real estate advice: The Only Reason You Won't Sell A Luxury Home This Year Is "Confidence" - 01/26/20 10:58 PM
Here are some real truths that should help you boost your confidence..
They will only judge you on four things .. Knowledge .. Presentation .. Branding .. Strategy
Let's cover all of the above..
Knowledge - You can become an expert in any Luxury Market in 30-90 days with only the MLS..
Presentation - It's all about being unique from everyone else they have talked to 
Branding - You can look the part super quickly online for free (they will Google you)
Strategy - Use unique strategies to reach them so you have no competition..
Bottom line is they are the same as you and I..
They put their pants and dress on the … (0 comments)

real estate advice: Most "Social Media Experts" Don't Have A Clue! Here's The Real Truth! - 01/19/20 10:46 PM
Stop listening to "social media experts" and paying for social media posting done for you..
Pretty much everyone has no clue except maybe Gary V #1 social media expert globally..
Here is what I know to be true and I hope you listen closely..
Social Media is for BRANDING not LEAD GENERATION with the exception of LINKEDIN..
I believe strongly in the branding part and here is why..
When you meet a potential new clients (especially higher end) they will Google you..
What will show up on the 1st page of Google is your Website, Facebook Page & Linkedin..
They will look and scroll quickly (7 second attention span) … (0 comments)

real estate advice: How Digital Marketing Will Change In 2020 - 01/04/20 10:46 PM
I am sharing insights from some of the brightest minds in varying industries..
Everything from sales, marketing, tech, social media etc..
These will completely new and up to date ideas and strategies..
The goal is for you to apply anything that fits your specific business..
This video is from Neil Patel one of the brightest minds in SEO..
Click on the links or photo and enjoy everything!
How Digital Marketing Will Change In 2020
70+ You Tube Sales Training Videos
30 Day Luxury Home Sales Challenge
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To your success,

real estate advice: Luxury Home Sales Training Quick Tip #13 - Country Club Or Not? - 05/04/19 12:34 AM
This is part of a 30 Day Blitz where I will provide you with Daily 60 Second Videos..
They will cover everything including mindset, motivation, and strategy..
This is your opportunity to take your business to a whole new level..
If you add a few higher end sales to your business every year .. everything will change for you!
Specifically you will make more money, work less and have a brand new confidence level!
Click on the link or photo and enjoy the video..
Click here to watch entire playlist  Luxury Home Sales Training Quick Tips #1-34
Video - Country Club Or Not?
 70+ You Tube Luxury Home Sales Training Videos
Luxury … (1 comments)

real estate advice: 10 "Out of The Box" Lead Gen Strategies That Cost Little Or No Money! - 04/03/19 11:00 PM
Here are all of the unique and better "out of the box strategies" I have used that cost little or no money and bring little or no competition because no one else is doing them or doing them so uniquely.. I have executed on these to sell over $100 Million of Residential Real Estate and the last few yearsSpecializing In Luxury Home Sales.. Linkedin Strategy - Get referrals from business owners, professionals and high net worth clientsOpen House - Co-Marketing with Auto DealershipPrivate Listings - Extremely hot and trendy to capture buyers and sellersZillow Make Me Move - Reaching Zillow sellers without paying for the … (1 comments)

real estate advice: Get A 100 To 1 Return On An Investment In Yourself! - 04/24/18 11:01 PM
This is the best offer anyone will ever make you..
Invest $500 In Yourself = $50,000 Additional Income
Invest $1000 In Yourself = $100,000 Additional Income
That's 100 to 1 return on investment in yourself..
You will generate Higher End Client leads while spending little or none of your hard earned money..
Never pay for an "overpriced guru course" again..
We work together until you receive $50,000 or $100,000 (your choice) in additional income attributed to a few Higher End Home Sales..
How about also getting unlimited support directly from me by text, email, messenger or phone..
Click on the link or photo and go fo it..
100 To 1 Return On Investment
70+ Free YouTube Real … (3 comments)

real estate advice: If You Want Things To Change .. Raise Your Average Sales Price! - 04/22/18 11:38 PM
It's the only "sane" way to dramatically improve your business and your life..
If your average home sales price is:
$200,000 raise it to $400,000
$400,000 raise it to $800,000
$800,000 raise it to $1,600,000
More Money .. Less Clients
Here's a whole bunch of ways to accomplish it..
Click on the link or photo and watch some videos..
70+ Free YouTube Videos
70+ YouTube Real Estate & Luxury Home Sales Training Videos
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To your success,

real estate advice: I Get Paid $100/HR For My Real Estate Advice On Clarity - 04/21/18 12:05 AM
Yet I am offering you 6 Months Unlimited Coaching For $497..
That's unlimited access by phone, email, text or messenger..
You haven't taken me up on it .. what have I done wrong?
Do you not trust me to help you skyrocket your business?
Have others soured you on coaching and mentoring?
Here's 10 Reasons Why I Am The Only One You Can Trust..
1 - 20 Years .. $100 Million Sold .. Recently Luxury Home Sales
2 - 10 "Unique" Lead Gen Strategies No One Else Will Mention
3 - No hype or fluff bone in my body
4 - Only work with 5 Realtors at a time so … (1 comments)

real estate advice: Why Don't You Let Me Help You? - 04/08/18 10:19 PM
Your broker, team leader, coaches and colleagues promise to help you but never really do..
Are you tired of false promises yet?
I am the opposite of most everyone you have encountered so far..
You get my full attention..
How about having someone there every time you need them for the rest of the year?
Unlimited access to me by phone, text, email and messenger..
I have been in the trenches same as you..
There is absolutely no marketing, strategy, technology or social media question I can't answer .. I will save you insane amounts of time and money..
I went from very shy to $100 Million In Sales … (0 comments)

