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In my opinion this is the best video I have ever done..It covers your mindset, motivation and strategies to take your business to the next level in one 12 minute video (you really should listen all the way through)It comes from 20 years experience, S100 Million Sold and the last few years special...
Here are some real truths that should help you boost your confidence..They will only judge you on four things .. Knowledge .. Presentation .. Branding .. StrategyLet's cover all of the above..Knowledge - You can become an expert in any Luxury Market in 30-90 days with only the MLS..Presentation -...
I have been trying to let you know how great Linkedin is but you are still not listening..99% of Realtors are not using it in the right way to lead generate and get referrals..I have repeatedly said to focus on Linkedin before everyone catches on to it..Recently I taught my Linkedin Strategy to a...
According to pretty much every high minded economist the market will take a huge turn by the end of 2020..It's a cycle that always happens eventually to correct everything and it's due to happen this year..Experts Predict A Recession Around 2020 [Infographic]SO WHAT DO YOU DO ABOUT IT..Three thin...
Stop listening to "social media experts" and paying for social media posting done for you..Pretty much everyone has no clue except maybe Gary V #1 social media expert globally..Here is what I know to be true and I hope you listen closely..Social Media is for BRANDING not LEAD GENERATION with the ...
Being that I haven't been getting my point across about how great Linkedin is right now..Here is Gary V the #1 social media expert in the world and his take on Linkedin..It will be the most enjoyable, most productive lead gen you can do this year..If you hesitate by the end of the year everyone w...
I felt compelled write this blog so you don't shy away from selling a few Luxury Homes every year..The "gurus" (even one guy with $1 Billion in sales) aren't telling you the real or whole truth..The guys on TV are working in big flashy markets and not the typical market..They are full of hype and...
Let me immediately break a myth for you..70% of High End Home Sales come from "normal" Realtors that do 1, 2, 3, or 4 that entire year..Only 30% comes from the "luxury agent" who spend all their time in that market..Check your MLS Stats, it will be similar across the country..So stop hesitating a...
AGREE or DISAGREE: Your ability to generate income is in direct proportion to your ability to close. .🤔If you’ve ever had any doubts about why closing is so important, let's clear it up..Coming up with an amazing offer, a great follow up system, a killer presentation, all of that is important -- ...
I am sharing insights from some of the brightest minds in varying industries..Everything from sales, marketing, tech, social media etc..These will completely new and up to date ideas and strategies..The goal is for you to apply anything that fits your specific business..This article is from from ...

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