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I've sold over $100MM in Residential Real Estate, yet in the beginning of my career I did not have the nerve to work with Luxury Home Buyers and Luxury Home Sellers.I believe in allot of cases this is because we have "myths" of what it would be like to work with them. In this blog I will do my be...
Be clear, be concise, be confident, because a confused mind will ALWAYS SAY NO!This is the  number one rule of sales and marketing, which also applies to many areas of life..So what does that tell you and what can you do about it..First, it tells you that you need to be in control of any presenta...
To capture mass clientele or a mass following you need 3 core things.. An Attractive Character A Cause A New Opportunity Let me explain these in short detail..An Attractive Character - There needs to be a charismatic leader that everyone can relate to .. this can be you, a team leader,  or anyone...
Marketing is the lifeblood of your business!If you don't get this you will waste allot of time, money and energy..In fact your business may not survive..It's the chicken and the egg scenario..Do you wait to make money to start markeitng?Or do you market first in order to make money?Yes, you have ...

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