luxury home course: Stop Listening To "Luxury Home Sales Gurus" This Instant! - 01/15/20 11:27 PM
I felt compelled write this blog so you don't shy away from selling a few Luxury Homes every year..
The "gurus" (even one guy with $1 Billion in sales) aren't telling you the real or whole truth..
The guys on TV are working in big flashy markets and not the typical market..
They are full of hype and fluff trying to get you buy all sorts of unwanted and outdated stuff from them..
1- You don't have to be a mega agent..
2- You don't need to spend a fortune on marketing..
3- You don't need to compete with the … (5 comments)

luxury home course: You Should Take What You Deserve In Your Market! - 01/12/20 11:54 PM
Let me immediately break a myth for you..
70% of High End Home Sales come from "normal" Realtors that do 1, 2, 3, or 4 that entire year..
Only 30% comes from the "luxury agent" who spend all their time in that market..
Check your MLS Stats, it will be similar across the country..
So stop hesitating and take what you deserve!
Look at these figures quickly here..
1 Home Sale @ $500,000 = $15,000
1 Home Sale @ $700,000 = $21,000
1 Home Sale @ $1,000,000 = $30,000
1 Home Sale @ $1,500,000+ = $45,000+
4 Home Sales (One Of Each) Total  = $111,000Here's a ton of videos I've done covering … (0 comments)

luxury home course: Your Income Is In Direct Proportion To Your Ability To Close! - 01/08/20 11:06 PM
AGREE or DISAGREE: Your ability to generate income is in direct proportion to your ability to close. .🤔
If you’ve ever had any doubts about why closing is so important, let's clear it up..
Coming up with an amazing offer, a great follow up system, a killer presentation, all of that is important -- but all of that is completely meaningless if you can’t get a buyer to buy with you or a seller to list with you..
I've done a bunch of videos on the subject of closing, here are some of them..
Closing Is Logical
Sell Or Be Sold
Real Estate Sales Wrap #1 - … (1 comments)

luxury home course: What's Your Linkedin Content Strategy? - 01/06/20 08:59 PM
I am sharing insights from some of the brightest minds in varying industries..
Everything from sales, marketing, tech, social media etc..
These will completely new and up to date ideas and strategies..
The goal is for you to apply anything that fits your specific business..
This video is from from Gary Vaynerchuk the #1 Social Media influencer in the world..
I personally have a Linkedin Startegy getting great results..
Here it is
Click on the links or photo for this video and more enjoyable educational videos and content..
What's Your Linkedin Content Strategy
 Linkedin Lead Generation Strategy
Geo Data Lead Generation Strategy
30 Day Luxury Home Sales Challenge
Real Estate & Luxury Home Sales Training
To your … (0 comments)

luxury home course: The Best Real Estate Christmas Package You Will Ever Get 🎁 - 12/21/19 11:18 PM
I am giving you my entire Real Estate & Luxury Home Sales Training Library for $35 Here's What Is Inside!  It is normally only accessible to my coaching clients but I strongly believe it has the power standing alone to dramatically grow your business.. There's a lot in there so implement things at your own pace :-) It includes all my Unlisted YouTube Real Estate Strategy Videos.. They are unique and are focused on you not spending money and not having competition.. If you follow and execute on any of these strategies your business and your income (and your family) will thank you :-) It will also alleviate the time … (0 comments)

luxury home course: The 5 Things You Should Never Say Again To Potential Clients! - 12/18/19 10:34 PM
Quit wasting time on meaningless conversation.
Quit being an information booth.
And start being a dealmaker.
Stop starting conversations like this..
“Thank you for taking the time to meet with me!”
"Really appreciate the opportunity to show you our services."
"Excited to be with you today."
It makes it clear they are in charge .. Huge mistake
Putting the buyer or seller in control at the start of any presentation will lose deals for you..
When another person feels in control at the start of a meeting, they will always feel in control at the end.. 
When they are in a CONTROL MINDSET, the buyer or seller believes he can tell you:
1. I'm … (4 comments)

luxury home course: 3 New Real Estate Videos To Get You Prepared For 2020! - 12/17/19 09:17 PM
I recorded these 3 videos just in time to prepare you for 2020.. Don’t Be Left Out! Deploy A LinkedIn Strategy Now!  You Only Get One Shot At 2020!  The Only Thing Buyers Want To Hear From You!  Click on the videos, links or photos and enjoy!  Some more Interesting things to take a look at :-)  Take Your Real Estate Business To A Whole New Level

