realtor tips: Why Video Marketing and Branding are Musts for Realtors - 09/09/19 04:52 PM
Social media and other popular technologies have the potential to be effective tools for realtors. Thanks to the impressive reach one can achieve with certain platforms and the ability to create true connections with potential clients, it can actually be easier to develop relationships with buyers and sellers now than ever before.
The caveat is that you have to put tremendous time and energy into forming those connections. One of the more influential things you can do is begin marketing your brand with video. The good news is you don’t have to be an expert.
So, why is video a must for realtors? … (1 comments)

realtor tips: How Realtors Can Prepare for the Next Downturn An Win - 08/26/19 06:55 PM
Only a decade ago, we faced a severe economic collapse during which most businesses suffered. Perhaps none were hit harder than those in real estate. If you were selling real estate back in 2009, then you know exactly was real estate professionals we facing.
Thankfully, the market has been hot for some time now. While it’s not pleasant to think about, though, another shift in the market is inevitable. By understanding market dynamics and the economic demands of your target areas, you can prepare yourself for success even when inventory significantly increases, and prices decline.
Here’s how to prepare for the next downturn—and … (0 comments)

realtor tips: How Realtors Can Protect Themselves During Open Houses and Showings - 08/19/19 09:14 AM
Being a realtor has many benefits. You have the opportunity to befriend amazing people, frequent incredible landscapes and pieces of architecture, and even help dreams come true. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, though.
Unfortunately, there have been numerous occasions where agents have been attacked, stalked, and even murdered. Stories like this put the risks of meeting with strangers in the spotlight and make you truly evaluate the potential fragility of an agent-client relationship.
To avoid the worst-case scenario and keep yourself safe as a real estate agent, it’s important to be extremely cautious. We’ve compiled a list of tactics that you can … (0 comments)

realtor tips: 6 Books that Real Estate Professionals Must Read - 08/08/19 09:58 AM
Self-betterment goes hand-in-hand with improved job performance, and these books are here to help you accomplish both! If you’re a real estate professional looking to climb the metaphorical ladder to success, you need to add these texts to your library and expand your mindset!
Results Faster – Tony Jeary
This fantastic book from prolific author and success coach, Tony Jeary, takes you on a journey to not only better yourself and achieve your own goals, but also to transfer those tremendous benefits to your business. From endlessly pursuing your own personal development to crystallizing the clarity of your goals, this book should be a … (0 comments)

realtor tips: How Realtors Can Compete Against iBuyers - 08/05/19 05:50 PM
With the rise of technology, not only do realtors have their work cut out to stay relevant, but they also must deal with new technology-driven competitors. In fact, it’s not unusual to lose listings to new iBuyer digital platforms.
Sites like Zillow, Opendoor, Offerpad, and others are using technology to give sellers instant offers on their properties. As such, it’s extremely important for realtors to convey and prove their value to sellers and demonstrate that they are the better option. To begin establishing your value and overcome the challenge presented by iBuyers, follow these simple steps!
Focus on Connection
As a realtor, you have … (1 comments)

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