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Did this ever happen to you? Submit a cash offer on a property for an investor only to receive a rely that the Seller, in this case an asset manager for REO properties, informing you they accepted another offer? That happens all the time. In this case the Listing Agent calls back a month later to...
March 12, 2013 – The 4-county Metropolitan Milwaukee housing market continued plowing through the winter in February, posting a 16.4% increase in sales over February 2012. There were 960 sales in February, the most for that month since 2007 (1,033), just before the Great Recession began; and mar...
This was the third time Jesus tried explaining scriptures about Himself. Did you ever have something on your heart, and no one would listen? Can you imagine what Jesus went through? Not only was Jesus running out of time while the disciples showed little progress, He also needed real support. Jes...
Come on now. I have seen a lot of things go wrong in Real Estate, and this one really burns me. Just tried searching Foreclosures in Trulia and guess what????? They send you to another web site and want to charge a fee to look at foreclosed listings. This is nothing short of crazy, insane, and sm...
How many of you had this problem bidding on a foreclosure? Spend hours writing and submitting a bid, only to hear nothing back for weeks? The longest I had to wait was 6 weeks. I don’t care how low a bid is, it is not professional by any means to leave an offer sit for weeks, or not reply at all....
When is the NAR going to do some good? They should be all over the Federal government telling them how to cut the federal budget. One major cut should be to get government out of the Real Estate business. It is too top heavy, consists of too many senseless steps and procedures, favors only a few,...

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