80+ You Tube Sales Training Videos
30 Day Luxury Home Sales Challenge
Luxury Home Sales Training
To your success,

luxury home course: As A Realtor These Are The 2 Things You Should Ask Santa For Christmas - 12/12/19 09:57 PM
Here is what you should ask Santa for Christmas..
1- Higher End or Higher Priced Clients than you have now..
2- Higher Quality Leads
Let me address both..
Why Higher End or Higher Priced Clients?
1- They are not new to the process so they are easier to work with
2- They qualify much easier
3- They are more straightforward with what they want so there are less issues during the transaction
Where are the Higher Quality Leads?
1- It is full of professionals and business owners
2- It is the easiest way to connect or network with them
3- You build great referral relationships
4- THE CHECKS … (3 comments)

luxury home course: Here's The Only Thing Buyers & Sellers Want To Hear From You! - 12/04/19 10:13 PM
You are taught to build rapport .. 
Baloney BS makes you sound like a salesperson
It’s awkward unproductive and ineffective
Building rapport signals one thing
A sales pitch is coming
You don’t create rapport at the beginning of your presentation, it’s something you’ve earned by the END of it.
So if you’re trying to close deals, then stop thinking “rapport” and start thinking SETTING STATUS
Here’s a different process that they will find unique and intriguing
First..  talk about what is changing in the industry and what is costing people money and making money for others..
Second.. show why you’re an expert in this change
Third.. give a sense that with your help, the buyer or seller … (2 comments)

luxury home course: Cyber Monday .. You Get One Shot At 2020! - 12/02/19 06:11 AM
You will get 365 days to make 2020 the best year of your life.
The average Realtor isn't going to go through all the trouble it takes to double their business..
They’ll keep doing the same things they’re doing now, and in about 3-5 years still be making the same income..
The #1 thing you should consider is selling more higher end homes than you are now..
That is the fastest and least stressful way to double your business..
I would like to introduce you to doubling your average sales price
This means you won’t work any harder just make more money for it..
Below this blog there … (2 comments)

luxury home course: Black Friday Special! 7 Months Unlimited Luxury Home Sales Training - 11/28/19 10:43 PM
  This is a one time offer .. never to be offered again!
I will be working with only 7 Realtors all of 2020..
You will have Unlimited Access to me by phone, text, email or messenger 
Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Luxury Home Sales from A to Z (including a library of the best of everything examples delivered on Day 1)
You may be really good now but my goal is to make you even better at everything including Sales, Marketing, Social Media, Lead Generation and anything related to the Internet..
You will learn … (0 comments)

luxury home course: How To Have Confidence And Control In Every Presentation! - 11/24/19 09:17 PM
Bottom Line .. the person with the most confidence and that is in control of any presentation wins!
I was taught in the old days to appease buyers and sellers..
Baloney .. B.S. if you let them have control you will probably not get the listing..
Confidence comes from knowledge and not giving a damn what anyone else thinks of you .. then you are free to be you!
Control of a presentation comes from you having a set process you don’t ever deviate from, if someone has questions tell them you will answer them all at the end .. otherwise you will not get … (2 comments)

luxury home course: Can You Do 20 In 2020? - 11/20/19 10:30 PM
If you are considering and decide on adding a few higher end sales to your existing business.. This is the perfect example of what your business can look like.. Matt C in NJ with his effort and my guidance did 20 sales this year.. That sounds like not a lot :-) His results were $8 Million production and $240,000 GCI So that's less than 2 sales a month and a quarter million income.. I helped him focus some of his business on higher end sales while keeping his existing business going strong.. He did just 5 sales over $500,000 and achieved these numbers.. So he had time for family … (3 comments)

luxury home course: How To Make 64 Pieces Of Content In A Day! - 11/17/19 08:35 PM
This is a birthday gift from Gary Vaynerchuk and it isn't my or your birthday .. it's his!
This may be the greatest birthday gift I have ever received..
You never again have to rattle your brain on what to do on social media..
It's all mapped out for you..
Use some or all of his suggestions every day..
No reason to pay anyone unless you want it all done for you..
Click on the links or photo and enjoy!
64 Pieces of Content In A Day
How To Make $111,000 With Only 4 Home Sales
70+ You Tube Sales Training Videos
30 Day Luxury Home Sales Challenge
Luxury Home Sales Training
To your … (3 comments)

