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Many of the REO properties in the Milwaukee area are offered with a 2 year home warrenty to owner occupants.  Details of this service vary from property to property, based on the company providing the warranty.   http://www.linkedin.com/news?actionBar=&articleID=547607836&ids=0Tdz4Scz4MdjkIdzcUdP...
Here is a contractor, who offers Real Estate sign post installation with a discount price for multiple agents from the same office.    http://aoreo.wordpress.com/2011/05/24/all-over-remodeling-and-real-estate-sign-post-installation/   Pricing:Offices with 1-3 Agents registered         $35 per ins...
I see a number of listings on the market offered only to owner occupants, City, and charitable organizations for the first 14 days, under the NSP program.  Does anyone know of a link showing the rules and regulations regarding this program?  I would like to know what incentives, if any the seller...
Knock, knock, whose there?  I don't think it is the asset manager.  How many of you have seen this trend?  Submit an offer for an REO property, and wait.  Some offers have taken 6 weeks to receive an answer.  On the average it is taking 2-4 weeks to receive and reply.  Just wanted to know if this...
Real Estate Sign Post Installation is offered by All Over Real Estate Sign Post Installation for local installation in the Milwaukee area.  Options are available.   http://aoreo.wordpress.com/2011/05/24/all-over-remodeling-and-real-estate-sign-post-installation/ Serving the Greater Milwaukee Area...
Here is a link to All Over Remodeling.  They provide serices to REO Brokers in the Greater Milwaukee area, from property clean out, re-key, lawn care, to painting and rehab.  They also provide Real Estate sign post installation, which is a good thing since most of the prices have gone up in the p...
The National Association of Realtors board of directors has approved a $40-a-year dues increase to boost political activities, despite polls showing members overwhelmingly opposed it, and warnings from local association executives that a dues increase would accelerate membership declines. Why is ...
No matter what price range, or location you are searching for a home, condition is still a controlling factor.   I divide condition into three major groups, poor, average, and exceptional. This is true for every price range and location.   Homes is poor condition make up the majority of the mark...
Are you a 2 faced Real Estate Agent armed with 1 promise for buyers, and another for sellers? I see a few of these and I say they are doing more damage to the market then any other factor.   This seems to be the battle cry of some agents, "I can sell your house for more money, and quicker than an...
Having worked with Pete and closed a number of projects with him in the Milwaukee area, I am excited to see loans directed at solving some of the problems we have seen creeping into the business over the past few months.  If you are looking at purchasing a forclosed property in the near future, m...

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