new orleans: 100% financing AND get $8000 back from Uncle Sam - 09/27/09 05:39 AM
Thinking about buying a home in the New Orleans area? Are you a first time homebuyer? Worried about security, fixing a house, mowing the lawn and all that drama associated with owning a home? If you are a first time homebuyer, try on this for size:
1) Check your credit...over 650 you can probably qualify
2) You are a first time homebuyer
3) You have $2500 or more to put towards closing costs
4) You want a home that is at least 2 bedrooms, with 2 pools, a gym, comes with a washer/dryer, granite countertops.
5) You want it in a … (0 comments)

new orleans: $65,000 grant AND $10K grant for closing available - 05/20/09 03:28 AM
So I already have 1001 reasons to love living in New are 75000 more reasons to love this place.
For 1st time homebuyers, you can get $65,000.00 towards closing, and afraid of the insurance hit? Get $10,000.00 towards closing costs including the insurance! 
You need at least 3.5% down, but what a heck of an investment! If you buy a $200K property, you get that downpayment money back from Uncle Obama at tax time...and you thought you didn't have a rich uncle!
There is a specific process to applying and proceeding working the deal which if structured right essentially makes … (0 comments)

new orleans: Warehouses....where are they? - 03/08/08 01:23 PM
Once again, we have some more clients looking for a warehouse...4K to 15K Square feet.  If anyone out there know of someone would like to sell a warehouse anywhaere in the New Orleans metro area, email me.

new orleans: Clainborne area starting to grow exponentially - 03/06/08 01:04 AM
Thinking about the next hot growth area in New Orleans?  Well...with a combination of residential and commercial...with a great potential for immediete growth take a look at the specific area bordering Claiborne to St Charles, from Napoleon going West.  With the expansion of the hospital at Napoleon, and a new doctors office in the process of being finished, I see this area as ripe for opportunity no matter whether you are looking at residential deals or commercial.
There are some large residences that are going for very reasonable dollars along after effect of an older generation leaving...leaving wide open an opportunity … (0 comments)

new orleans: Now available...Large 1 bedroom apartment in Mid city - 03/06/08 12:56 AM
Your large one bedroom completely renovated large 2nd story 1 bedroom apartment is available in the Midcity area, 1 block from the streetcar line, 1.5 miles from the French Quarter, and 1 mile from Jazz Fest.
This Centrally air conditioned Victorian has a little private back balcony, brand new stove, dishwasher, washer and dryer...granite kitchen AND bathroom countertops and lots of recessed lighting throughout to complement the custom ceiling fans.
Contact Ian at (504) 615-2333 for more info.


new orleans: I am not a lifelong resident of New Orleans, and proud of it and my adopted city - 03/02/08 05:26 AM
One has to really wonder if someone who promotes themselves stating they are a life long resident of a particular area if that makes them more qualified than the other person....I see that statement over used coast to coast. 
You see...being a lifelong resident just says one never took the effort to live anywhere else, and your frame of reference is limited to living / working in the same place your entire life. 
About myself, I was born north across the pond, then went south, then back north finally to the place I call home...New Orleans... the essence of the best of all … (0 comments)

new orleans: I did not blow myself up, and I saw another 3.5 minutes response time - 02/08/08 12:47 PM
So my business partner and me were out early this morning determined to tear out all the plumbing in one of our buildings in 4 hours or less.  So with generator, and tools in hand, I crawled under 100 yrs of history making my way past miscellaneous glass, bones, blacksmiths square nails from back in the day, etc and proceeded to cut, while my friend pulled out the cut pieces of galvanized, coppered, lead whatever.
With one more piece of pipe to remove, I looked at the gas line that appeared to be abandoned.  Both my friend and my electrician had confirmed with Entergy, (our local monopoly … (2 comments)


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