop in their tracks and say I have to work ...
How much would you pay to have calls with a $100 Million Producer, for 1 hour, every week, forever?Well, it would be expensive as hell..If you’re feeling stuck and would like affordable guidance from me, then I’ve got some good news...If you want to see HUGE improvements and want it to happen FAS...
Either I said something wrong..Or else you don't trust anyone to truly help you anymore..I offered to teach you:1 - Luxury Home Sales (everything from A to Z)2 - 10 Unique Lead Generation Strategies (with little or no competition or expense to you)3 - How not to waste another minute or a penny on...

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