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Recently, I have been thinking hard on ways to improve this site for my clients who read this daily.  I have many, many people who come here to learn about Columbia SC Real Estate.  I want to take this blog to a new level.  After careful consideration, taking into account time away from my clien...
Everyone has seen the hit fashion show “What Not to Wear” on TLC.  If you havn’t, check it out.  It is a great show. The premise of the show is that they find someone who dresses horribly.  Whether in their job they do not dress professional, in their daily life they dress for a different age gr...
I had one of those rare occasions today. I got to take some time off from selling Columbia SC Real Estate.Don't get me wrong, I LOVE MY JOB! I adore my clients and my co-workers. But even your favorite things in life need a break sometime.Today, my fiance Carolynne was 'pinned' today. She graduat...
Sitting back, remember that house you grew up in.  The great shades of Avocado green, that ‘Brady Bunch’ oven that you could fit one, or maybe two tv dinners in?  Those where the days….well guess what!  Now it is 2008. All but the most optomistic people within Columbia SC Real Estate will tell y...
  So…you want to buy a house?  Great!  You are ready for the financial commitment of owning a property where you gain equity.  You are smart.  Buying vs Renting: Buying usually wins! I know you are excited…but there are some steps to take.  First, call your Real Estate Agent.  He will tell you to...
Believe it or not, I am happy that the CMLS (Consolidated Multiple Listing Service) has been sued.  Read the lawsuit here.  The Columbia SC Real Estate is an organization I am involved in.  I believe that they hold back service to my clients.  One thing you may know about me is that I tend to thi...
We are almost there.  Summer will be here soon.  Officially, summer will be here June 21st, but for Columbia SC Real Estate, summer has already started. You may be wondering What does summer have to do with Columbia SC Real Estate? I’ll tell you this: Everything.  With school out, the new school ...
 How was that fish fry you had the other night?  Awww, what a cute kitty!  Let me guess, You have a toddler? The above may all seem like very nice comments.  They are, if made to you by a neighbor.  BUT, in Columbia SC Real Estate, the little things do matter! What turns off buyers?  Every little...
Today, I was presented with a task.  I found an investor of mine a super property valued at $105,000, listed at $62,000.  They wanted it obviously.  This property did not need too much work and was in a good neighborhood.  It could easily be rented for a good chunk of change, but a flip was nearl...
Foreclosure Parties…what are they?  No, we are not having a party celebrating the fact that your neighbor was foreclosed on.  We would never do that….unless they are a horrible neighbor of course. The idea behind a Foreclosure Parties is getting a foreclosure sold in your neighborhood so it stops...

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