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BC Richmond Real Estate Blog by REALTOR Sheila Atienza, providing real estate services in Metro Vancouver and Richmond market, helping first-time homebuyers, immigrants, investors and home sellers.



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Richmond, British Columbia, Canada - Cambie is another community of Richmond one can explore about. It's Centre is situated between Cambie Road and Jacombs Road. It's the east side of the city.King George Community Park which connects from Cambie Community Centre, offers the public large area for...
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada - Here's a good news for the residents of Richmond and people intending to move into one of the largest asian communities in North America. As I was browsing through the web site of the city of Richmond, the health and longevity section had called my attention. ...
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada - If anyone has been to the city of Richmond, I wonder if one can afford to miss seeing the fascinating beauty of what could be considered a historic fishing village. Driving down to the south-west side of the city, you will get the picture of what seemed to be ...
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada - It's the period of the year when people get too busy on their shopping or party planning as part of their preparation for the Christmas celebration. It's the time for gift-giving or remembering the less fortunate. There are some people though, who could opt to...
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada - Being a member of ActiveRain real estate network makes one feel active and kicking, just like what its name says. Indeed, it prompts one to think of what you can share to the readers so you make them involved and interactive.ActiveRain indeed is a beneficial t...
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada - What a wonderful city named Richmond! Residents and visitors alike come to experience the glorious, triumphant appeal of culturally unique community. I can't help but boast for the beauty and peaceful living here in Richmond.  Richmond is ideally situated whic...
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada - One of the most enchanting communities in Richmond is Terra Nova. Most of the Richmond residents, being hot, primary market, have the idea how promising and profitable the location is in terms of real estate value and appreciation. Indeed, a rare opportunity t...
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada - Sometime this month of this December, I have written and featured in VancouverPropertyNews ( one of the most active real estate offices in Richmond. The Multiple Realty which is located in Cambie Road and No. 4. As I...
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada - I am privileged that being a member of this network, Active Rain lets me share my thoughts on anything under the sun, as long as these expressions give some form of benefit to the readers. Oh well, I believe that the power to voice out opinion still is a criti...
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada - It is a pleasant experience to discover a unique opportunity offered to the industry participants, practitioners, investors and end-consumers. I'm glad that I am now part of this network.I adhere to what the ActiveRain's objective is. That is to build an activ...

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