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This is a problem we are seeing more and more over the past few years in Real Estate.  Buyers who recently filed for bankruptcy and want to get back into the home ownership market.   There are many ways I can assist Buyers with this problem.  The first and most important step is to ask if their a...
With all the things that could go wrong in Real Estate, this has to be the most common problem and the easiest to avoid and cure.  Buyers have poor or no credit.  My first step when contacted by a new Buyer, I want to first learn their needs and goals.  What type of home they are looking for, loc...
With all the things that could go wrong in Real Estate, I wish this was problem someone would step up and correct.  I found the perfect income property for this buyer.  It was a 3 family unit in the location she wanted.  A historic home with all the appeal of a Victorian mansion.  The buyer inten...
With all the things that could go wrong in Real Estate, this is one that should not happen. These days we face situations in lending no one could foresee. Under Writing used to take 2-3 days, but now can take over a week. Depending upon the loan it could go 2 weeks. Buyers are faced with an ever ...
With all the things that could go wrong in Real Estate, you would think that when you have a closing scheduled everything will run smooth.  We found the perfect house for the buyers, a couple, no kids, grand kids who visited often, husband has a hobby of working on cars, and they were looking for...
Ever since foreclosures have become in demand and popular over the past four or five years, private investors have been taking advantage of the market.  Some private investors specialize in short term loans designed to fetch an attractive return.  Here is how hard money lending is supposed to wor...
When you consider all the things that could go wrong in Real Estate, this is one of them that should not occur, but it does.   Once again, it concerns inspections, but this problem begins with writing the contract.  When we write a contract, it is advisable to list all major defects in writing.  ...
On the subject of what could possibly go wrong in Real Estate, this is a problem which happens to almost every agent.  In my case I showed about 60 homes to a couple who stopped looking.  I found out they purchased a home from another agent.  In this particular case we had a Buyer Agency Contract...
There are a lot of things which can go wrong in Real Estate. Even when everything seems to be going right, anyone can drop the ball. When working with a Buyer, one of the most important details is financing. The most important question is, "have you been qualified for financing?" This question is...

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