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Information is PowerWe’ve all heard the term, “information is power.” But what does that mean in the Real Estate Industry? Let’s take a look at big time investors. What do they look at. Price of course. How do big time investors know if they are getting their best price? This applies to both the ...
Real Estate Investing with Bank Funds It may seem like using bank funds is the right choice to begin your investment carrier. You can walk into the bank, talk to people face to face, and do business the old fashion way. But wait. Remember all those old movies when the bank moved in to take over t...
Investing with Hard MoneyIf you are interested in investing in Real Estate, do you have the funds available to begin and finish the project? There is the old saying, “a fool and their money are soon parted.” Over my 15 years of Real Estate experience I’ve seen too many people with big dreams and ...

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Dennis Herman
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