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In this post I would like to make you the most irresistible offer I can to ensure that 2020 is absolutely your best year ever..I am giving you full access to my Real Estate & Luxury Home Sales Training Library for $35You will also get my full support as you implement the strategies and marketing ...
I am giving you my entire Real Estate & Luxury Home Sales Training Library for $35 Here's What Is Inside!  It is normally only accessible to my coaching clients but I strongly believe it has the power standing alone to dramatically grow your business.. There's a lot in there so implement things a...
Quit wasting time on meaningless conversation.Quit being an information booth.And start being a dealmaker.Stop starting conversations like this..‚ÄúThank you for taking the time to meet with me!‚ÄĚ"Really appreciate the opportunity to show you our services.""Excited to be with you today."It makes it ...
I recorded these 3 videos just in time to prepare you for 2020.. Don’t Be Left Out! Deploy A LinkedIn Strategy Now!  You Only Get One Shot At 2020!  The Only Thing Buyers Want To Hear From You!  Click on the videos, links or photos and enjoy!  Some more Interesting things to take a look at :-)  T...
Here is what you should ask Santa for Christmas..1- Higher End or Higher Priced Clients than you have now..2- Higher Quality LeadsLet me address both..Why Higher End or Higher Priced Clients?1- They are not new to the process so they are easier to work with2- They qualify much easier3- They are m...
You should 100% focus a portion of your lead generation on Linkedin for 2020..  After $100 Million in Residential Real Estate Sales I was looking for an easier way to generate leads..It's a platform that 99% of Realtors have no clue how to strategically use it..   This one strategy alone could do...
You are taught to build rapport .. Baloney BS makes you sound like a salespersonIt’s awkward unproductive and ineffectiveBuilding rapport signals one thingA sales pitch is comingYou don’t create rapport at the beginning of your presentation, it’s something you’ve earned by the END of it.So if you...
You will get 365 days to make 2020 the best year of your life.The average Realtor isn't going to go through all the trouble it takes to double their business..They’ll keep doing the same things they’re doing now, and in about 3-5 years still be making the same income..The #1 thing you should cons...

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