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I have a lot of space available on my dedicated server, so I wanted to offer cheap web hosting to everybody here on Activerain: I'll host your website (ie. Business website, or Single Property Website) on my server for $1 per Month! Here's how it works:                         $1 per Month - 1 we...
Ask A Pro Charlie Ragonesi on the Finer Aspects of North Georgia Mountain Living by HutHub - The National Real Estate Network Featuring: Charlie Ragonesi Real Estate Broker All Mountain Realty, LLC. Contact Me HutHub: Why should a homebuyer consider purchasing their next home in the North Georgi...
Ask A Pro An Introduction to Charlie Ragonesi, North Georgia Real Estate Broker by HutHub - The National Real Estate Network Featuring: Charlie Ragonesi Real Estate Broker All Mountain Realty, LLC. Contact Me HutHub: Hello Charlie, could you briefly explain what you do? Charlie: I am a real Esta...
I'd like to invite all professional ActiveRain members to participate in an ongoing series of interviews of Real Estate Professionals called "Ask a Pro". The goal is to create an easy way for you to connect with local consumers, while promoting yourself through another blog source, in addition t...
Ask A Pro An Interview with Peter, Local Oakland Real Estate Agent by HutHub - The National Real Estate Network Featuring: Peter H. Real Estate Broker Oakland Realty Co. Contact Me HutHub: Peter: What area of Oakland are you most familiar with? I grew up in the Dimond District neighborhood of Oa...
By the skin of my teeth, I just closed a deal where the bank appraisal was a full $200,000 LESS than the offer price....needless to say, both my buyer and the seller completely flipped out, and wanted to know exactly how the appraiser came up with such a low value. So after an hour-long phone ca...
So we all know that in some parts of the country, Real Estate values are holding steady, and in some lucky areas they are even rising (see my recent blog post: 10 Cities w/ Fastest Rising Homevalues), but in some parts of the country homevalues are so depressed that sellers are having a hard tim...
The Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." However, I just read a Wired Magazine article (Cracking the Real Estate Code) which made an interesting point: Agents do a better job of selling their OWN home than selling comparable homes on behalf of their clients. The arti...
I did a search on Google for "Real Estate Directory" and found something VERY interesting: I could not find 1 single FREE Online Real Estate Directory at all!!! Every Real Estate Directory that I saw either charged a FEE to create a profile & submit your website to their directory, or at the ver...
**This is Part 2 of another blog I wrote: 10 Cities w/ Fastest Rising Homevalues....What Can We Learn? In my last blog, I commented on an article by Money Magazine that listed 10 cities with the fastest rising homevalues in the nation. I did some further research, and found something VERY intere...

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