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One of my listings has been copied by a scammer from Algeria.  They copied the pictures and description and posted an ad on Craigslist as a rental at a rock bottom price. I reported this to the FBI, who has not been able to do anything.  They contacted Craigslist who claimed the right to freedom ...
How many of you have heard stories of banks splitting real estate commissions to get a short sale approved?  This site provides on story, a phone conversation between a lender and an agent.  Http://www.jeremybrandt.com/short-sale-fraud-recording/ Three years ago I received a call from a VP of a m...
Wars are caused when a person feels they must rule at any cost. They never create solutions, ideas or offer to help others. They never have an answer to a single problem, instead they pour all of their energy into blaming others for all of the problems. They fine tune their whining and crying, fo...
We have to do something about this Craigslist scam problem.  Scammers from outside the country are stealing information from MLS sites, coping the pictures and listing descriptions and posting this information on Craigslist as homes for rent.  They list them at a very low price asking people to w...
Does anyone have any information on the, "produce the note" method to stop a foreclosure?  I looked at a number of sites to see if this was legitimate and of course there are more sites claiming this is true compared to sites claiming this is a hoax.  This is how it works. While a home owner is f...
Tuesday January 12, 2012 I heard a comment from a nationally known radio talk show host encourage Americans to stop spending so they can bring down the economy.  He suggested that spending money would make the current administration look good.  When I hear this kind of talk I can only assume it m...
The Israelites were given the Passover to remind them of their deliverance from bondage. In order to teach a lesson for future generations, God allowed the family of Jacob to serve as slaves in Egypt for more than 400 years. “And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stran...

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