real estate advice: This Is The 1 That Will Make You Trust Me! - 01/04/18 11:49 PM
Did you watch the this video yet?
I have gotten great feedback so I really recommend just watching it straight through! (5 minutes)
Watch it now because if you like what you see I will set up a free call with you that I promise will give you more value in an hour than anyone has in your entire real estate career..
Maybe you're not sure if it’ll work for you ..  probably because you’ve been BURNED before by some of those cheesy marketers or “real estate gurus” out there.
I don’t blame you for being skeptical. I think they’re all full of shit too. That’s a … (0 comments)

real estate advice: Daily Mindset #3 - Sell Or Be Sold! - 01/03/18 09:21 PM
This is a simple one .. you are either selling the other party or they are selling you literally..
You are in control of a listing presentation or they are..
70+ Free Real Estate & Luxury Home Training Videos
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To your success,

real estate advice: Get Off The "Freakin" Hamster Wheel! - 01/02/18 10:31 PM
If you want to have a breakout year in 2018 STOP the following..
STOP doing the same things to acquire business .. try new strategies!
STOP working the same price range .. RAISE IT!
STOP doing the same things as all the other Realtors..
STOP saying the same thing all the other Realtors are saying..
STOP doing listing presentations the same as everybody else..
STOP marketing the same as everyone else..
Being unique and better than the competition is the key!
Look at all the recent huge successes in the business world .. they disrupted things completely!
Click on the link or photo for a quick 3 minute video..
Be Unique … (3 comments)

real estate advice: Daily Mindset #2 - You Are The Prize! - 01/02/18 09:43 PM
This is the attitude you need to take when presenting yourself to a buyer or seller..
You can find another buyer or listing anywhere .. they can't find another you :-)
Click o the link or photo for a quick 3 minute video explaining what this means .. 
You Are The Prize!
70+ Free Real Estate & Luxury Home Training Videos
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To your success,

real estate advice: Daily Mindset #1 - Children Are Always Closing! - 12/31/17 10:44 PM
Have you noticed children are always closing? .. and they usually get what they want!
Why aren't you?  Think about it :-)
70+ Free Real Estate & Luxury Home Training Videos
Luxury Home Sales Training
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To your success,

real estate advice: Realtor "Busted" For Not Selling A Few Higher Priced Homes - 12/25/17 10:10 PM
His wife didn't get the new car she was hoping for..
His children didn't get the Christmas presents they were hoping for..
He didn't get the much needed awesome vacation he planned for..
He vowed to never let this happen again..
He promised to make 2018 his best year ever!
He started watching these and never looked back :-)
He now has a "big smile' on his face..
70 Free YouTube Training Videos
70+ Free Luxury Home Training Videos
Luxury Home Sales Training
Contact me at
To your success,

real estate advice: Are You Tired Of The Lies, Hype And B.S.? - 12/19/17 09:51 PM
No wonder you don't trust anyone to coach or mentor you..
Most brokers, coaches, and team leaders make promises that are lies, hype and B.S.
Do you want the straightforward truth on 'everything" real estate sales, strategies and marketing?
First watch this video and then watch these 70+ videos that will cover it all without the hype and B.S.
So put down the remote and Netflix :-) for some of the holiday season..
This will be the best Christmas present to yourself and it will give you a Happy New Year!
Click on the link or photo and get inspired..
The Best Advice You Will Ever Get For 2018
70+ Free Luxury Home … (1 comments)

real estate advice: The Most Important Marketing Keynote For 2018 - 12/09/17 11:43 PM
Gary Vaynerchuk is by far the #1 voice in Social Media and Marketing around the world..
Here is a recent talk he gave with some serious steps to take in your business for 2018..
Think deeply about the ideas he brings to the forefront and how to use them in you business..
I have given you time frames in the video so you can go right where you want to..
Gary Keynote 201813:00 Run FB ads against employees of a company21:00 Alexa25:00 Look at what you do .. long term decisions32:00  Michelin and Guinness Examples37:00  Day Trading Attention39:30  Video  Example Julia Childs Emeril41:00  Best Conversion 60-80 year … (0 comments)

real estate advice: How to STOP Feeding the Gurus and START Generating Leads! - 11/05/17 08:44 PM
STOP LISTENING TO THE "GURUS".. You have probably spent all sorts of money and time with these gurus and your business still isn't where you want it to be.. I have been to all the guru seminars and coaching programs..I consumed all this information .. worked on putting it all in place .. and ended up getting further behind I eventually sold over $100 Million of Real Estate but it had nothing to do with anything they taught me.. I wiped the slate clean and used Common Sense.. I realized I and you only have to do 4 things right.. 1-Get Clear On A  Target Audience    2-Have A … (0 comments)

real estate advice: Are You Committed To Having Your Best Year Ever In 2018? - 10/31/17 12:10 AM
If you are what I say here should make great sense..
You probably want to raise your skill set and your mindset and do it quickly..
This is where a coach or mentor comes in..
I feel strongly most brokers, team leaders, coaches and mentors don't give you the time you deserve..
Here is my solution for it!
BOTTOM LINE - The Two Most Important Things You Deserve!
TIME - You deserve all the time you want or need!
EVERYTHING - You deserve to be taught everything (Luxury Home Sales, Referrals, All Technology (What Works /Doesn’t Work Online and Social Media), The Most Powerful Seller Presentation, Marketing That Actually Works, … (1 comments)

real estate advice: 5 Things To Stay Far Away From When Choosing A Coach Or Mentor - 10/29/17 09:51 PM
Be very careful when choosing a coach or mentor for your business..
Choosing a coach or mentor can be life changing GOOD OR BAD..
Stop listening to hype and B.S. from "so called gurus"
Here's a quick video on what to "stay far away from"
5 Things To Stay Far Away From
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To your success,

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