islands realty: Why You Deserve to Own a Ritz Carlton Singer Island Fl Condo - 05/30/14 06:50 AM
Why You Deserve to Own a Ritz Carlton Singer Island Fl Condo
Buyinga Ritz Carlton condo in Singer Island Fl is a precious luxury you truly deserve. Imagine the feeling of owning a condo in one of the few stand-alone Ritz Carlton Residences in the world! Now that’s truly special!
Everyday at the Ritz Carlton Singer Island is a vacation as you experience the legendary service from their attentive staff who will manage every detail for you to make your stay as pleasant and hassle-free as possible.
Your Ritz Carlton condo is located in the heart of one … (0 comments)

islands realty: What Can I Do At Worth Avenue Palm Beach? - 02/13/14 09:28 PM
  What Can I Do At Worth Avenue Palm Beach?  
  Worth Avenue has been dubbed the Rodeo Drive of the East Coast. The Worth Avenue shopping district is located in the heart of Palm Beach, no wonder why it’s such a fabulous place to shop. There is a fine selection of the most elite names in fashion - Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., Hermès, Gucci, Chanel, Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada, and Jimmy Choo to name a few.     If you're not a shopaholic, you might be thinking of steering clear of Worth Avenue. Don't. This place is world famous. … (0 comments)

islands realty: Where's The Best Place For Stargazing? - 02/07/14 02:14 AM
  Where's The Best Place For Stargazing?
Star light, star bright. First star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might have this wish, I wish tonight...  
Ever wonder what lies beyond the stars? How  about  where the planets  are  and  how  the solar systems  are formed? Thousands  and thousands of shining, sparkling, breathtaking lights that makes you want to hold your breath. Hope. Wish. Dream. Wish to achieve your deepest desires and have your dreams come true.  
Some say that wishing on the first star you see at night will make … (1 comments)

islands realty: Wine Anyone? - 01/22/14 04:28 AM

Wine Anyone?

Wines are rated within their class using a 100 point system with equivalent thresholds.  Excellent ratings are truly for the best of the greatest wines. Champagne? Entice your taste buds with the well-defined and energetic, racy sour driving flavors of fresh-cut apple, black cherry, candied lemon zest and a richer note of pear, leaving a soft bubbly finish on your tongue. Having a 5 course dinner soiree? Try the Laurent Perrier LP Brut Champagne NV, Bayten Sauvignon Blanc South Africa, Saarstein Riesling 2011, Jadot Cotes du Beaune 2009, Chateau Haut Beausejour St. Estephe 2010 and the Buller … (0 comments)

islands realty: Hotels versus Condos - 01/22/14 04:00 AM
Hotels versus Condos  
5 Star hotels are rated for their exceptional services and dining experiences.  Being waited upon hand and foot sure is a fine way to pamper one’s self. It sure beats the stress of planning or getting things done by yourself. Not to mention the repertoire of dishes whipped up by only the best chefs. All that and yet it still doesn't quite feel like home.  
Ever thought of having a wall-full of wines that simply demands conversation? How about brushing up on your culinary skills in your fully equipped kitchen? Put your own flare and style … (0 comments)

islands realty: Celebrate Seven Seas Style! - 01/14/14 07:24 AM
  Celebrate Seven Seas Style!  
Dance yah scallywags! Arr!! Bring out the rum, mateys!  
When the moon rises high above the night sky, a pirate wench descends from the top of a tall ship’s mast .. KABOOM!! A cannon blast welcomes the year ahead! Bring out your eye patch, and put on your best pirate clothes! Hang out with sailors at the Key West's Historic Seaport. Tie a rope around yer buddies and drag ’em to celebratin’ pirate style at the last piece of the Old Key West.  
With its rustic charm and warm ambience, … (0 comments)

