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ON South Broad, between Canal and Tulane there is a silent revolution of major consequence...one by one, two by two there is a radical transformation happening...properties are very hot...being bought/sold/renovated at a rate never seen before on this major corridor...and the Federal rebuilding m...
Dear Ms Nancy,You are an inspiration in a government laced in worthlessness.  Your trip to see the Dalai Lama, and your views mirror mine.  I went with my 12 yr old son to Llasa 2 years ago...a place where I have never experienced such love and peace...a city of people praying with their prayer w...
Once again, we have some more clients looking for a warehouse...4K to 15K Square feet.  If anyone out there know of someone would like to sell a warehouse anywhaere in the New Orleans metro area, email me.  
So the people who were hired by a subcontractor to help small investors get some of the Road Home money to help them rebuild small, under 4 unit rental places were all laid off this morning.  So now, all those people who had some what of a relationship with the folks working on getting these appl...
Thinking about the next hot growth area in New Orleans?  Well...with a combination of residential and commercial...with a great potential for immediete growth take a look at the specific area bordering Claiborne to St Charles, from Napoleon going West.  With the expansion of the hospital at Napol...
Your large one bedroom completely renovated large 2nd story 1 bedroom apartment is available in the Midcity area, 1 block from the streetcar line, 1.5 miles from the French Quarter, and 1 mile from Jazz Fest.This Centrally air conditioned Victorian has a little private back balcony, brand new sto...
A little tip when installing new water lines in a house:1) When someone tells you only use copper, because it is more durable, etc...just remember the new city water supply lines are PEX pipe, not copper.2) When using PEX, make sure and use the UV protected version if you are using the pipe where...
With our constantly changing world, it is so good to see people can still get 100% financing.  The catch is one can get financing, but you have to have a credit score of at least 680 to even consider such an option.  Then the other issue is if one is considering a condo, many institutions want th...
So alot of times I wish I could be back in the mountains of Tibet, eating fresh Basmati rice smothered in slow cooked curried lamb, and spicy seasoned lentils and chickpeas, variations and computations of buttery chicken, baked tandori chicken breasts large and delicious.So here I am in the heart...
With all the risks in life and real estate, sometimes taking the conservative road is the Road less Travelled, but the Road with less issues.  The Metroview Condominums located on 3805 Houma Blvd in Metarie offer excellent value for money..while minimizing your risks associated with being impacte...

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