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I just got out of the gym and ordered a "protein burger" from In n' Out . For you east coast folks out there; In N' Out is our flagship burger chain here in the West Coast (mainly California and Nevada). There's nothing quite like it in the U.S (Esquire magazine echoed similar statements). When ...
  Awesome pic by: Jamesterrrr Agents: if you have something to add/edit, please please do so =) Home owners: this is my happy rant post, some of the things here may be outdated once you read it.  Consult your attorney and/or accountant to get the best picture of the best solution. Hope it helps.....
  By: Mowdee Other articles you might like: Advantages and disadvantages of short sales and foreclosures in Reno. Confessions: A short sale "expert" in Reno. Here's how to find out the price per square foot of a home: Value of home:  $160,000 Square Feet:  2,130 Sq. Ft. (divide the two): $160,000...
    “Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals.”                                                              -David Ogilvy, "pope of advertising"   By: Joe Salcedo of Reno Real Estate Blog   Understanding your market can put you ahead...
  Super photo by: PauloElias By: Joe Salcedo, Reno Real Estate Blog   Other articles you might like: CONFESSIONS OF A RENO SHORT SALE EXPERT SHORT SALES AND FORECLOSURES IN RENO(collection of 20+ articles)   1. Relying on The News for Direction If you want to know the latest about Levi whatshisna...
Superb photo by: marco welt "I haven't seen a monument erected to a pessimist"  Oh what a refeshing quote to hear in this dire financial crisis we're in.  But where do we draw the line between being an optimist and in touch with the brutal truth of reality? There's a fine line.  I love what Jim ...
  Excellent picture by: Jane *if you want to know more about the Reno real estate market go to Reno Homes BLOG   Now, you're looking for a house.  You've done a bit of research.  You've been pre-approved by your lender.  You've talked about the budget. You've chosen an agent to represent you. If ...
Superb photo from: neloqua   Have you found yourself on those moments when you read something that's written straight from the heart and you just say to yourself, "wow thanks for putting on paper what I can't explain inside." That was me thirty minutes ago when I accidentally stumbled upon this ...
  " I don't trust a person whose never been depressed," Dan Betzer once said.     The number one disease in our industry is blind optimism.  I love my profession.  I love NAR.  I love how the past three years has been the hardest times in my career.  "This market will separate the men from the b...
I often wondered how the three mighty cities of Northern Nevada compare in real estate strength when pitted side by side. Here's a report I just finished putting together. HIGHLIGHTS: Sparks is experiencing a deeper real estate recession than Reno (+7.13%) & Carson (+1.4%) This is not a pessimis...

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