islands realty: Ever Seen A Conch Shell Drop On New Year’s Eve? - 01/10/14 08:58 AM
  Ever Seen A Conch Shell Drop On New Year’s Eve?  
Are you tired of ham on the table on New Years Eve? Perhaps your tradition is an annual pot of fondue? This year it may be time to mix it up by doing something wild and crazy.   Ever seen a mammoth man made conch shell drop for the New Year’s countdown? Venture out into a new environment and have fun while getting to know the locale’s very best. Get Sloppy at Sloppy Joe’s! Let your hair down and enjoy all kinds of quirks there. See adorable mutts proudly … (0 comments)

islands realty: Did You Have A Ball? - 01/10/14 08:40 AM
  Did You Have A Ball?   Celebrating New Year’s is all about partying the night away! How was yours?   Wouldn’t it be exciting to hail the coming year in a variety of ways different? Why not impress your friends by having a ball! A Masquerade ball is such fun especially when you show up all dashing and debonaire. Not in the mood to host your own party? There are other options.   Mingle with all kinds of people at the Prana club in Tampa. The Prana club offers 5 different levels of VIP nightclubbing entertainment. Walk the red carpet … (0 comments)

islands realty: Ritz Carlton Singer Island condo for sale - 2700 N Ocean Drive 1202a - 01/03/14 11:46 AM

islands realty: Your Own Sanctuary, Just A Step Away - 01/03/14 10:21 AM
Your Own Sanctuary, Just A Step Away  
Absence makes the heart grow fonder. But not when the loneliness that you feel when you come home digs a hole in the center of your chest. Missing that special someone when you’re far away makes the distance unbearable. Travelling from one place to another has its rewards, but a weary body needs a safe haven from all of life’s troubles.   Take a moment and look back at the life you're living. Do you really have it all? Can you say you’ve achieved everything you’ve desired in life? Ever felt like you’re … (1 comments)

islands realty: Fangs For The Tip! - 01/03/14 10:07 AM
Fangs For The Tip!  
Have you ever felt stiff or in pain for no practical reason? Are there chills running down your spine as you walk home at night? Does fear suddenly make your blood run cold for a split second and never quite leaves you? Are your senses telling you someone is watching and when you look back there’s no one there? As you wake up from a restless sleep from the night before, is your body felt so stiff.     Wondering why you can’t sleep right? You take a shower and finish your morning routine, getting in … (1 comments)

islands realty: Who Wants A Piece Of Paradise? - 12/27/13 10:20 AM
  Who Wants A Piece Of Paradise?     Waking up to mornings has never felt so good.  Being thankful for the life given to you always gives a whole new view to life.      
Take time to enjoy your surroundings. Wake up to the sound of the soothing waves rolling to the shore.  Feel the warm breeze flowing in through your windows. Take a moment to enjoy the sunset. Or make an effort to see the sun rise. Go on, get up and stretch out your muscles. Gaze outside your window and drink in the vast blue right … (0 comments)

islands realty: What Is Your Inner Self Telling You? - 12/27/13 09:58 AM
  What Is Your Inner Self Telling You? Tell me how am I supposed to breathe with no air? Help me out here with the water so deep...If you ain’t here I just can’t breathe. No air, air... -Jordin Sparks  
Stressed out? Having a short fuse lately? Feel like you are not yourself anymore? Maybe it is time to take a little quick getaway. Constant hassle and fatigue beats your body down. Before you know it, you could be riding a one-way ticket to burnout.  
Burnout takes its toll slowly but surely. It could also destroy precious … (0 comments)

islands realty: Christmas at the Beach, Anyone? - 12/20/13 12:38 AM
Christmas at the Beach, Anyone?  
Picture yourself carrying a gift you received.  A blanket on your left arm. The love of your life strolling by your side, carrying some exquisite champagne for you. Hmm... Maybe an eggnog? How about some prime rib and hot buttered rum? Throw in some oyster stew for a bit of boost. A thunderous beat blaring throughout  the shore.  

