mortgage news: Are You Tired Of The Doom And Gloom? - 09/28/07 06:05 AM
A lot of people are nervous about what they are reading in the newspaper and hearing on TV. But how can you blame them? The media is bombarding people with reports about the housing decline and the sub-prime mortgage mess. However, Chief ECONOMIST for the National Mortgage Bankers Association, Doug Duncan decided last week to set the record straight. In a private interview, Doug said that , "people have nothing to worry about in Texas." Some of his defenses were:- The foreclosure problem in this country is really a story about 7 states- The biggest foreclosure problem is in Michigan, Ohio … (2 comments)

mortgage news: How To Employ Powerful People On Your Sales/Marketing Team For FREE! - 09/25/07 04:21 AM
Your past customers are the most powerful people on your sales and marketing team. Don't you wish they could sit on your shoulder and tell everyone how great you are; how you helped them with their mortgage; how you changed their lives!The single most powerful method of subtle endorsement is the all-important testimonial. When you say something about yourself it's considered bragging. When your past clients say it about you - it's proof.Here are a few suggestions on the right kind of testimonials:- Client testimonials need to be phrased in a way that show action. " I have used a competitor … (0 comments)

mortgage news: Is There Good News On The Horizon? - 09/13/07 07:59 AM
But, as investors wait for the next shoe to drop, there is some hope that August might have been the bottom for hedge funds. With the Federal Reserve expected to cut interest rates next week, there has been some optimism that the markets will soon begin to reverse course and become more favorable to investors - though that could take a number of months."There's been stabilization in the fixed income market, less volatility in equities, and credit spreads improved a bit," said Ken Heinz , president of Hedge Fund Research. "You may see a more stable environment moving forward."
DFW Loan … (1 comments)

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