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Every interaction you have should include these 3 steps!Most importantly online but offline as well .. they can be used in emails, phone calls etc.The Hook - Something that stops people in their tracks when they hear it .. it can be something like Russell Brunson does with ClickFunnels and his Ex...
If you are considering dabbling in your Luxury Home Market here's all the videos you will ever need to go for it!I have been doing these very straightforward No Hype, No Fluff , No BS videos for years..There is nothing fancy about them..They come straight from my experience..Having Sold Over $100...
MONEY follows ATTENTION!You've been programmed since you were little "Don't Talk To Strangers" Not, Don't avoid attention .. Embrace it!Every transaction starts with you getting a strangers ATTENTION..You can't convert somebody to a client until you have their ATTENTION..You want clients GET ATTE...
That's right OBSESSION is good..First of all you need to choose a 'space" or "niche"..You can't be everything to everyone..It's also way more profitable to pick a "niche" and market to them specifically..So let's pick one  for example "San Diego Beachfront Homes"..Know every little thing about th...
If I see another poor Realtor video walking through a house etc .. I am going to fall over dead :-)Even decent videos don't lead a potential client somewhere well .. or have a great call to action..Both of these are CRITICAL!Thanks to Sunny L. you never have to think about it anymore..Here is the...
Thinking small or mediocre doesn't do you any good..Getting mediocre results doesn't excite you or make you wake in the morning ready to doesn't make you feel confident..It doesn't make you or your family feel proud of you :-)So what do you do?Set high expectations for yourself when it com...
Do you have a passion for real estate sales or something outside of real estate?If you are going to listen to someone .. listen to The World's #1 Highest Paid Speaker!Learn How You Can Use His Same Script To 10X The Sales Of ANY Product Or Service Online Or In Person! It's hard to blow me away bu...
First of all I am not saying don't put in a good hard days work..If that is all you do,  it will eventually wear you out mentally and physically..It will also pull you away from your family and friends..So what is the answer BUILD A MACHINE..Having systems and automation in place will free up you...
Join the “Coming Soon” waiting list now! ClickFunnels is about to launch something crazy...  Mark my words .. 10X Secrets will blow you away.. The Amazing Secrets Of The World's #1 Highest Paid Speaker!  The 10X Masterclass Will Unpack The Principles, Process, Scripts and Psychology That Russell ...
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