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Name: MR. Amara Ibrahim. Email Address: ibrahimamara01@hotmail.com Subject: Salam Ian Niquette IP: Message: Salam Ian Niquette, I am pleased to introduce a business opportunity to transfer to your overseas account the sum of($10.3 USD)Ten million Three hundred thousand United Stat...
This is the title of  a book that I really enjoy. It is the life story of a man named Harry Quadracci. The book takes you on a virtual tour of his life, starting when he was just a boy, and ending sadly with his death, after he had created a printing dynasty so to speak. If you get a chance to re...
This has actually happened to me a few times while sitting in traffic. Like most home inspectors, I drive a truck. I can haul everything I need and then some. I had it done by a graphics company last year. They put a nice sticker in the back window that I can see right through, it doesn't block m...
This is a blog from Bruce LaBell. I feel I should re-blog it because you can never be too diligent in your efforts to make your home a safer place. Thank you Bruce, and I hope everyone enjoys it.Home Safety Inspection Is your home fire and burn proof? A few simple steps can save your life and the...
                We all know water and electricity do not mix well. This can be a dangerous combination in our homes. The electrical feeds coming into our homes can provide various sources and opportunities for electricity and water to join forces.                 There are a few spots that we ne...
This tree has probably been in our yard longer than my wife or I have been on this planet. I really do love this tree. At last measurement it was 14 1/2 feet AROUND. Now that is a big tree. It provides us with plenty of shade when it is sweltering hot, and our dogs love to lay in its' shadow. We ...

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