real estate: Information is Power - 06/25/19 08:53 AM
Information is PowerWe’ve all heard the term, “information is power.” But what does that mean in the Real Estate Industry? Let’s take a look at big time investors. What do they look at. Price of course. How do big time investors know if they are getting their best price? This applies to both the seller and buyer side. They check comparable properties in the general location. This is far more difficult for an industrial or retail property than for a single family home. They also look at local demographics. The key here is, “local.” It doesn’t matter what is on the … (0 comments)

real estate: Ez1 Realty Joins Home Town Realty - 08/24/18 09:23 AM
Ez1 Realty is proud to announce a new and exciting move. Ez1 Realty has now joined Home Town Realty in Campbelsport, Wisconsin. This move came about through considerable thought and planning. Key ingredients in the decision included:
A market base concentrating on small town living and values A commitment to service Teamwork Networking within the community Networking with top professionals in Real Estate An established team of Real Estate professionals Experience Too often the term, “independent contractor,” is taken to the extreme. Although Real Estate Agents and Brokers are structured under the concept of an independent contractor relationship as defined by … (2 comments)

real estate: Home Buyers Need To Learn The Real Market - 04/25/13 05:59 AM
Did this ever happen to you? Take a buyer out, look at 40 plus homes. They find the perfect home. You call the Listing Agent to check the status, prepare a list of comps and paperwork for an offer, sit down with the buyer, explain the property has multiple offers, and receive the shock of the month when the buyer instructs you to offer a price 20% less than list price?
So what do you do?
Review the properties the buyer viewed, asking why they did not submit an offer.
Review the comps which for all practical … (1 comments)

real estate: First Time Home Buyers Where To Begin - 02/07/13 12:44 AM
Having worked with a number of first time home buyers in Real Estate, the first question is often, where do I begin?   This video tells you where to begin and progress along the stages of home buying.  


real estate: Trying to Submit an Offer in Modern Times - 12/16/12 02:37 PM
With all the things that could go wrong in Real Estate, this one has no excuse. I wrote up and submitted an offer to a local Broker. Well first off, it took 3 phone calls and 2 E-mails to set up the showing. I go to the property and find out this agent sent over one of his own buyers and the agent was not there. I called the Broker twice to ask if there are any special conditions I need to follow to submit an offer. No answer, no return phone calls. I E-mailed the offer to the Broker as … (4 comments)

real estate: The END is Near: New Trend in the Milwaukee Market - 06/02/11 09:09 AM
June 2011 Is there a recovery on the horizon?  I have  been in Real Estate only 7 years, so I have not been through a slump and total recovery period.  I have worked through one of the greatest increases in Real Estate sales history, which resulted in one of the most severe market corrections. Based on market trends witnessed from 2004 to 2007, I can see a few glimmering hopes of a recovery, a shift from a buyer's market to a seller's market.  An economist may term a seller's market as a condition where listings out number buyers.  It is … (0 comments)

real estate: Are you a 2 faced agent? - 05/19/11 03:34 AM
Are you a 2 faced Real Estate Agent armed with 1 promise for buyers, and another for sellers? I see a few of these and I say they are doing more damage to the market then any other factor.
This seems to be the battle cry of some agents, "I can sell your house for more money, and quicker than any other agent." And for buyers it is just the opposite, "I can find you a house for less money, and quicker than any other agent."
No wander we have so many bewildered buyers and sellers in the market. … (0 comments)

real estate: Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs - 10/25/10 09:56 AM
I didn't think about Real Estate as being a stressful job.  I figure if you are organized, stay on top pf all the situations, and know where to turn when problems do arise, you have nothing to worry about.  It also helps to have a wife, who constantly reminds you not to count your chickens before the hatch.
Top 10 Most Stressful JobsInternational Business Times (09/30/10) Tracey, Melissa DittmannAfter analyzing the work environment, competitiveness, and job risk for 200 types of work positions, CareerCast has listed real estate agent among the top 10 most stressful. One reason, according to the … (0 comments)

real estate: Choosing the Right Agent Saves You More Than Time - 10/20/10 04:43 AM
I've been told a number of times, investing in the stock market is like gambling.  I don't gamble, but I do work in Real Estate.  I also invest in stocks.  To me Real Estate is more like gambling.   In the stock market gains and losses are minimal.  If you do your research, work with the tools available, and have the time, the risk is almost nonexistent.  But Real Estate is another matter.  In Real Estate most of us have our sites set on making the big sale, followed by a generous commission.  We dream of all the bills we can pay … (0 comments)

real estate: When is it time to buy? - 09/07/10 04:05 AM
In some cases the reason for buying a home can be summed up in four questions. Do you have a reliable job with a steady income?  Do you have a down payment? Do you like apartment living? Would you like more space? The main reason people decide to buy a home is to have more space.  Almost all my searches for homes are set to view homes which are 1250 square feet and larger.  In my seven years in Real Estate I have only sold a hand full of 1000 square foot home, or smaller.  People need more space for a … (0 comments)

real estate: Exquisite Menomonee Falls Ranch Style Condo - 03/13/09 07:21 AM

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