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Always keep your existing business going to make sure you have cash flow..Then go add these 4 sales to your existing business this year and ever year..Simple goal and simple math..1 Home Sale @ $500,000 = $15,0001 Home Sale @ $700,000 = $21,0001 Home Sale @ $1,000,000 = $30,0001 Home Sale @ $1,50...
Buyers of all types (especially high net worth) -- no matter the deal -- will evaluate you in the 3 critical ways:#1 WHO YOU AREPeople associate themselves personally and professionally with people they respect. And you have to spend some real time with someone before they know who you are.#2 YOU...
Neil Patel is one of the premier SEO and Traffic experts in the world..He gets 1,000,000 organic views (not paid) per month..He recently did a Master Class..Here is the replay Watch The VideoThe 3 hacks he shows you are super simple..You don't have to know how to code..You don't have to write a b...
Stop listening to everyone including "real estate gurus" telling you the same old thing..You should be going after buyers and sellers where you are the only one talking to them..You should be using strategies that have little or no competition and cost little or no money..Click on the link or pho...
Peter Diamandis founder of one of the worlds brightest "think tanks" predicts Realtors will be out of business in 10 years..I know this has been "threatened" before but in my opinion they have a legitimate thought..They say the mixture of advanced Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality will ...
Just released on August 13th Flip The Script by Oren KlaffI was blown away by the very powerful sales process described in this book..Already hit top of the charts!#1 in Sales & Selling (Books)#1 in Marketing & Sales (Audible Books & Originals)#1 in Marketing & Sales (Books)This is the second boo...
I have been preaching for you as a Realtor to use Linkedin as a lead generation tool..Here is a recent graph from an article by world-renowned HubSpot..This is a business not a Realtor statistic because 99% of Realtors don't use Linkedin for lead generation..Which is exactly why you should be!!!L...
The Ritz-Carlton, Paradise Valley is alive everyday with a construction team of over 300 who have been working their magic through the sunshine of the Arizona Summer in anticipation of the opening of the Hotel and Villas in 2020.The construction team has now begun working on the Residence Owner's...
Are you a bit reluctant in going after a few Luxury Home Sales?Fear Not Anymore!You probably have "bad ideas" of what you think it would be like to work with high net worth clients..Let me tell you that 90% of them are not true..It's all about your confidence which you can gain 100% super quickly...
Freedom is the power to act, speak, and think as you want without hindrance or restraint..Freedom and finances are connected..To get freedom you must first focus on INCOME above saving or investing..Because you can't save or invest if you don't get your income right..Income —Money coming inExpens...

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