Feel the warm sun caress your skin as you stride towards your friends. The sand tickling your feet. The breeze persuading you to hurry, dance with the wind!  Friends happily giggling and … (0 comments)

islands realty: Are you all set for Christmas? - 12/20/13 12:26 AM
Are you all set for Christmas?  
It's a time of joy, a time of peace. A time when hearts are then set free. A time to heal the wounds of division. It's a time of grace, a time of hope.  A time of sharing the gifts we have. A time to build the world that is one. So the Jubilee song croons...  A joyful season it is.  
Take a stroll down at the Promenade Shopping Plaza and take pleasure in seeing the different decors alight the stores. Smell the fresh scent of leaves on your Christmas tree … (0 comments)

islands realty: Ritz Carlton Residences Singer Island - Tower Suite Penthouse - 12/13/13 06:44 PM
Ritz Carlton Residences Singer Island - Tower Suite Penthouse  
Singer Island Penthouse for Sale -  There are only 6 of these highly coveted Tower Suite residences at this exclusive address. The Tower Suite Penthouse is so named because it is on the highest floor of the tower suite section of the north tower and it boasts an 11.4" foot ceiling height – the tallest ceiling height in this community. Encompassing more than half of the entire 12th floor and located in the middle section of the tower the views are simply breathtaking. Unlike a top floor penthouse which offers … (0 comments)

islands realty: Is there a Cruise Ship at Palm Beach? - 12/13/13 04:29 PM
Is there a Cruise Ship at Palm Beach? Smell the ocean air up close. Feel the breeze play through your loved one’s tumbling hair. Walk through the wonderful cabins like never before. Sit back and relax your shoulders, enjoy the ambiance of a European-like cruise from Palm Beach to Bahamas and back.

Hmm.. Feel like taking a dip? There’s a pool on deck! How about a party with the girls? Walk through the doors of a performance theatre that turns into a late-night club. Been wanting’ to sweat it out while enjoying the ocean view? Work those abs at … (0 comments)

islands realty: Singer Island FL Condo for Sale - 3800 N Ocean Dr 450 - 11/14/13 07:42 PM
Singer Island FL Condo for Sale - 3800 N Ocean Dr 450
Singer Island FL Condo for Sale - Live the luxurious Palm Beach life in this Singer Island Condo for Sale! Between Palm Beach and Boca Raton, there are 12 shopping districts. Your hunger for retail therapy will definitely be satisfied whether you're replacing your wardrobe with this season's fashion by known designers, or searching for the perfect vintage trinket for your best friend, or looking for an antique that will add some personality to your living room. Once the shopping is done, indulge yourself in the many fine … (1 comments)

islands realty: Singer Island FL Condo for Sale - 2700 N Ocean Drive 1202a - 11/06/13 03:21 AM
Singer Island FL Condo for Sale - 2700 N Ocean Drive 1202a
Singer Island Condo for Sale - Don't let this Singer Island Condo for Sale slip through your hands. Everyday will be a vacation at The Ritz Carlton. Services and amenities are world class. The home itself is as luxurious as it gets. You can control the home with your fingertips. Using your tablet or smartphone, you can control the Sonos audio. Invisible speakers have been strategically placed throughout the home. A few more taps and slides and you control your home's lighting as well as the Lutron device … (2 comments)

islands realty: Singer Island FL Condo for Sale - 3800 N Ocean Drive 905 - 10/25/13 01:58 PM
Singer Island FL Condo for Sale - 3800 N Ocean Drive 905   Singer Island FL Condo for Sale - Be on vacation everyday with this Singer Island FL Condo for Sale! You'll feel like everyday is a vactation with the luxurious hotel amenities, nearby fine dining options, miles and miles of white sand beaches including various beach activities. You can also enjoy a postcard perfect view of the ocean from the privacy of your own balcony.     Don't miss out on a chance to live like you're on vacation everyday by owning this Singer Island FL Condo for Sale. … (1 comments)

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