luxury home course: Marketing Trends for 2020 What Will Happen That Nobody's Talking About - 11/06/19 09:06 PM
Sharing an article from Neil Patel who is one of the world's top SEO Authorities..
Marketing in 2020 is going to change.
But not the way you are thinking.
Sure, everyone is talking about things like voice search, but there is nothing new about that.
Instead there are more important changes that will happen, but no one is talking about them.
Click on the links or photo and enjoy!
Here's What Will Happen In 2020
How To Make $111,000 With Only 4 Home Sales
70+ You Tube Sales Training Videos
30 Day Luxury Home Sales Challenge
Luxury Home Sales Training
To your success,

luxury home course: I Want To Help You Through All Of 2020! - 10/21/19 10:29 PM
I will only be working with 7 Realtors the entire year..
This means you will get my complete unlimited attention..
There is no doubt no one else including your broker will do this..
My goal is to help you add 4+ higher end home sales to your existing real estate business..
This will add 100K+ to your income..
You will learn everything from A to Z for both real estate sales and luxury home sales from my $100 Million Sold Experience..
You will never pay ridiculous money for leads ever again..
You will do unique things that will cost little or no money and have little or no competition..
I was a very … (20 comments)

luxury home course: The Seller Says "Let Me Think About It" - 5 Best Or Worst Words? - 10/21/19 12:41 AM
"Let Me Think About It"
These are either the 5 BEST words in business...
Or the WORST.
Let me explain: imagine for a moment that you're working hard on a listing presentation, and the seller finally says to you:
"Let Me Think About It"
Well, ... are you about to get paid?
...or is the deal about to die?
When I hear those exact words I know my chances of “closing” just went down by 66%. 
Now I'm staring at 3 "doors"

Behind door #1: Deal! The seller ACTUALLY wants to list! I am going to win the listing!
Behind door #2:  No Deal! They ONLY want … (47 comments)

luxury home course: Are You Going To Play Offense Or Defense in 2020? - 10/20/19 11:59 PM
Let's talk about both..
Defense looks like this:
1- Sit back and work referrals
2- Don't try new strategies and markets
3- Pay crazy money for leads that aren't that great anyway..
Consequence - Same Old Income and Same Old Boring Business
Offense looks like this:
1- Work new and unique strategies (cost little or no money)
2- Double your average sales price
3- Work higher end or higher priced home markets..
Consequence - New Energy .. More Money .. Work Less
I have done a ton of videos on everything A to Z about higher end home sales (useful in any market) that include sales, marketing, mindset and strategies..
Click … (26 comments)

luxury home course: Real Tactics And Strategies For You To Sell A Few High End Homes - 10/13/19 11:44 PM
There are 70+ YouTube Videos available for your viewing on  Higher End Home Sales..
They cover everything from mindset, marketing to tactics and strategies for capturing higher end clients..
Some of the strategies include: Here's a list of them .. Linkedin Strategy .. Open House - Co-Marketing with Auto Dealership Private Listings .. Zillow Make Me Move .. Monthly Market Report Message .. Homes With Equity Strategy .. New Home Builders Strategy .. Facebook Ads (Great Copywriting) For Higher End Clients .. Expired - 1 to 3 Years Old .. Data Driven Lead Generation .. Unique Farming Strategy .. YouTube 
Focusing on any one of these can bring an extra $100,000+ to your … (4 comments)

luxury home course: I Am Done Being A Nice Guy! - 10/13/19 11:23 PM
Not exactly .. I am still nice but am done trying nicely to get this point across!
You keep listening to brokers, team leaders, gurus, and lead generation companies..
They keep saying the same thing and you should run from the same old advice (it's old)
They keep telling you to call Expired, FSBO, and all prospecting that you know sucks and you won't do it..
The lead generation companies tell you they have the magic pill of motivated buyers and sellers..
You spend a fortune only to realize they were full of s...!
1- Start adding higher priced homes to your … (17 comments)

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